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Simpler New Look

I finally got the mood to revamp my blog =) So now it has a simpler and cleaner look! And I'm loving it. At the same time, I've changed my designing blog into a similar style, check it out HERE!

We'll be going off to London tomorrow for the weekend. Daddy Philip, a pastor that is like my own daddy, is coming down to London from Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. So, we have planned ages ago to go down and meet him. It'll even be better because my brother, Erwin, is also coming down from Brighton! It'll be nice.

Well, that's it for now. See you soon!

You know that... (2)

You are not ought to travel alone any more if everyone you meet always asks "Where is your husband?"

Yeah... that's exactly what happened to me when I was home for 3 weeks. Everyone that I know, when they meet me, the first question they asked was "Where is Lan?". It made me feel somewhat unwanted, hahaha..., and somewhat it's like marrying a superstar!
Somehow, Lan has become a celebrity among my acquaintances.

I even said to Lan, I will never ever go around alone any more unless it is absolutely necessary! It just seems that we just have to be together ALWAYS. And I like that :) I won't deny that being at home alone, it was just not complete. It was not as perfect as having him together with me there... It was different.

Ah... my dear hubbie. I truly have a love and hate relationship with you, but, all in all, I love you more than I hate you. And I am forever grateful that The Lord picked you among so many men to be my husband, to make me whole.


Internet was finally back on yesterday, praise God! That's quite a relieve.

Lan is recovering from a bad cold.
My parents are already asking for us to go back home again. Ha! I wish... Hehehe... Yeah we miss them a lot, too, but if we keep thinking about going home, how are we ever going to finish these PhDs? LOL!

In about 3 weeks time, Bachelor students are back, that means I'm back to be a teacher-assistant. That means a bit more money for saving :)
Weather has been perfect these days, sunny and not too cold. I love that perfect balance.

I've been dreaming lots of strange vivid dreams lately. Getting married again, in the airport, having a herd of doggies and huge house, and many others. Phew, I don't even know what's going on in my brain. What I know is that it makes me feel exhausted every morning.

... And that has made me very random, lately!