Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No, it is NOT a holiday...

Lots of you guessed that we are going to Hamburg for a holiday. Yes, we would like to HOPE so, but it is NOT *sob*. We are sent by University of Liverpool's Computer Science department to do a 2-weeks summer school there (we study computer science). Eventhough it is not a holiday, we still thank God for the chance to go to Hamburg (This is our FIRST time to go to Hamburg, in fact it's a FIRST time to go to Europe after our attempt to go to Paris failed earlier this year.)

Today, after meeting friends here and there, I am resting at home for the whole day. I am exhausted and not feeling quite good. I just hope I won't get sick huhuhu... It has been fun meeting my friends and have chit chat with them.

Tomorrow is another busy day... huhuhu... Pray for Lan and I please, my friends. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The beginning of busy week.

Today is officially the beginning of the busy week before we leave for Hamburg on Saturday, 2nd August.
The whole day was very bright and HOT! Oh my... I can say today is the perfect ONE day of the year! Clear blue sky and some cool wind! At last we can wear our summer clothes! Hehe... Thank God for such a beautiful day!
So, we went to church this morning, only to find that it was moved *again* temporarily, so we had to walk a bit further to get there. Thinking of it in a positive way, we had some time to exercise in a nice bright morning haha... At church, we got to know some Korean people, who are quite nice. We are becoming more comfortable in the new church now...
After that we went home to have some lunch and a bit of nap before we picked up Bebek & her hubby at the coach station. They are really nice couple! Bebek even brought me some gifts from Singapore *thank you so much!* We had dinner together at Tokyou noodle bar (Lan's & my favourite restaurant). Glad they liked the food there.

Tomorrow, I plan to bring them to LFC aka Anfield, because Santo is a big fan of Liverpool. Then I am hoping to show them around Liverpool.
Tuesday, planning to see Yuni, who comes all the way from Kuala Lumpur.
Wednesday, packing up for Hamburg.
Thursday, my brother arrives in the morning to stay for 2 weeks (before he leaves for home until November), also, Lan's friend is arriving in the after from Beijing.
So, most likely on Friday, we will be tour guides to show them around.
Then... 5 a.m. on Saturday, off our train goes to Manchester for us to catch Lufthansa flight to Hamburg.

Hufff.... We gonna need extra extra extra energy!!!!
Well, to you all: Have a great week! God bless you always! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God is FOREVER the same!

Yesterday, while Lan and I were cooking prawn crackers my Mum has sent us, together, we came to the point where we talk about Chair Mao, the famous ruler of China.
Lan said Chair Mao used to be a very good person... UNTIL he got the whole country under him. Somehow he changed... He used to not care about money and power, but after he tasted how it is to be a leader of such a massive country, he was never the same anymore. Chair Mao became greedy of power and wealth. He did all he could to get rid of those who opposed him and to keep the power for himself.
When Lan said that, Holy Spirit opened my eyes and my heart... And suddenly it becomes clear why it is so important that yesterday, today and forever, The LORD is never changing! Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me through Lan. Just imagining if God changes like human does, what would become of us? Say, after the crucifixion, Jesus changes His mind and blames all of us for His sufferings, how doomed we will be? Praise God that our God is faithful!

What a powerful God we have!
Thank you, Jesus, for being faithful 'til the end.
Teach us to have the unchanging heart towards You.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nice day today :)

Hari ini adikku dah balik ke Brighton (untuk kembali lagi ke Liverpool dua minggu lagi), karena harus ketemu sama dosennya sekali lagi untuk membicarakan final projectnya. Yang tersisa sekarang adalah capek! Huff huff huff... taking care of 2 boys is not easy. Especially when we live in a bedsit-type-of-flat. Our place becomes so stuffy that sometimes I felt like throwing out a chair out of the window *hihihi...*.
Anyhow, we had quite fun together. I took my brother around city center and we went in and out to those shops with the SALE tags! Lan is lucky I did not spend a penny in those shops.

Today, after saying 'see you in 2 weeks' to Erwin at the coach station, we went to town, hunting some lambbananas photos for my collection. Lambbanana is the icon for the Liverpool as the European City of Culture 2008. Lots of people were in town, it was like a sea of fish!!!

Dapet award dary sis Jane! Thanks ya!!! Ini nih ketentuannya:
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Aduh... aku ga tau mo nominate sapa neh hehe... Saking sibuknya kepala ga ada di blog hehehe...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking care of two boys!

Yesterday, my brother arrived for the first time in Liverpool. So, at the moment, our home is very crowded. Well, it is meant to be a bedsit, so adding another person in the flat makes it feels so full haha!
We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant for dinner last night and Lan gave him an 'early' graduation gift, which took quite an effort to find it. It is a very nice pen with his very own name engraved on it! We really hope he likes it.
At the moment, we are in the University, Erwin brought his own laptop and is using the University's Internet right now hehehe... How boring, eh? To come to Liverpool just to spend time in his sister's office hahaha... Well, tomorrow, I am going to take him around.
I guess this is the start of the busy time. This week is my brother's visit, next week catching up with work, the following week a couple of friends is coming from Singapore and then on 2nd August, we are flying to Hamburg for summer school. I hope I can cope!

Well, for you all, God bless you!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our lovely afternoon

Yesterday, we really had a lovely afternoon! And it is all thanks to Jesus Christ and my beloved husband for making it so wonderful!
Five p.m., as we agreed, we left office, feeling a bit disappointed that it started to rain. We got home and changed clothes, fetched our camera and mini tripod and off we walked to the restaurant. We were heading to Ego restaurant, which happens to be only 5 minutes walk from where we live. Every time we went pass there, somehow it was always full of people and has delicious smell coming out from the kitchen! And so we decided to try...
  • Lan had marinated moroccan chicken salad with a chickpea, apricot and raisin salsa served with a yoghurt, honey and mint dressing for starter and ‘pappardelle portofino’ chargrilled chicken, manzanilla green olives, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes in a cream, red wine and tomato sauce for his main course.

  • And I had grilled goats cheese served on toasted brioche with caramelised red onions and a fig and blueberry jam as starter and for main course, I chose chargrilled rump steak served with a brandy and grain mustard sauce

We were very satisfied and impressed with the food there! Great choice it was! :) We were double happy, because the rain had stopped and the sun was out! Thank you, Jesus!
After filling our stomach, we started our little exercise: a walk to city centre to buy some dessert to eat at home. So we had a relaxing walk to town and bought a lemon cheesecake and went home to enjoy it together with Cava that we bought several days ago.
With extremely happy feeling, Lan challenged me twice to do 'bottom up' (that is to drink all the Cava in my glass at once). Arghhh... we should not have done that! Because, not long after that, we were feeling tipsy and seeing stars hahahaha... Yep yep... we were feeling DRUNK! Lan was all red on his face (and even up to his shoulders!). So we had no choice but to lay down!
After some time, we started exchanging gift. I gave him some-kind-of scrapbook that I made, it took me quite awhile, because I had to do it in secret and after work and I even almost cut my hands because of that. However, I am extremelly happy that he likes it :)
What Lan gave me was really impressive! He gave me a mixed tape, i.e., something that he recorded by himself. There is this song, titled 'Yue Liang Tai Piao Wo De Xin', that I like and can sing some parts, and guess what?! He played that song with his harmonica!!!! Oh my Jesus, I was sooooo happy! And at the end of the songs, he said things that are actually my reactions, somehow he just knew how I would react to his sweet and special present!

Overall, it was a wonderful evening we had! After the gift exchange, we went to sleep, we could not handle seeing stars hahahahaha.... Lan said, "Next time, get away from alcohol!" Hehehe.. too late for this time, dear ;)

Ps. for more photos, go to my multiply album

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Hunny...

His soft whisper woke me up this morning. Ughhh... Cannot believe it has been one year already! Time flies, but through it all, I am so grateful... for my beloved husband, who would do anything for me. I am grateful to my Jesus, for my soulmate, for His providence and hands upon our little family. On this same beautiful day, is my best friend's birthday. One that I have known for so many years and I keep loving her more each day. And, I am so happy that since 2007, we celebrate this special date together until forever! So...

Happy Birthday, my sister in Christ, Yulie! We both love you!

This one whole year has been beautiful to me. Not because we never fought each other, believe me, we fought quite many times! It is beautiful that through all of those ups and downs, we willing to improve for each other and we really improve. Along the way, we compromise, we forgive and we think alike.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful one year!
Thank you friends, for remembering, for the beautiful prayers and the great wishes!
With LOVE as our foundation,
we shall not fear anything and will keep going...
together, hand in hand.
For in LOVE, there is no fear.
And GOD is LOVE!

With GOD as our foundation, His hands will be upon us and our future!
Happy anniversary, Hubby! I love you, too!

Ps. Tonight we will have dinner together and exchange our hand-made presents! *I am so excited!*