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Finally home!

Phew! After so many delays and awesome few days in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with Papi and Mami, I am finally home in Denpasar last night! I had a great time having private holiday with just my parents, something that rarely happens!

I am missing Lan terribly here... but hey, time flies and soon I'd be in his arms again ;) I also miss my scrapbooking communities and my scrapping time too! But I am making sure that I take lots of pictures of my family to be scrapped when I get back to UK. =)
I am well, but tired with all the travelling. Thank God that, on my Colombo-Singapore flight, Emirates upgraded my seat into the business class! What a treat!!!

OH well, I guess I shall enjoy my holiday as much as I can. Eat good food, love my family and pray for my dearest husband. Eat, love, pray! ;)

That's all for now, friends! God bless!

@ Dubai, Emirates Lounge

Oh my dear hubby, I miss you already!!!!
Love you dear with all my heart.

Try to not miss me too much for three weeks ;)


...makes your heart grow fonder.
- [c 1850 in T. H. Bayly Isle of Beauty (rev. ed.) iii.]
Is that true?! I hope so. :)
I'm going home on Thursday, yeah 22nd July 2010. However, I'm going home alone. Lan would love to come, but he cannot - more like he is not allowed. His final PhD deadline is coming up fast. 6th December 2010 is the LAST day he is allowed to submit his thesis in order to get the PhD title. If he fails to do so, all these 4 years will come to NOTHING.

Well, I wasn't planning for a holiday this summer, but I was persuaded by my parents. They kept asking EVERY single day for us to go home and they know I was so stressed, hence, I decided to go after Lan gave the permission.

I'll be away for 3 weeks and coming back on 13th August 2010. I find it this time to be much harder than the previous time I went home alone, though it's much much shorter. But, tickets are bought, so I'd have to drag myself if I have to.

See you when I see you ;)


Where has time gone?! I can't believe that we've been married for 3 years today! I guess it's true that life goes fast when you are having fun ;)

Just like anybody else's, our marriage has never been easy. Lots of friction and fights every now and then as well as some misunderstanding. Since we both communicate not in our first languages, things get complicated sometimes. But, we went through that and still keep helping each other to improve and be better for each other. Each day, I realise it more and more that I am super blessed to be married to such a wonderful man!

Here is to my handsome and beloved hubbie!
Happy 3rd annivesary, Hun!
I give thanks to The Lord for having you in my life.
I pray that each day I be a better wife to you and for you.
Love you always!

Why don't we resize the rings?

A few of you asked why, instead of resizing our rings, we are buying a new pair of wedding bands. Well, both of our original wedding bands are engraved on the inside of each other's name and our wedding date. So, it's difficult to resize it without doing any damage to the engraving.
And, on the other hand, who could resist a new pair of wedding bands, right!? Hehehe...

I am super excited for Saturday. We won't be celebrating the anniversary tomorrow (2nd), but on Saturday (3rd). Simply because, since we already bought the tickets to watch Eclipse on Saturday, might as well make it a special occasion. Nice lunch and then go to the cinema. :)

It's a short post today. I am planning to blog again tomorrow :D