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international relationship, impossible?!

After a conversation with Lan yesterday, I cannot stop myself from thinking about the 'future' of our relationship. With the uncertainty of our own future; where we would be, what we would do, will we get a job after the graduation, it seems that the deadline of our relationship will be on the 5th September 2006, that is the day I fly home. No. Not that we don't have the faith for us and not that we don't want to do our best to make it happen. It's just that too many questions and possibilities ahead.
This story of mine sounds so sad to myself. Maybe it is just too much; he is from Beijing, I am from Indonesia and we met in England. It is a complexity to us.
He has a job waiting at home, I have a family responsibility to take and don't know where I end up after the graduation. It is like... we try to talk through it but all we get is an empty answer, simply null.

Despite all, I still believe there is always a chance and a possibility for us to make it through. We …

still swolen

I'm back after a week! Thanks very much for the concerns I've received from all of you, friends. I am so much better than the last time I wrote. Yup! Sekarang sudah bisa jalan dengan 'rada' normal, tapi jempol masih bengkak, biru ungu plus kuku masih ga jelas keadaannya. Kalo kelamaan berdiri atau ga sengaja bertumpu pada jempol, rasa nyeri masih terasa.
Thanks to Lan, I can recover quite quickly. I am really touched and flattered by all his attention, patience and effort in taking care of me. For the whole week, I felt as if I was in my own private hospital with my very own doctor, chef, friend and helper. He cooked for me and provided me with meals three times a day, washed the dishes, got me whatever I needed, cheered me up and spoiled me with fancy and nice food. He is TOO good to be true! (That's what I always say to him, hehehe...)

Seminggu skripsi terbengkalai, tapi presentasi tetep harus jalan terus. Jadinya Jumat kemarin, selambat siput berjalan, aku ditemen…

great toe accident

Alo semua... sorry banget ga sempet blogwalking sama sekali. Kemarin aku dapet kecelakaan *yang aku bikin sendiri*
One of the things that I hate so much in England is their doors. Semuanya berat-berat dan butuh tenaga ekstra untuk narik/dorong pintu. Nah... ceritanya, kemarin jam 9 malem, si Lan dateng ke tempatku untuk minta tolong nge-print and penjelasan tentang paper yang aku bikin dulu. Waktu buka pintu masuk ke flatku, secara ga sengaja, pintu itu kena jempol kaki kananku. Aku liat kukuku posisinya njeplak dan darah mulai keliatan ngambang di bagian dalamnya.
Duh... cekot-cekot rasanya. Tapi aku tetep mikir aku ga papa dan maksain untuk naik tangga ke lantai 2 (tempat kamarku berada). Sampe di atas, darah dah netes-netes... si Lan dah panik and coba telpon 999. Pas nyambung, ditanyain ini itu, si lady bilang keadaanku ga terlalu darurat untuk ambulans jemput aku. Tapi dia bilang, dia akan suruh seorang nurse untuk telpon balik untuk ngecek apa perlu ambulans ato ngga.
Anyway... tun…

A nice poem

When you are sad,
think of your shadow.
Even if you run away,
it will follow you.
Whatever may fall on you,
you can be sure that it will not leave you.

- unknown

Ps. sorry, not really in the mood for posting up my days. Will do as soon as I get the mood. :)

God Knows

When You feel tired and hopeless because all your efforts turn out to be nothing,
God knows how hard you have tried.
When You cried for so long, yet your heart is still painful,
God has counted your teardrops.
When you think that your life is waiting for something and time goes so fast,
God is waiting with you.
When you feel lonely and your friends are too busy to call you,
God is always by your side.
When you think you have tried everything and don't know what else to do,
God has the answer.
When everything does not make sense and you feel depressed,
God can calm you down.
When you suddenly see a trace of hope,
God is whispering to you.
When everything goes well and you feel like giving thanks,
God has blessed you.
When something beautiful happens and you are filled with awe,
God has smiled to you.
When you have visions to fulfill and dreams to make them come true,
God has opened you eyes and called you by name.
Remember that wherever you are facing...
GOD knows.

a brand new place

Hola everyone! Apa kabar semua? Weekend pada ngapain? Aku sudah pindah ke tempat baru sekarang... lebih kecil kamarnya, sharing kamar mandi and dapur, tapi lebih deket dengan kampus. Baru kemarin pindahan, hari ini badan masih pegel-pegel rasanya. Untungnya kemarin dibantuin Lan and seorang temen gereja, jadi pegelnya ga keterlaluan.
Weekend ini rencana ga kemana-mana, mo take a rest aja, lagian ada tugas programming yang masih belum kelar *hiks*

Yo wis itu aja kali ya... aku lagi capek berat, kepengen balik tidur lagi rasanya...

Have a blessed weekend, everyone! God bless you all!
Continue to love and miss that person,
Love will come again.
Just like playing a game of hide and seek.
Even if you cannot see it,
Love must be waiting somewhere.
Lost amongst all the chaos,
But kept in our prayers.
Those people in love will surely meet again.

- Spring Waltz, 2006

1st reunion... on my birthday?!

Kemarin, aku dapet surat dari high school-ku, GVGS. Isinya ternyata tentang event di tahun 2006 ini. Pas baca daftar event yang bakal take place tahun ini, aku langsung fokus ke daftar acara reuni. Memang aku dah expect tahun ini bakal ada acara reuni untuk alumni lulusan tahun 2001 (that is the year I graduated from high school). Ditulis di surat itu the first reunion for Class 2001 is on 18 November 2006. Lah... my birthday donk?! Huhuhu...

Sejak habis baca itu, aku jadi kepikiran dan bertanya-tanya sendiri... Dateng gak yah?! Secara sekarang Australian visa-ku sudah expired and keadaan ekonomi yg ruwet, aku rada gak yakin bakal balik lagi ke Australia hanya untuk reuni... Apalagi ada rencana kumpul-kumpul keluarga pas hari ultahku juga. So ya... we will see.
Pingin sih dateng... ketemu temen-temen lama lagi, bernostalgia and lihat perkembangan di sekolah plus ketemu guru-guruku dulu. Hiks... I miss Australia. BUT, thinking it over and over... I might not go at all.
Still... I feel spe…

Dissertation & Packing Up

Hello people! I hope you all were not wondering whether I am away again or not. This week I've been going to Campus regularly to see my supervisor and get some books from the library. My dissertation starts this week... plenty of reading, thinking and programming to do. So please pray for me.
With the summer holiday started already, the campus is so empty now... the undergraduate students are enjoying their holidays, but not us, the postgraduate, we still have to study. Anyway, soon in three months time, I will be finished. And hopefully, have a job waiting for me *fingers crossed!*

Apart from that, I am also in the middle of packing my stuff up. Yep! I am moving to a different dormitory. Since my contract will end on 10th June 2006, I have to find some where else to live. I cannot stay longer here, because during the summer this dormitory is booked for conferences. It was quite hard finding a place to live during this time of the year *it's like the odd time of the year* Thank …