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Thank you, sweetie!

Dearest my beloved husband, my huntun, my hunny bunnie,

Thank you so so much for such a lovely and sweet surprise!
I am so dazzled and touched by your tender LOVE...
The red roses are so beautiful. As beautiful as your LOVE!

I am so grateful to be loved by you!
I thank The Lord each day for the wonderful you!
No one but you completes me.

I LOVE you, hun!
You are the best decision I ever made and will always be!

I am so happy that each second passes to bring me back to you.
As for the time being, The Lord be The Protector of our LOVE.

Let's celebrate our LOVE!

Your xiao chun jun, your wify, your hunny bunnie.
Bali, 13 February 2009 @ 22.34

Prayers for my beloved 老公

“Lan... Lan...”, I keep calling you in my dream last night. After our conversation last night I thought long and wide about him, about us, about our feelings; we miss each other terribly, beyond words.

I can imagine how hard it is for him to focus on his study, when, at the same time, he keeps thinking about me and missing me, the way I think and I miss him. Sadly, at this very moment, it is not possible for him to fly down to Bali and be together with me. He has works to do, lots of them... a scientific paper to submit by the end of the month, a presentation to prepare, also keeping up his progress on the thesis that he has to finish this year AND, yet, he has to explore a new topic as his supervisors discussed with him.
*Sigh* Just thinking about all of those tasks makes me feel tired...

Please, my friends, help me in praying for Lan; so that he can focus on his study, which clearly is the priority at this very moment. Also that The Lord, Jesus Christ, be his ultimate Teacher and gr…

It's not the same...

Hi all, especially to my beloved husband if he reads this. Long time no update from me, been busy going here and there to sort out many things including this Internet connection!

I am all well here; still having a bit of eczema but the condition is much better than when I was in UK. Sadly, my happiness at home is not whole without my hubby. It used to be such a happy time at home, but now... it is incomplete with him. I miss him terribly and think about him all the time. I feel as if I am not whole...

I went to the doctor twice already, showed him my skin and the medicines I got from UK. The doctor said I cannot use those medicines here, so he gave me a new ointment, which is much lighter and lesser side effects. My parents are also going to take me to the sulphur/hot water spring, which is said by many that it could cure eczema.

Still... it is not pure sadness. I am happy to be with my family.

OK, that's all for now. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, please pray that I reco…