Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The opened door

Today, my study suspension has been officially approved. Yesterday, Lan and I managed to sort out the payment of my ticket to go back home... Yes, I am going home next Monday, ALONE... I am both sad and excited. I am going to miss my hubby greatly hiks...

We are praying that I can get the right dermatologist, when I am at home, to help me sort out my eczema. It seems that I am going home with a suitcase full of ointments and skin care products to soothe my eczema. God, we spent a lot of money on those medicines, some of them are redundant, even! Well, we just hope for the best. I want to return to my husband's side as soon as I get better. Yes, I promise my hubby I will BE better!

The university gives me 3 months suspension, that is plenty of time to get this eczema sorted out I hope. In that mean time, I want massages as many times as possible! Huhuhu... I am so exhausted. My body is crying for resting time.

OK, friends, as usual, going home means less time on the Internet, especially blogging. Take care always! God bless you and millions of thanks for the prayers.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blessings in the early days....

Hello friends! I am here to share a few of good news to you all. However, first of all, I'd like to thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes for my Mum.
Well, on Monday (5th January), as I planned, I got few things sorted out... I picked up the medical certificate from the clinic to support my suspension and my supervisor and I had the discussion we meant to have about this matter. The things that cheered me up were that:

  1. I received my passport back ALONG with 3-years UK visa extension *Praise the Lord!*, which means I can go home withouth any worries!
  2. Lan and I received a huge box of package from Mama and Papa all the way from Beijing, full of good stuffs; some seasonings, some warm clothes for me, a new pair of boots and plenty of supplements to sustain my health.
    Lan's mum is a pharmacist, so when I get sick, she panicked and would get me the best care in the world. How sweet is that? :)
  3. Another thing to praise God is that right now there is a sale on the flight ticket, so I can manage to get a cheap ticket home... Ah... superb!
    We decide that I should go home within 2 weeks from now, depending on the suspension approval. We hope it will be approved ASAP.

Lately, my body has been very friendly to me. I am able to catch up some sleep and feeling better. My skin is improving because I use the strong medication from the doctor, however, lately, I notice it gives a weird reaction, my skin starts to look rather strange... Next Monday, I am seeing the doctor again, I hope it is nothing serious.
Both Lan and I have been gathering information about eczema, asking people here and there... From what I gathered, most of eczema's ointment is like a double-edge sword, it heals the eczema along with some serious side effects, e.g. the ointment I am using right now can make my skin thinner.

We hope there is a better solution...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Turn a new leaf...

It's just been the second hour of the new year 2009. I am still awake here in the dark, while Lan is sleeping soundly on the bed. Yes, this is what I have been doing for several nights now, waiting for the sleepiness to come over me before I climb to bed.

Well, shall we talk about our new year's eve first? We had late lunch at a Chinese restaurant, where I almost exploded my stomach with the free chrysantemum tea. We then headed to city centre to get my eczema's medicines and to watch the movie 'Australia'. Surprisingly, it was not too busy with people and we managed to buy a hat for Lan to keep his head warm. Today was a very misty day; spooky and freezing!
'Australia' is a very good movie! The story is so true, deep and touchy; all the stars played it well! The quality of the movie is indeed fantastic, it's as if I was watching a set of living photographs; breath-taking scenes of Australia and the beauties of the actors and actresses! It is a must-see movie!

Enough of the new year's eve thingy...
2008 was a year full of lessons for me; lessons to be a good wife. We fought here and there, thank God, those times teach us to understand deeper about each other. Each day of my life brings me to a greater appreciation of having Lan in my life. I truly thank The Lord for such a wonderfully caring and loving husband I have!
We learn to support each other and together we knit our stories, build our family, and experience our 'Journey of Happiness'.

To be quite honest, the last moments of 2008 I struggle to bits... The strong me has tumbled down the ladder. Yes, the eczema makes my condition worsened and almost kills all my confidence in getting better.
We have made our decision; I will take up a suspension on my study AND to go home as soon as possible. Next Monday, I am to see my supervisors and proceed with the suspension application. The doctor that we went to last Monday, said I am in a severe state of eczema and there might be a need to undergo a 'cancer-treatment' to get me to a better state. It sounds frightening to me... It upsets me.
However, I thank God for so many loved-ones that support me and pray for me. My mother, especially, has put enormous efforts to soothe my feelings and helps me to be a bit stronger for the time being.

For the next several months, I might not post as much as usual.
The aim of me going home is to get better, more than anything else. I promise my beloved husband I will be better... for him, for making our temporary separation worth it!
So, my friends, please... I beg your prayers;
- that this eczema be gone (doctors says eczema cannot be cured, but I believe God will heal me!)
- that the application of suspension goes smoothly
- that I get home ASAP and get better...

Thank you. God be with you always!