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less than a week

September is at its end... Unnoticely, I have been at home for almost a month now. And it has been a month as well I have not seen Lan. Yes, we still chat and text each other, but we both agree that the relationship needs the ability to see each other easily to be able to grow. However, through the experience of being apart from each other, we learn that our feelings are true towards each other and to test our seriousness.

Therefore, although being far away from him makes me feel sad sometimes, most of the times I thank God because I learn many precious lessons; about my feelings, his feelings, his seriousness and many others. Every step of our life is really a meaningful lesson.

Anyway, 6 days to go and I grow really nervous... Hoping and praying that all will go well when Lan comes to meet my parents. Please pray for us, friends.

That's all for now, I think. God bless you all!

& still counting...

10 days feels like a century to me right now... Waiting is never a good activity ever for me, but, I have to be patient. Ugh... I really can't wait until Lan comes. I miss him so so so much!!
I miss the time we spent together; all our laughters, conversations and annoyances towards each other hehehe... He is nervous and I am, too. Yes... this is the first time and will be the only time I introduce a man, whom I love so much, as the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, to my parents. I pray that everything will go well when he comes.
I take my parents' excitement and expectance as a positive sign that they are looking forward to meet Lan and to get to know him. I wish time would go fast forward to Wednesday, 04 October 2006, the day and the time I see him, and freeze so that I can spend my days with him forever. *huhuhu... am I drunk with love?! :p*

Apart from my impatience, I am enjoying my time at home. What do I do at home? Not much really... help my mother,…

295. & the time is near

Yesterday, I finally chatted with Lan again after being not able to contact him in the days, where he was on the flight home and taking a rest afterwards.
Both of us miss each other so much that we can't wait for the day we will meet each other again. He said he is coming soon; at the end of this month or early next month. I am excited and I know, my parents are also expecting his visit. They keep asking about the date he is coming and about his news. I take it as a good sign. So far... my parents are positive when we talk about Lan.

Another thing that makes me double happy is that when he is coming to Bali, he will be baptized. Praise the Lord for that! I am really proud of him, even when he was back in Beijing, he went to church by himself to church! Something that I did not expect. Oh, I am so joyful! God bless him! And I feel blessed.
My brother, Erwin, arrived safely in Brighton on Sunday. Next Monday, the second year of his Architecture study will begin. I am proud of him an…

the latest news

Quiet it has become, ever since Erwin, my 19-year-old brother flew back to England yesterday. Not necessarily very quiet, but it feels different when the family is not whole. I was sad to see him go, but I know God has prepared many marvelous miracles for him there. I am sure the Lord will protect, bless, guide and teach him there. I know we (my parents and I) have to learn to let him go, so that he grows mature and closer to the Lord.

Onto another topic. Right now, I am not in a healthy condition. I got sore throat, dizzy head and burning nose. It is a suffering... but, at least, I have my mum here to take care of me, hehehehe...
Okay, that's all for now. My sister, Grace, is waiting for me to go to sleep.

Have a blessed week ahead!

United for 10 days

My family rarely has much time to be united together, ever since Erwin and I started going overseas for education. And this year is the extreme one, I think. For the whole year, we are only united for 10 days!! Yup... I arrived on 06 September 2006 and Erwin is flying back to Brighton to start his second year of university on 16 September 2006.
Can you imagine that? I never know when is the next time I will see him, as we have separate ways *could it be on my wedding day?! Hihihihi...* So for the moment (and especially for this holiday), I'd like to spend as much time as possible with my family... Right now, there are some problems arising, so I want to give support to my parents and to help as much as I could.

In the middle of that, I am also busy looking and applying for jobs; mostly are jobs in United Kingdom and Singapore. So, please... please... pray for me so that The Lord will open the door that He wants me to enter and that I will become wise in choosing which job to apply…


Today, I am so excited to go to church... I miss the time going to church together with my family and I miss the spiritual feelings that I can never feel the same elsewhere. I cried.
My million thanks were not enough to express how much I am grateful for all that Jesus done in my life; taking me overseas to learn many things and every time bringing me back safely home. I am always touched by His grace and mercy; the never-ending love He shows me through my family, friends, loved ones and especially through Lan.
Thank you, Lord, for the protection and the promises You have given unto my family. For I believe, although the earth may pass away and the heaven tumbles down, Your words will be fulfilled. You will do as You promise. I believe and I trust in You. Life is hard for our family, but I believe You are taking us to a higher level; closer to you and more intimate... to become your beloved family. Thank you, Father!
The greatest priviledge on earth and in heaven is to be loved by You,…

Safely home...

Hello everyone!! I am at home, right now!!!! Feeling jetlag and tired still...
The internet is so slow... that it becomes a pain to me to go online. Anyway, thanks for wishing me a safe trip. I appreciate it very much!
Huhuhu... I miss Lan so much now...

Last post before I go home...

I am feeling nervous right now... Soon I will be on my long journey to go home. For several days, my emotions were up and down... I really cannot distinguish between sadness and happiness; sometimes I suddenly cried just because I don't want to be far from Lan... This is the hardest time for me to leave United Kingdom. It used to be so excited, it used to be so happy for me to know that in several days I will be with my family.
But now, it's different... I have someone I love dearly here and it breaks my heart to leave him...
I noticed the sadness in your heavy voice...
The hesitation you have in making choice...

I know it must be hard for you these several days...
Letting me go and saying goodbye everytime the day ends.
I feel it, too...
But I'd rather pretend to not know;
Rather try to make you smile and laugh;
Rather think that this is not the end and you will surely come;

I'd rather not say 'goodbye'...
For I miss you already before I actually go.
And each step closer …

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Lemparan sasando dari big sist...

Lama ga kena timpuk, eh kali ini ketimpuk juga sama big sist Tuteh. Ya wis... here we go:

Color: pastel colors especially pastel blue.
Food: My mum's cooking 'Ayam bumbu rujak', but any food will be fine, except the hot spicy one.
Song: Um... there are lots of songs I like :D
Movie: Ever after
Sport: Swimming. it's the only one I enjoy :p
Day of the week: Any day is fine, for God made them all great!
Ice cream: Haagen Dazs ice cream; chocolate chips, rum and raisin and strawberry cheesecake.
Mood: mixture of happy and sad; happy of our engagement, sad of the little time left before I fly home.
Taste: Ummm... nothing, I just drank plain water haha...
Clothes: White t-shirt and green trousers.
Desktop: 'peace, love and understanding' wallpaper.
Toe nail color: natural
Time: 5.57 PM
Annoyance: hunger *almost dinner time*
Thoughts: 'cook first? Or shower first?'
Best friend: Yulia (From Junior High, until now)
Crush: Micha…