Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Honey, I have a heart attack!" - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Hehehehe... there is a funny story I'd like to share to you. Yesterday, after having a weekly conversation with Papa Mama (my parents-in-law) through Skype, Lan told me this...
Papa Mama are so excited that we are coming home on Wednesday, so much that they cannot sleep properly! In the middle of their excitement, Papa suddenly said to Mama, "Honey, let's go to the hospital! I think I have a heart attack!" And so they begun to pack some clothes for Papa, in case he needs to stay in. While rushing off like that, Papa started to tell Mama about his secret savings, etc. "Just in case something happens," he said.

And so I was puzzled. I commented, "if he really had a heart attack, would he be capable of saying 'he has a heart attack'?" Lan laughed.
He told me that Papa realised, after they finished packing, he was just being too excited that he said silly things! Hahaha... When Mama told Lan about it, she said, "Well, at least, now I know where the secret hideaways are!"

Somehow, they are incredibly excited to see us and, to me, it gives a positive feeling that they are really accepting me as their own daughter. And now, I cannot wait, just want to get on the plane and fly to meet them. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Argh... I am procrastinating!

Yeah... This week have been a procrastination week of me! I haven't done a single thing of what I am supposed to do and I am to meet my supervisors on Friday!
I keep wishing the week will go faster, I am on a holiday mode already!

I can hardly wait to go to Beijing! Despite the nerves and the thoughts of 'how am I going to communicate with my family-in-law', I really am looking forward to go...

Oh Lord, 5 days to go and yet I am being so impatient!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lan's poster day

Friday, 07 March 2008, is Lan's poster day. Every PhD student in his/her second year has to make an A0 poster that explains the research topic that they are studying. The criteria is to make sure people of other educational background can easily understand the poster as well as can grasp the idea of the student's research. So tricky!

Well, here is a photo of Lan with his poster! I am very proud of him! His poster caught a lot of attentions; many people came to ask him about his PhD project and very impressed with the poster.
He said it was a very tiring day. He had to stand all the time from 09.00 am to 15.00 pm, the good thing is that the university actually provided lunch for those participating students!
Next year will be my turn to do it... And I am trying to think in advance about what would I do hihihi....

Moving on... As you all know, we are going to Beijing for the Easter holiday. It's 8 days to go! I have mixed feelings about it... Excited, nervous and happy.
Excited, it's my first time to go to Beijing.
Nervous, it's my FIRST time to meet my parents-in-law and Lan's family!
Happy, I am going with my husband! Nothing to worry about...
We already have our biggest suitcase full of gifts that we prepared for Lan's family. So, we are -sort of- ready to go, just need to pack some clothes and that's it. Lan is extremely excited already that he can hardly sleep at nights! Papa and Mama (my parents-in-law) are also excited, they are like cat and dog wanting to plan this and that for both of us. (Thank you, Pa and Ma, for being so excited to see me!)
Papi and Mami (my parents) keep telling me to be a good wife and daughter-in-law; show my respect to Lan's family, be polite and so on and so on.

Ah... finally I am 'entering' my husband's family!!!!! Jesus be my guide!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Missed my honey so much!

Hi all! I arrived back midnight and still feel as if all my bones are broken! Moreover, I miss my honey bunny hubby so muchhhh!!!
I had good time visiting my brother, Brighton has not changed much, but, being with Erwin is something priceless; we are good friends. :) One particular night he said to me, "Do you realise that you are married so young? Too young even?" It reminded me when my parents told me that Erwin could not believe the news of our wedding last year. Somehow, I realise, maybe he is afraid of losing me as his sister, maybe the thought that I will follow my husband wherever he goes haunts him somehow.
Well, I love him as much, nothing is subtracted, I still cried when I said good-bye to him yesterday and praise Jesus that Lan also loves him as his own brother, really cares about him.

One thing surely changes, though, he is a big boy now. My brother is growing up to a man and I am thanking God for it. We are all growing up...
Well, I did not bring my camera to Brighton and just could not be bothered to take photos, since everything is still the way it is! But, if anyone would like to see some of photos from Brighton, you can see it in HERE, it's a collection of photos when I went there the first time.

Now, I am so glad to be home! I missed Lan so much that I had to ring him everyday, making sure he is OK and so on and so on... And thank God, he kept the house tidy and clean! He even waited for me in the train station although it was cold and snowy. Thank you, honey!
Ah... I am back to where I am supposed to be now. Tomorrow back to work again, today I am resting.