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Ever since the first posting about Lan-lan, my first turtle pet, I have been very keen on taking care my little cute pets. Now, I have 5 turtles! I love them and keep close observation on them. They all have names; Lan-lan (the first turtle I have), Fatty & Lin-lin (the second pair of turtles I got), and Scooby & Snoopy (the last pair I just bought during Easter holiday). Everytime I went back to Surabaya, I brought them with me, clean their box and change their water everyday (I use drinking water! Hehehe... what a special turtle! :P)
At the moment, I am very concerned about one of my turtles, named 'Fatty'. He is not eating his food and does not stretch his neck when I put my finger above him as usual. He keeps avoiding all his friends and stays at one side by himself. I am very sad about this :( Anybody has ever known this problem with their turtle pets? If any of you do, please let me know what to do...

Wedding fever

Hi, friends! Thank you very much for congratulating us for the wedding and for the birthday greetings for him.
We are planning for a very simple wedding, since we really don't have any money at all. So right now, we are really clinging and depending to our Jesus Christ. Please kindly help in prayers, so that this wedding will be organised as we planned. We are only having a holy matrimony and a simple family dinner. For us, our Lord is number one, so, the matrimony is the most important event in our wedding. So far, things are progressing amazingly because of God's grace. I am really thankful to my Jesus, He is faithful and really is my Provider. Glory be unto Jesus always! Amen!

These days, I, unconciously, often worry about the wedding. So many 'what if's come to my mind that it disturbs my sleep. However, since it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment for me, I will enjoy every step of my journey preparing this wedding. :)

Notice, I have changed my layout to a romantic …

The birthday of special someone

Today, as promised, I rang him for his birthday. Seemed that he was looking forward to the call very much that I could hear how happy he was to receive my phone call from his ‘hello’.
We talked of many things, had some good laughs and times of releasing our longing towards each other. Although it was only a half-an-hour conversation, I know we are both really happy for the phone call. We both missed each other’s voices very much, the laughter, and the jokes, but we both understood that the cost of a phone call can shock everybody if we did not keep in mind how long we have been speaking. Yes, international (long distance) relationship is really very expensive! However, for the sake of his birthday, it is an exception. I want him to be happy always!

Well, I know this is the last birthday of his to be spent without me being close, and he knows that too! Starting July this year, we will be united as one. Yes, what you are thinking is right, my friends! I am getting married!
To whom? To t…

Busy Easter

The trip to Surabaya, my birthtown this time was not very pleasant. I was not very well when we started the journey, and I was worse when I got to Surabaya. 38 degrees Celcius of fever, bad headaches, sore throat and painful ears, that on the Friday, I had to go to the emergency room of Budi Mulia Hospital (simply because no doctors were opened that day!). Had an injection, which really helped me to feel better, but made my bum a bit sore. Anyway, sadly enough, I am still in a bad condition, because I am still feeling tired, we just got back from Surabaya this morning at 3 a.m.!

Despite the sickness, I was still moving on with the business. We went to Pasar Atom, eat some Hay Nam Rice *yummy!*, walked around for a bit, then we went to Tunjungan Plaza. Oh! I was in Surabaya to celebrate birthdays of two special persons! Mee-a and my cousin, Lia.
Mee-a's birthday was 06 April 2007. She came to my house around mid-day and had to wait for a little bit while I was in the hospital. She…

Passover Trip

Friends, I will be on hiatus for the weekend. I am going to Surabaya again for Easter holiday by car. It's my cousin's 17th birthday and we already promised that we will be there for the celebration...
So even with Lapindo mud in Porong, we are still going. Pray for a safe journey for us.

God bless you all and have a great Easter! :)

Update: Today, I met Since. Yesterday, she phoned me after she asked my phone number before she left Holland. Well, we finally met and had a very great chat! I am very glad to meet her! Hopefully, after I come back from Surabaya next week, we will be able to meet up again!

Looking forward to that, Sin! ;)

not much, really...

not much really...
just want to say that I am missing you badly and that I love you very much.
Keep thinking about you in my days, hours and seconds.
Feel like hugging you tightly and never let you go...
So that you are forever mine.

- nie, 01 April 2007