Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Return to home

Back at home at last!!!
I'm still tired and a bit sick, so I am looking forward to my sleep tonight after writing up this post. First of all, I'd like to thank you all, my friends, for the kind attentions and visits to my blog. My sister is already healed *Thank you Jesus!* She is back to school now with her usual curiosities, cheerfulness and smiles! Thank you for praying and caring for her, my friends!

Secondly, about my interview... it went well, I think..., I was nervous but, thank God, I could answer all the questions confidently. At the moment, I am still waiting for the result, whether I get accepted or not. On the other hand, my application to UofL is going smoothly. I should receive the news about my acceptance soon and then I shall be preparing for the scholarship application. So, please help in prayers, my friends, for The Lord to give the best for me.

Thirdly, my trip for the education fair was quite fun. This time, again, I was helping the representative from JCU, the first Australian university in Singapore. We were in Jakarta for 4 days (one day, we had trip to Bandung). I am glad that I managed to meet Yulia, my best friend, and had fun with her in Dufan and Gelanggang Samudra. We went to Mangga Dua Square, too, and I bought some things for my little brother and sister. It was great fun. After Jakarta, we were off to Solo. I did not really go anywhere, because I was sick; sore throat, fever, cough and headaches. Then, we went to Denpasar and Surabaya for the last two cities of the fair.
I had fun, except for the fact that I was quite sick, I enjoyed it very much. It was great to know a lot of different people. It was great to meet with Mac, the JCU representative, again, and other people.
Thanks Universal Services for the chance to help and join the team for the fair! I had great times! After we finished the fair on 28th, I spent most of my time with Mee-a, my beloved sister. We had fun going around TP, BG Junction, Galaxy Mall (with my auntie) and we enjoyed watching DVDs together. We had a great laugh together. Thank you, sist, for spending your time with me and for the talks together! Love you, my sister!

I think that's all for today, I am really so sleepy and tired right now. Starting tomorrow, I will try to visit your blogs again. God bless you all!

The white kingdom
There is this kingdom, larger than the earth, it roams around the skies. Everything is pure and beautiful.
There are islands, big and small. Little houses and huge mansions. All kinds of people, animals and flowers with no defects whatsoever.

Peace grows at the sight of the kingdom, relaxing the tensed thoughts and heart.
It's a kingdom with no boundaries and conflicts. Everything matches each other.

It's the white kingdom. It's the cloud kingdom.

- inspired by the moving clouds on the way back from Surabaya to Denpasar, 31 January 2007.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

With Mee-a

Just a quick note! I'm at the moment in Surabaya, spending time with Mee-a and my itchy throat!
How are you all?? Fair is almost over and I had fun along the way *plus suffering because of sore throat, coughs and fever*.
The story is to be continued!!

God bless you all!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a little remembrance

My interview with UWE is only hours away. I do think about it, although there is no extreme nervousness inside me. I realize that I know nothing about what will they ask me about. Whether it is a general type of questions or more specific questions relating the topic of the PhD position, I don't know and have no clues. One thing I know and do is to cling wholeheartedly to my Father God.
At the same time, my best friend, Yulie, will have her viva at the same day, but earlier than me. My interview is around 10 pm (about 2 pm UK time), her viva is at 9 am in the morning. I pray that The Lord gives her success and confidence in facing her viva. Amen.

Another news is about my sister, Grace. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragements. However, I am so sad to say that her condition has been worsened these several days. And, unavoidably, she had to go to hospital today. Yesterday, my parents took her to Surabaya for a check up to the specialist (dokter paru-paru) that we've known well. The result was disappointing; the pneumonia has become more serious, and so she has to go to hospital. At the moment, she is staying at Darmo hospital in Surabaya.
This actually reminds me of my childhood around her age. Once, I broke my elbow at a salon. I fell because I stumbled on something while walking and reading a magazine at the same time when I was waiting for my mum having her haircut. I was sent to the same hospital, Rumah Sakit Darmo, we call it in Indonesian.
The first night I was there, I cried because it was too warm (I wasn't in the VIP room) and so many mosquitoes. In addition, I was alone. The nurse had to ring my mum and ask her to accompany me. Nothing compares a mother's love.
Days I was there, I can't remember the exact number, but it felt forever for a little child like me. When the operation time came, I was scared, but because my mum was there, I was in peace. The recovery was long.
I had to endure more than a month living only with one arm and one hand functioning well. Two operations and many therapies, but above all, abundance of my mother's love that really healed me. And I know, she is doing it again... for my little sister. I know she's tired and exhausted, but for her, it is nothing compared to the joy of seeing her little child recovered again.

Please pray for my Mother and my little sister, my friends. I appreciate your prayers, for I believe that there are powers in prayers.

I'd also like to say a 'temporary farewell', I will be away for a-week-trip on an education fair like what I've done in November. So please also pray for my journey safety and my health. Thank you.

God bless you all! Until the next posting! ;)
Everything is still the same;
The laughters, the jokes and the feelings.
But many things have to be buried under...
Making us feel so stuffy and tired.
Hence, I ask for peace.

Father, I surrender.

- nie, 18 Jan 2007, 12.33 am, Dps.

Friday, January 12, 2007


My house is so quiet these several days. Why? 'Coz my little darling sister, Grace is sick since Sunday. First, we thought it was only a normal cough and fever, but then it did not stop after my mum gave her some medicine. So on Tuesday, we went to general practicioner (dokter umum). He said it was a bronchitis. He gave some medicines, but not much really changed.
And since we were so worried, today, my dad rang the doctor. The doctor suggested to take a blood test, just in case she has thypoid or DB. After we got the result, in the evening, we went to the doctor. We were grateful it wasn't thypoid or DB, but the doctor was very suspicious about the way Grace breathes. So, he said, we better take her to X-Ray.
To cut the story short, after he saw the X-ray result, he concluded it is a pneumonia and he said it's better to take her to the pediatrician (dokter spesialis anak) for the decision whether she has to go to hospital or not. We were hoping that she won't need to go to hospital.
Thank God, He answered our prayers. The pediatric gave some medicines and said that at this stage, she doesn't need to go to hospital. However, if her condition worsened, we'll have no choice...

So, friends, please help in prayers for my sister's recovery. Thanks so much in advance.
Okay then, that's all for now. Jesus bless you all!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My new buddy

For the last several weeks, I have had a new 'friend' accompanying me all the time at home. So, who is it?
It's a Brazilian turtle that I bought at a supermarket the last time I went to Surabaya. Since, we travelled by car at that time, we put it in a small glass bottle and brought it to Denpasar. Hehehe...
Until now, I still don't know whether it's a male or female. I just have no clue at all! My mum named it Lan-lan. *don't ask why she gave that name, 'coz I don't know either!*
My turtle loves to eat and very clever. I give fish food, vegetables and mosquitos sometimes (if I manage to catch one! :P). And when it's dinner time and it sees me close, it'll come and approach me. Hehehe... so cute. It is fun to have a pet. I'm enjoying it very much. :D

As the date is drawing near, I am growing nervous to the interview time. Yes, I got an invitation for an interview by phone on 18 January 2007 by UWE for a studentship for a PhD position in applied Mathematics. On the other hand, I am still waiting for the research proposal from my supervisor from UofL for the scholarship application procedure. As I probably have said, I prefer to return to UofL because the rating and the achievement of the University is much better. Please pray for me, friends!

Well, I think that is all for now. Until the next post, friends! Jesus be with you and bless you! Adios!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Do I know you too much?

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Lan, which contains a link of the website that shows all the photos from the Bible Camp that he attended during Christmas holiday. He actually challenged me to find him in between so many photos.
When the webpage and the thumbnails of the pictures load up on my browser, I could immediately spot the photos that have him in them. I was surprised myself... even if it was only his back, I can recognize him.

Then, when I went online on MSN, he was online, too. So we had quite a long conversation. It was nice to talk again to him... it's been a while. We talked about many things, and I discovered more about how I can guess how he feels correctly. Do I know him too much? Should I try not to do it again? I don't know...

After the conversation, I went offline about 1 a.m. and tried to sleep but couldn't. So I prayed; having a conversation with my Father God. I felt so blue... so painful.
I realized that, although I've moved on, the feeling stays the way it is. The love remains unchanged. And I'm confused... should I throw it away? Or should I keep hoping?

And should I ignore the fact that I know you that much... beyond my awareness?
Tell me.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Especially for you: Mother.

Today, as I said previously, is my Mum's birthday. It's her 42nd year of life. No fancy gifts for her, only a little greeting card from me. But, I'm sure it still is meaningful for her. For me, it is a special gift, because it contains my gratefulness and thankfulness to my Jesus for giving me such a special mother, and my thankfulness to her for being who she is all this time, a mother to me and my siblings. I feel that 'thank you' is never enough when it's compared to what she's done for me since the first time I was in her womb, but from her point of view, a little 'thank you' might be able to put a smile on her face.
That's what most important about it. To make her smile. To make her happy.

In my life, these are the important things: To please my Jesus by obeying Him. To make my parents happy. And, if I become a wife in the future, be a good wife and have a happy family. Sounds simple, but not so easy, huh?

Well, during dinner at Widuran Resto, after a phonecall from Oma, my mum mentioned about how all Oma's children don't even take care of her. (Oma is not my blood-related grandma, but she takes me as her grand-daughter). My mum, then, continued about her thought that one day, she might be in the same situation, too. That is, when she (and my dad, too) grows older, none of her children will take care of her (or him). I said that it will never happen that way, because I will not let it happen. Never.
After all that they have done for us (I and my siblings) and how they teach everyone of us, I am very sure that none of us will ignore our parents when they grow older. And I will make sure of that. :)
There are no fancy words.
Only gratefulness and thankfulness to our Jesus Christ for who you are.
And prayers for blessings, wisdom, peace and joy continually pour out in your life from Heaven.
And thankfulness to you, for being the best Mother in my world.
I love you, Mum!

Jesus bless you and be with you always.



Monday, January 01, 2007

22nd hour of year 2007

It's already the 22nd hour of 2007, time surely flies so fast. The first day has almost finished, and time keeps rolling fast unwantedly. The new year's eve sparkles still linger and many told about how they celebrated it with friends, family, or their beloved ones.
Well, for me, there's nothing fancy about it. We just gathered together at my parents' room, watching Spiderman and eating Chitato, hehehehe... It might not seem very fun, but just being with my family, that's a great gift from The Lord. I remember, last year, I spent the new year's eve with my brother, Erwin, in Brighton. In his small dormitory room, we sat on the bed, eating crisps and watching Korean drama, waiting for the countdown. When it was the time, we watched the fireworks on the dark sky from the window. It seems so simple, yet, it lingers in my memory.
Why? 'Coz I don't get to be with my family so often. Hence, every opportunity I have to be with any one of them feels so sweet and priceless.

Before I slept, I said my give-thanks for the year that just passed. I learnt so much... about life, people, friends, love, marriage (the entrance to it) and, especially, the guidance of my Lord Jesus Christ through every moment; happy and sad, tears and joy, every part of my life has proved the existence of my Jesus and His faithfulness. So to Him, all the Glory, Honour and Praises. Amen!

I shall keep it short for today, I am still thinking about what I shoud write on my Mum's birthday card. Her birthday is on 3rd January.

Once again, Happy New Year, my friends!!! Jesus bless you!