Thursday, December 23, 2004

Before I Go Away...

Farewell for awhile, my friends.
I am going home tomorrow (On The Christmas' Eve) and will arrive at home sweet home on 26th December 2004 to have a 2-weeks holiday at home.
The experience of getting a seat on the plane during this peak season has been a miracle from The Lord for me. I feel greatly and deeply blessed by Him. I also feel fortunate to have my family, who helped and encouraged me to not give up and to convince me that I WILL go home. And here I am... Several hours and I'll be on the plane.
God knows how happy I am that I will be home soon! It is a great great joy. And so, due to a short holiday that I have at home, I will try to enjoy myself with my family as much as I can. Therefore, I won't update my blog for awhile (I might still check and reply the shoutbox.)

For everyone: Have a good celebration of the end of the year. God bless you and the new year coming for you abundantly! *cheers*
Also, thank you for all whom have prayed for me regarding the ticket.

You knew, didn't You?
How I yearned to be home...
For Christmas, New Year and my Mom's Birthday...
I hoped for a miracle that somehow I will be home.

You've heard my prayer
And answered it.
Thank you, Lord!
It is the greatest present among all the present I received...
'To be heard and answered by YOU'

by nie @ 23 Dec 2004


Hope that stays strong
Eventhough it seems that nothing is possible
Is like a seed that suceed to grow and bloom
Eventhough rains, winds and storms disturbed.

by nie @ 23 Dec 2004

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Long time no posting here... I have been busy going around to eat at different places with different friends for these several days. This is the time when eating once a day is enough *huff...* I actually feel so so full right now. My friends really fed me well, no matter whom I go to. I feel so blessed with that! Thank God for blessing me with all delicious food.
It is like The Lord is helping me to regain my strength to be ready for the exams and the last semester of my Bachelor during this holiday. He knows that I have not been eating properly and much during last semester. Hehehe...

Well, another thing that excites me. There is a possibility of me going home this week! It is a MAD MAD plan really! But! Nothing is impossible! My dad's persistence of me going home this holiday is beyond of what I expected of him. He is trying and trying every way so that I can be home as soon as possible.
And so please pray for me, so that I can get a ticket this season to go home. I miss home so much... I miss the warmth of my family. Oh... I dream of it.

My weekend was... hummm... down and up. Ah... don't bother! It's all over anyway. It was my over-sensitivity that tried to drive me crazy. However, I did have a nice time with my friends on the-end-of-the-year party. I had a good time cooking. I did not eat much, but I had the feeling of satisfication when people enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Oh Lord, how thankful I am...
To know that there are around me people love me dearly...
And how much more I can say...
Cause You love me above all those.
You carry me in Your warm arms, which strong enough to pick me up when I fall.
You watch over me and be the closest one to me.
I am loved...
No matter the wrong I've done, Your love is unchanged.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Almost Christmas...

Ahhh... finally the holiday is here! Oh well, this week, I haven't got much to do really. I feel so relax... Thank God that project has finished!
What left are 3 exams on 12th, 17th and 18th of January 2005 (next year!) and the final marks for them all (3 exams and the project). I am hoping and trying my best to get as good as it possibly can. That's all I can do really.
Right now, there is no plan yet what I am going to do for Christmas and New Year's Eve in particular. My friends and I are having a 'end of year' dinner together at one of my friends' place this Saturday. I am planning to cook Soto Ayam for them. *Well, I was thinking about making Gulai Kambing, but then... not all people like lamb. So I thought it's better to stay general. Chicken, most people eat it, I won't have any problem with that.*
Then, on Sunday, I am going to my church's Christmas Carol. Hopefully, I'll have fun. I had finished giving all the Christmas presents today (since most of my friends will be going home and I won't see them until the exam time.) and I got a pair of blue gloves from one of my friends as my Christmas present. Very nice and soft... She knew that my gloves are wearing out now. Hehehe...

The town has become so crowded with people rushing off to buy Christmas presents for their families and friends. That won't stop until 23 December 2004, because that's the last day all the shops are open anyway.
Today was a rainy day, eventhough, it was not that cold. Looks like the real winter has arrived (that's Liverpool's winter anyway!), I will have to deal with rains and strong winds all day. But... that's okay. I prefer it a bit colder than hot sweaty weather, since my skin is best under colder weather.

When I accompanied my Singaporean friend, Zu, to go to town today, we had a conversation that sticks to my mind until now. It was about parents and children' relationships. We were standing in front of a stationary shop, eating ice cream 'again' and looking at a mother with her friend's and her son in a pram.
It started off when I said how mothers in Western country don't carry/cuddle (menggendong) their children at all. They prefer to buy prams and put their babies and children in the prams rather than carrying them in their arms. And it's like... The children get their warmth from being in the prams rather than from their mothers/fathers.
And then, Zu said: "Yeah... that's why they don't have a strong relationship between them."
I thought, "Yes! That is so true. I recalled how my mum said many times: 'If I could, I would carry you always in my arms.'"
I said: "Well, I am sure you've heard how parents here scold their children... isn't it astonishing?!".
She answered: "That's why the children have no respect on their parents. They act the same way like their parents; the way the parents don't respect the children, it's the same way around from the children to the parents." I nodded. I totally agreed with that. The way the parents shout at their children and all those rubish words in front of public... Oh, I've seen that many times.
I went on: "Then, let's take it as a lesson for us as mothers-to-be. I'm sure it is a very useful knowledge for us in the future."
And we had some laughs and jokes on what I was saying *grins*...
By that time, we finished eating our ice cream and we went in to the shop. The conversation ceased, but sticks in mind.
That was my day...

Another thing happened.
Another lesson learned.
It might not be for the present time.
But surely will be useful in the future.
Keep your eyes open and look around.
Lots of things to learn about and keep them all in your mind.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

One Day in The Chocolate Shop

As I was trying to sit on one of the high chairs, one lady stared at me... "Odd... in a weather as cold as this, this Asian girl is eating a cone of ice cream?!", that's probably what she thought of me, since she didn't stop staring at me until the time she left the shop.
I have been carving for an ice cream several days, and so, I had an ice cream. I felt a bit misplaced by the way she stared at me, but the feeling quickly faded and replaced by a thought of many things as I stared out of the window...

The shop is located in the middle between a train station and a big shopping centre. It serves some hot beverages, cakes, ice creams and chocolates. Whether people wants to just enjoy something warm or pop in for a gift (chocolate is handy for a gift, you know.), it is there to satisfy its customers with nice and friendly staffs. However, it was not that which fascinated me.

I saw people...

I saw couples holding hands and often kissing lightly. They looked happy, but... do they really have the feeling of appreciation having their partner close to them? Or is it just lust? Well, they might not know how it feels to be far away from each other and being unreachable easily. "Never mind, I was just wondering", I said to myself.

I saw a daughter hugging her mum, who just arrived into this town to visit her daughter. They looked happy, I sensed and saw it on their faces. The wide smiles and the emotions flowed through when they hugged. My feelings mingled... tears almost came unwelcomely. The scene I saw, potrayed an important relationship between mother and her child. Without any command, my brain brought back the memory regarding my mother... I missed her and wished her to be close to me. "One day you'll see her again and be close to her everyday, don't worry...", I mumbled.

I saw a business in that area... people were talking and chatting about Christmas is coming. Many were holding plastic bags; small and big. They were probably Christmas presents. Do they know the true meaning of Christmas? Or has it became merely a time of buying and getting Christmas present; expecting things that you really wanted on the Christmas day? They possibly got 'eaten' by the media and all the advertisements around them. Yes, nowadays, the time like Easter and Christmas has became the time of the year where all those big industries and shops get the most of their profits. Have humans become insane? Buy, buy and buy... It is the only thing they tell you to do. We try to earn money and it is not easy. Getting a job has become harder than ever before. But... the world seems okay with that, what can I say?!

I also saw some nuns going in the direction to the station. Ah... my soul wanted to fly home. It may seemed so unrelated, but to me, that how I interpreted what those nuns were doing. Christmas... How nice to be at home during this time. Eventhough, it may not feel Christmassy there as much as it is here... "The time will come soon..." I whispered to myself.

And as I was finishing of my ice cream and stopping myself from wondering further away, I heard a song slowly came up on the speakers they had in the shops...
"And so this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun. And so this is Christmas... I hope you have fun..."

Oh well, it was just one day in the chocolate shop...
It's a song by John Lennon, by the way, in case any of you don't know.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Rest and Relax

Fiuhhh... Life seems to be more relaxed now...
After the hard and busy weeks; Running here and there, thinking there are not enough time to do everything that I have to do, and not forgetting how I always dreamt about assignments and other homeworks every single night. Now I have time to sit and actually do nothing (read: bengong) *huhuhu...*
Yep yep... the project is finished now. And the last homeworks were due this week, so next week there will be no homeworks. Some lectures have already finished, so then I don't spend as much time as usual in Uni. It is good, though, I can rest now. All left is the tiredness; I feel exhausted after all of those hard works. Hopefully, it will pay off with good marks. *grins*

Tomorrow, I am going to the cinema with two of my friends, to watch The Incredibles. I didn't watch Bridget Jone's Diary 2, since I didn't have time and my other friends have watched it. So, I thought, it's better to watch The Incredibles.
Next week is the last week of term (or the last week of teaching for this semester, I can say). Then, I will have 3 weeks holiday to rest and revise, yes, revise! On 10th January 2005, the exam weeks start for the duration of 2 weeks. I have 3 exams this semester. My first exam is on 12th Jan, then on 17th and the last one is on 18th. Oh well... I will be staying up late and getting all the materials in to my brain, that's for sure. Hahaha...

*Sigh* Few more weeks and this year finishes, new year will start. How fast is that?! Then after exam, I will be having my last semester for being undergraduate. It is really unbeliable fast... I thought I only arrived here, yesterday as a first year student. Oh well, never mind... I shall be thinking about going home and get excited over it. July... Soon, it will come.

Anyhow, have a blessed weekend everyone! God bless each one of you!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What Did I Do Today?

Today, I went to Uni thinking that I have a lecture at 10 a.m as usual. Fighting with my sleepiness, I went there on-time and what I found?! No lecture!
Oh well... It is rather annoying. I knew that the course is finished but I was hoping that the lecturer will give us revision, but nope, he didn't.

Afterwards, I went to the library to borrow a book. I ended up have to reserve the book since all of the books of the same title are on loan. Then I went to Blackwell's bookshop just to wander around. Drawing near to the cards section, it came to think about my Mom.

It is my habit to send cards on everyone's birthday in my family. And yes, my Mom's birthday is coming near, 2 days after the New Year's Eve. I almost forgot that since I was so busy with everything in Uni. Thank God, He reminded me. Then, I was confused when calculating how old she would be next year... hahaha... I am doing Maths but I couldn't count *silly me*
Ah... years really go quickly...

However, I couldn't find any nice card for my Mom in the bookshop. When it comes to card, I can become very very picky. So, I went to Asda to buy some rice since I am running out of rice. There, they have cards as well. And I got some choices... but I finally made my decision.
Ah... I am relieved that I remember it today, so I can send it on-time and not on a rush.
Okay, that's all for now.

God bless everyone! *Cheers*

Monday, December 06, 2004

Deeply Touched...

Oh... I feel so relieved now...
I have passed the presentation. It went very well eventhough I was actually feeling awfully awful a couple of hours before the presentation.
Thanks to my family and my friends, who had given me their continuous supports throughout the day and also every day.
Especially my family; my Mom & Dad, also my brother. They were so great... Eventhough they are miles away from me, but I could actually feel the support they were giving me every second of the time. They prayed, they encouraged, they convinced me that I can do it WITH GOD!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a great family! I am so so thankful for them and thankful for Your guidance throughout the presentation. I know, Lord, that without Your Presence there, I would not bear a minute standing in front of those lecturers and my friends. Thank you so much! May Your Name be glorified through the works that You give me the opportunity to do it.

"I care deeply about you.
I pray for you constantly.
I think of you all throughout my day.
I believe in you.
I trust you.
I'll always be here for you.
I want GOD'S very best for you.
I have a special place in my heart for you.
I thank GOD for you.

My Mom sent this 30 minutes before the presentation begun. How could I not cry? I was... deeply touched. Thank you, Mom, Dad and Win!
I am so greatful of you!

Thanks, too, for my friends; Sarah and Zu! For being there and supporting me! I am grateful to have you guys as my friends!
Not forgetting also Inoki & Ce Ria, thank you yahhh for the encouragement! ^^

Saturday, December 04, 2004

On My Thoughts...

Panah Asmara
By. Chrisye feat. Tohpati

Berdebar rasa didada setiap kau tatap mataku
Apakah arti pandangan itu menunjukkan hasratmu

Sungguh aku t'lah tergoda saat kau dekat denganku
Hanya kau yang membuatku begini
Melepas panah asmara

Sudah katakan cinta sudah kubilang sayang
Namun kau hanya diam tersenyum padaku
Kau buat aku bimbang
Kau buat aku gelisah
Ingin rasanya kau jadi milikku

Ku akan setia menanti satu kata yang terucap
Dari isi hati sanubarimu yang membuatku bahagia

Sungguh aku t'lah tergoda saat kau dekat denganku
Hanya kau yang membuatku begini
Melepas panah asmara

Dari pertama kali aku denger lagu ini, aku langsung merenung sejenak akan masa lalu dan tersenyum...
Kenangan indah itu...


So... my life...
I have been extremely busy last week and I am going to be busy again this week...

Oh God...
I can't wait for 17 December any longer...
My holiday, my rest...
The time I stop to do all that I have to do for a while...

Monday, 6th December 2004:
1. All day: Ipone's Birthday - *Happy Birthday, Pone!*

2. 3 p.m. : Room 103 Maths & Oceanography Building - 25 minutes presentation on

"Study of Optimal Immunization Policies for a Deterministic Epidemic Model" by...

ME. *Arrgghhhh...* (Hopefully, I am alive enough to do it as good as possible.)

Friday, December 03, 2004


Friday is coming...
The words are out on the streets...
"I am going home this weekend! I can't wait!"
And the conversation goes on...
From one person to another...

All I can do is listening to their excitement...
"I want to go home, too..."
I whisper quietly in my heart...
I wish I can...
I wish my home is just like their homes...
A home that can be reached easily during the weekends by trains or coaches...

"Soon, your turn will come and you will know the true meaning of being home more than they do..."
I comfort myself...
'Yes, being home for me will mean different for them.'
Not just merely for saving my own money by asking my parents to buy my grocery and bringing it back with me on Sunday.
Not just to ask my Mum to cook food for me then freeze it for a long term saving, so that I can save the hassle of cooking for myself.
No... It is not the same!

Being home...
Is to enjoy and appreciate that I have the best Mom in the world with no one to compare the taste of her cooking.
Is to share the time together; happiness and laughters will follow.
Is to live the love of my family.
The presence of each person is important, I found that each time I am home.

Christmas holiday is coming...
The words are out on the streets...
"I can't wait 'til Christmas comes! Three weeks holiday, I will be at home. Don't need to do my laundry by myself, don't need to cook, don't need to study until the last week of the holiday."
And the conversation goes on...
From one person to another...

All I can do is listening to their excitement...

Monday, November 29, 2004

Dearest to my heart...

If I were one of those leaves of a dandelion...
I will certainly release myself and ask the winds to bring me to you...
I miss you...

Long way to go, dear...
But I will certainly go that way, not that I have to, but I chose to...
It has been decided since the first day...
The day I said 'yes' to your question...
It might took me some time to actually answer it...
But now, it has been decided and I am not going back on my words...
Not even when there are temptations that looks better when you are not around...

I love you.
I truly love you.

Missing you here, dear...
Waiting for the time I will see you again; your smiles, your eyes...
And to hear your voice for real; your laughter, your jokes, your feelings...
And to walk hand in hand with you...

One day...
I know and sure that day will surely come to us...
At the perfect timing of His.

I miss you, dear.
I love you, dearest to my heart.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Halowww semuanyaaa... sudah Jumat lagi yah... Cepet banget hari-hari berlalu... Daku jadi serem sendiri... Tiga minggu lagi sudah liburan natal & tahun baru... trus 3 minggu kemudian aku mulai ujian akhir tahap pertama *sob sob sob*

Oh iya... tujuan postingku kali ini, ini nih... sudah dapet sebagian foto pesta ultah kemaren. Yang sebagian lagi belum dapet, soalnya pas itu pake 3 kamera, nah ini baru dapet dari satu orang, yang dua orang lagi masih kucoba untuk menangkap *emang nyamuk?!* hahaha... So... Kalo mau liat, click .:here:., enjoy yah!! Ada sebagian yang kaga diupload, huhuhu... soalnya tidak lulus sensor :p
Nanti kalo sudah dapet yang lainnya, aku kasih tau deh kalian semua.

Weekend ini pada ngapain yah? Hmmm... kalo aku menderita deh... Mesti duduk di depan laptop, bikin report yang harus at least 15 halaman... Uhuk uhuk... belom lagi bikin program tambahan yang dosennya bilang kurang ini kurang itu. Ditambah juga, mesti siap-siap untuk oral presentationku tanggal 6 December 2004, harus bisa cuap-cuap selama 25 menit di depan dua dosen senior. Seremmmmmm!!!
So... gitu dulu deh sementara.
Have A Blessed Weekend, Everyone!!!! *cheers!*

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hari ini aku senang tapi capek... Aku dapet buku Gulliver's Travels sebagai hadiah ultah from my Hungarian friend. I was just thinking over several days to buy a book to read *since it's been a long time for me not to read a book.* I don't know what it's all about yet, but I think it is good. Hehehe...

And today, I went to Manchester as I have said. Despiting the rain, it was nice to go back to Manchester again. So, we departed at 11 a.m. and arrived around 12. We were a bit lost since I was having a difficulty to get a grasp which side of city centre we were in *and my friend, it was the first time she went to Manchester!*
Then... after going round a bit, we went to Wagamama Restaurant. My favourite restaurant in Manchester. I had a bowl of Wagamama Ramen *Yummmm...*

Afterwards, we went around the city centre again and took several photos. You can view it .:here:.. Then, we went to a superstore called Selfridges and I bought a box of Leonidas chocolates! I have not opened it yet though... since I still have some other chocolates from my friends from my birthday.

Okay then everybody! It's already Wednesday... soon it's friday again... Time flies... God bless!

Harus brapa lama aku menunggumu? Aku menunggumu... - Chrisye ft. Peter Pan -

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Welcome Back!!!

Finally, my laptop arrived back to me today. I am so so so happy!!! Webcamnya juga sudah bener *sudah ditest :p* Kata Ito sih yang sekarang malah lebih jernih gambarnya, padahal dulupun jernih banget gambarnya... lain banget sama webcam-webcam lain yang pernah aku pake.
So... I am happy today! Selain itu, tadi sempet dipuji ama dosen, karena kali ini bikin programnya spotless alias successful alias kaga ada error. Cuma ngerinya abis gitu topic soal 'oral presentation' dimulai. Yaik... 25 minutes of oral presentation by myself.
Gitu lho ya dosennya malah tanya: "Is that a long time or a short time for you!?"
I answered: "Off course a longgg time for me!"
He said: "No!! Actually, that is a short time time for you. Remember, you have to do a big introduction since not many people know about epidemic. So thinking about it, you will need at least 10 minutes doing the introduction. See... it is a short time."

Okay lah pak dosen, terserah apa kata ente... Huhuhu... We'll see when the time comes.

Tomorrow, I am going to Manchester with my friend, Sarah. Mau jalan-jalan nih ceritanya, hehehe... jam 11 siang brangkat, jam 5 mestinya sudah balik di Liverpool. So... hopefully, tomorrow is a bright day. I can't stand walking around in rain *sobs*
Okay everyone! Take care!!!
I am soo happyyyy!!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Friday? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?

Arrrrggghhhh.... Ini sama juga menghitung hari!!! *bedeh... ceritanya koq kayak saat-saat menghitung hari sebelum pulang gitu*
Hiksss... sayangnya yang aku tunggu-tunggu tuh bukan hari kepulanganku, tetapi hari laptop kesayanganku kembali dari cutinya di Prancis *buset... enak amat cuti ke Prancis!!* Iyah neh... dari beberapa minggu lalu sampe sekarang itu laptop belum kembali-kembali dari tempat reparasi (read: France). Padahal sebenernya aku sudah fed up banget sama yang namanya komputer-komputer butut di computer room (Meskipun aku tetep bersyukur karena mereka exist di asrama ini, jadi aku bisa bikin tugas.).

Minggu lalu aku telpon, mereka bilang: "Kalo ga Jumat pagi, ya Senin pagi sudah di sana." Lha... tadi aku cek pigeon hole dan juga list of the parcels recipients' kaga ada tuh namaku. Penasaran dehhh... jadinya telpon lagi ke sono... mereka bilang: "Sekarang sudah ada di shipping department. Jadi kayaknya besok siang atau Rabu sudah sampai." *grrr... awas kalo enggaaaa!!! Aku sudah kangennnn nehhhh!!

Ya... anyway... so far my life is getting better, I think. I am starting to be able to handle my work loads better now, not stressing up so much. It's a good feeling...

Hmmm... I miss my brother... Haiya... I am thinking: 'It will be so much fun if I can be at home now. Ughhh...'
Oh yaaa... di sini seperti di tempat-tempat lainnya, juga mulai dingin lho. Cuma aku ngerasa makin hari cuaca tuh makin kacau! Perubahannya drastis banget! Kemaren ajah aku menggigil banget... Jalan bolak-balik ke Gereja, pulangnya, badan rasanya mati rasa, kuping mau copot. Pokoknya parah bener dah dinginnya. Gak salju sih... tapi dinginnnn... Kayak tinggal di dalem freezer. Trus hari ini malah fine.
Adoh adoh... dunia ini kacau sekarang...

Anyhow, I have to stop typing this and start doing my essay. It is due on Friday and it is on 'Optical Illusions' *how do you like the sound of that, people?! huhuhu* So... See yah, everybody! Hope all is well with you guys!
Have a blessed blessed week!

Friday, November 19, 2004

A Surprise Party...

Well well well... I had a great birthday (even though I still feel that it is not complete yet, since someone forgot his promise *sob*).
Remember that I was going to go to my friend's place to fix her computer?! (read the previous post) Well, I was actually being set up *hahahaha...* They planned a surprise party. Gilaaa... ampir copot jantungku pas mereka teriak "Surpriseeeeeee!!!!!!" Untung aja jantungku masih kuat-kuat ajah *grins*
It was very very nice, there were 9 of us including me. 4 other Indonesians and 4 of them from different parts of the world. They cooked me delicious meals; soto ayam, nasi uduk, ayam goreng, sushi dan perkedel. Wahhhh... aku bener-bener kenyanggg bangettt. Bener-bener 4 jempol untuk para koki-kokinya.
They sang me 'happy birthday' and gave me a chocolate birthday cake. *That was the second surprise, by the way!* What happened was... I went to the toilet and when I was walking back to the living room, it was so quiet *Oh oh, what is going on again?!* Then I went in there, the room was dark. They sang and I saw a cake with a candle there. Ugghhh... aku terharu bangettt!!!
They gave me a Teddy Bigfoot. Awww... so cutee (Kalo mau liat, klik di website itu, pilih product, trus yg dikasih itu yang Teddy Bigfoot in a box.)

Trus.... Ini nih bagian yang sebenernya lebih baik tidak diceritakan, tapi justru yang seru juga *grins* Ceritanya nih... aku sebelumnya itu dikasih a bottle of red wine sama temen-temen kampus. Trus abis gitu, pas di party itu, one of the Indo boys, gave me a bottle of rose wine. Jadi, ada 2 botol neh.
Let the game begins... *hahaha...* Yap yap... kita abis dinner, maen games. Pertama maen 'kertas gunting batu'. Jadi ceritanya, aku harus ngelawan orang 8, yang kalah harus makan one sushi *that was the starter... gile, padahal aku kenyaaanggg minta ampun* Trus, sampe separuh jalan, sushi diganti one shot of red wine. Alhasil, semaleman, maen segala macam games, I lost 14 times!!! *sob sob* So, I had 11 shots of red/rose wine and 3 shots of Jack Daniel (yang datengnya rada telat).
Aku bener-bener dikerjain, masa bisa kalah 3 in a row, jadi nenggak JDnya 3 shots sekaligus. Abis itu langsung KO dah... Hahahaha...
Gak mabok sihhhh... cuma mata jadi berat, bawaannya pengen tidurrr. Tapi sama anak-anak kaga boleh tidur "you are the birthday girl", that's what they said all the time. Hehehe...
Tapi akhirnya, aku digiring juga ke kamar temenku, I slept on her bed and ended up not going home for the night. But then it was too late, I could not slept the whole night *hahaha...*

Subuh subuh... jam 4 jam 5 an, aku dapet sms dari Papi.
"Pesta dimana nih kemaren?!"
"Dapet surprise party dari Viona dan anak-anak yang laen."
"Kamu makan apa? Minum wine atau whisky yaaa?" *Ooopsss... how did he know?!*
"Iya, koq tau?! Hehehe... cece minum red wine and whisky. Dimasakin... (spt yg sudah kusebutin di atas)"
At that point, I was a bit worried that he might react negatively. But...
"Ya asal tetep jaga diri. Boleh minum tapi jangan sampe berlebihan, harus tahu kapan berhenti." *fiuhhh....*

So here I am posting my 'wild' night, hehehe... I still feel my stomach is funny. I don't feel like eating, but my head is okay though... no headache or anything bad. Foto-fotonya menyusul segera, kalo fotonya sudah dikirim ke aku sama mereka-mereka. Aku kan kaga bawa kamera, lha wong aku gak tau kalo bakal dapet party :D
Hehehe... It was a nice and sweet birthday.

Thank you for everyone, who has said 'happy birthday' to me. Untuk Princess Lidya yang sudah kirim care enough to send a b'day card, untuk Ipone yang panda gembelnya on the way, untuk Tante Kade yang sending something on the way dan untuk Ito Rein yang ngirim adda ajah yang bikin aku curious banget... Juga teman-teman lain yang so caring untuk ngirimin SMS ucapan ultah. Thank you so much, friends!
Oh ya, juga untuk Papi, untuk ngebayarin biaya perbaikan laptop sebagai hadiah ultahku.
Ah... I am twenty now!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

My Birthday...

-My Birthday Prayer-

My Father in Heaven...
May it be as the time goes, You add into me...
The Wisdom that only You can give,
The Grace that only You can send,
The Loving Kindness that no one but You have it perfect,
And most of all...
The Spirit of Yours, whom will teach me to be more and more like You.

I thank You, Father...
That You listen to my prayers and be with me all the time of my life,
That You give to me according to what I need, not what I want,
That You knit my life surrounded by my beloved parents, brothers, sisters and him,
That You send precious friends from all over the world to remind me of Your love.

May it be, Father...
In my life, only Your and Your plan alone that will be done.
That I may glorify Your Name in everything I do.

Monday, November 15, 2004

This Week...

I am pretty much booked up this week - Busy, eh?!
Well, today (Monday, red.), I won't be home until at least 4.30 in the afternoon I would say. I have some things to sort out and a meeting to go to *hopefully, it won't be longer than 30 minutes*
Tomorrow, lectures from 11.00 to 14.00 straight and there is a possibility that I am going to the cinema in the afternoon with my friends to watch Bridget Jone's Diary - The Edge of Reasoning. Well, I watched the first one and it was funny. I don't know about this one though... I am not really excited about the thought of going to watch it... I might not come after all, just simply because I have other more useful things to do at home.
Wednesday seems to be an easy day *prayfully*. Only one hour lecture in the morning and then nothing until the afternoon. I might go to the library to search for books on optical illusions *I have to write essay on that -sigh...-* In the afternoon, I am going to have a dinner with a friend (or maybe even two) to celebrate my birthday *as she said so*.
Then Thursday, 4 lectures between 10.00 to 16.00 *what a tiring day...* then, after 16.00, straight into my friend's house. She sent me a SMS last night, asking me to come and have a look on her laptop; there is something wrong. So, there you go... Got another job to do.
Aha... two more things that I am looking forward to... One, someone special is going to ring me on that day! Oh, I can't wait really! Two, my laptop hopefully arrives.
Friday, hmmm nothing planned yet, but it might as well become a busy day. Don't know yet.
So the peak time of this week is Tuesday onwards to Thursday. And yet, I already feel tired today, hahaha...

Okay everybody! Have a blessed week! *Cheers!*

Friday, November 12, 2004

Dunia itu sempit yah...

"Kamu ternyata kenal yovita toh, say?"
"Hue? Yovita siapa?"
"Ooo itu... kenal, sesama blogger. Emang kamu kenal say?"
"Anak milis G*** itu. Coba deh tanya dari gereja mana dia..."

Itu salah satu topik percakapanku dengan si Oen-Oen tadi pagi.
Dengan penasaranku, aku langsung tanya sama yang bersangkutan di Y!M. (Pertamanya lewat shoutbox dulu sih. Dianya penasaran koq aku bisa tau dia pergi ke gereja mana...) Eh, ternyata bener ajah...

Trus, aku tanya si Vi3, "Kenal yang namanya Oen-Oen gak?"
"Kenal sekedar chat ajah... Pacarnya Sherly yaaaaa?"
*Waduh... ditodong gini, mana bisa bohong coba? :p Bisanya cuma mengakui dengan malu...*

Ternyata ternyata... dunia ini bener-bener sempit dan kecil. Secara tidak kita ketahui, ternyata orang yang kita tahu itu, juga tahu orang lain yang kita ketahui. Kalo dipikir-pikir, semua orang itu berhubungan satu dengan yang lainnya tanpa kita selalu sadari. Hehehe... Dunia Oh dunia...

Oh ya, terima kasih yah teman-teman, untuk penghiburannya saat ngebaca kalo aku lagi homesick berat. Your supports are really beyond measurement. God bless you all!

Satu lagi yang kepingin aku bahas. Kemaren sebagian dari Liverpool gelap gulita!!!! Termasuk the hall of residence, where I live. Gile aje, baru juga pulang dari kampus. Habis beres-beres buku dan nyiapin untuk kuliah hari Jumat, aku duduk dan baca buku komik *Istirahat bentar lahhh...*
Ehhh... gak lama kemudian, lampu tiba-tiba padam. Aku panik!! Aku kira cuma koridor tempatku doank, trus pas aku berlari-lari mau lapor ke porter di kantor, aku berhenti... *Lho?! Koq semua blok gelap gulita?!* Waaaa... It was the whole residence.
Akhirnya, aku balik ke koridorku. Aku nunggu sama anak-anak lainnya di dapur (Untung ada emergency light di dapur dan sepanjang lorong koridor!), berharap that it wouldn't take too long. Tunggu punya tunggu, 30 menit kemudian, kita-kita sudah pada bored banget, tau-tau ada porter masuk ke koridor. Bilangnya, "Kalian harus keluar dari koridor ini. 30 menit lagi emergency lightnya bakal mati. Jadi kalian harus keluar, that's the safety procedure."
Akhirnya, kita kayak orang dievakuasi gitu dahhhh... jalan ke hall tetangga *untungnya di sebelah hallku ada hall lain yang juga sama-sama milik University of Liverpool.*
Sampe di sana, aku dengar dari porter, ternyata salah satu gardu listriknya konslet. Yang kebetulan dari gardu itu lah listrik di hallku berasal.
Dari jam 5.30 sampe hampir jam 10.00 malem di hall tetangga, ya ampunnnnn... bored abis dah. Udah sempet kelaperan, kehausan, kecapekan, belum mandi pula (jadi kucel dan kusut gitu apalagi baru pulang dari kampus).
Seumur-umur aku di luar negeri baru kali ini deh dapet pengalaman mati lampu. Hahaha... but... that was quite an experience. :)

Oh ya, blessed weekend for everyone! God bless you all! *Cheers*

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Want to Go Home...

I have been saying that sentence so many times lately. Over this week, I have been really homesick... My brother is flying home for good from Australia tomorrow and won't be leaving home until September next year to come along with me here. So he will be having a full 9-months holiday at home, how nice...
I want to be at home... I want to feel the togetherness of my family again... Now that both I and my brother studying abroad, we don't have much time to gather together as a whole family. I don't know... It is just this week that I feel emotionally homesick.
I heard English people on the bus saying that they are going home on Friday for the weekend. I wish... I really wish my home is also not a great distance from where I am right now.
I will not be going home until July next year, which means: I will be alone this Christmas & will be alone again in Easter.
I suppose, no matter how much I am used to living by myself, there are times when I really feel so homesick and want to go home...
July... I will be waiting for it to come... I want to go home!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Quiet Weekend

Well, since people are asking how was my weekend, I might just post about my weekend. Hmmm... I haven't done much really... On Saturday, I woke up late around 11 am, cooked some fried nodles with some chicken and veggies. It was nice.
Then I spent almost the whole day trying to figure out what my supervisor asked me to do for my maths assignment. Well, it almost made me blown up since it sounded so impossible to do whatever he asked me to do. So I thought, "Well, maybe I am just too tired. Let's stop and do it tomorrow."
Hence, I went back to my room from the computer room, had my dinner and did a little bit of cross-stitching before I actually went to bed.
I brought the cross-stitch pattern and materials from home. Mum bought it for me. I enjoy doing it, even though it does take ages for me to do one (when others can do it quicker than me :p). It is because I do it when I feel like doing it and when I actually have time to do it! However, I love it! I have been doing it since I was in elementary, Mum taught me. And right now, I am doing a 3-D pattern, which I have never done before. It is much more harder and complicated; I have to be more attentive, accurate and patient. The picture consists of some houses, a river with a bridge and some trees. Really nice I think... I will be very satisfied by the time I finish it. :D

Sunday... I woke at 9 am, walked to Church at 10.20 and came back at 1 pm. Then my phone rang... My parents. I had a long conversation with Mum... The last several weeks, I have always been crying when I talked to her, I don't know why really. Would it be because I miss her or missing the time when I can actually talk to her face to face? I am not sure...
Yesterday, she sounded really serious when she said that I am a grown-up woman, who is not really grown-up yet. I fully agreed with that... Facing my birthday in several days time, I am actually scared. I feel like I don't want to have my birthday this year...
Twenty... is not suitable YET for me. I don't feel like 19 after all. I would be very happy if I can turn my age back to 5 years old again.
Time really goes fast... Too fast, I am afraid. It flys away like a breeze. It is like waking up from a long dream and facing a radical reality in front of me. Yesterday, I just arrived here for the first time and now, I am already in my final year of Undergraduate *Where did the 2 years go?*

If anyone ever ask me why do I want to be a 5-years-old, the answer is: Getting older means more responsibilities *To whom that knows much, much will be required*
Not that I am not a responsible person, it is just that I feel not ready...

Friday, November 05, 2004

Blessed Weekend, Everyone...

Hallo semua yang sudah mampir ke blogku ini dengan setia dan ngasih semangat untuk ngerjain tugasku. Akhirnya tugas programmingku kelar juga, program beserta reportnya sudah selesai... Puji Tuhann...
Maaf banget kalo akhir-akhir ini jarang banget blogwalking. Soalnya, tugas tetep masih setumpuk. Emang kalo ga ada laptop itu susah banget... Hiks... I miss my laptop.
Anyway, I just want to say: "Have a blessed weekend everyone!!! God Bless You all!"

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ambil semua kuncinya ,TUHAN... (Buah Pelayanan)

ALLAH tidak begitu peduli dgn kemampuan anda tetapi seberapa besar kesediaan anda.

Dr. F. B. Meyer sampai pada waktu transisi yang penting dalam pelayanannya. Dia duduk dengan sedih di ruang belajarnya. "Pelayanan saya tidak berbuah dan saya merasa kehilangan kuasa rohani,"ujarnya kepada diri sendiri.
Tiba-tiba KRISTUS muncul dan berdiri di depannya.
"Berikan kepada-KU semua kunci hidupmu," ujar KRISTUS.
Pengalaman itu begitu nyata sehingga dia merogah sakunya dan menyerahkan serenteng kunci!
"Apakah semua kuncimu ada di sini?"
"Ya TUHAN, itulah semua kunci saya kecuali satu kunci ruangan kecil di dalam hidup saya."
KRISTUS berkata,"Jika kamu tidak bisa mempercayai-Ku dalam semua ruang hidupmu, Aku tidak bisa menerima kunci-kunci ini."
Dr. Meyer begitu diliputi oleh perasaan bahwa KRISTUS keluar dari hidupnya karena dia tidak mau menyerahkan semua hidupnya.
Sehingga akhirnya dia berteriak, "Kembalilah, Tuhan! Dan ambil semua kunci ke semua ruang dalam hidupku."

Ya Bapa... Kembalilah dan ambillah semua kunci ke semua ruang di dalam hidupku ini... Karena hanya Engkau yang mampu menjagaku... more than anybody else in this world.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Hari ini: Hari Senin: Hari pertama bulan November: Hari... *Iyah-iyah sher, kaga usah ngejabarin hari, semua orang juga udah tau kooqqq* (Oops... maap saya lagi ngelantur hihihi...)
Otak lagi stress bin bingung. Computer assignment yang mesti dikumpulin hari Jumat itu belum kelar juga *Aarrghhh - panic mode ON* Selalu aja dapet error message, kalo gak, gambar yang mestinya ditampilin, kaga keluar sama sekali. Rasanya pingin kubanting tuh kompi, tapi bukan salah kompinya dink... Salah otak gw. Gak tau deh napa, kali ini kaga nyantol sama sekali segala macem pendidikan yang aku baca. Kinerja otak menurun kali yak?! Huhuhu... dasar sherly, bikin alesan aneh-aneh pula. Ya... sekarang minta bantuan Oen-Oen deh... Semoga dia bisa bantuin, soalnya mesti cepet nyelesaiin biar bisa bikin reportnya. Tobat deh tobattt... otakku kagak jalannnnnn... Hiks...
Mana capek banget lagi, ini badan ringsek rasanya... dari jam 9 pagi sampe jam 7 sore berkutat di kampus. Bobolah bobo sherlyku sayang... *lho koq malah nyanyi yah?!*

Friday, October 29, 2004


Akhirnya, diambil juga VAIOku tadi siang... Kubela-belain nyegat tuh truk DHL di tengah jalan *cuek mode on beneran dah...*. Sesudah itu rasanya legaaa banget... mana tugas juga ada yang sudah bisa dibilang tuntas. Sisa tugas programming yang benernya ngerjainnya the last minute banget karena baru bisa dimulai nanti hari Senin dan harus sudah disubmit hari Jumat sore paling lambat *glek!* Tapi ya... optimis!!! Harus optimis atuhhhh... ^^
Maagku sudah ga separah kemaren *fiuh...* tapi kadang-kadang rasa sakit masih datang menyembul dengan tiba-tiba. Ya gak apa-apa deh, asal gak constantly in pain ajah aku sudah bersyukur banget!
Ah... weekend sudah tiba!!! Kaga ada laptop, kamar jadi sunyi senyap, bawaannya jadi pingin istirahat mulu deh (baca: tidur, hihihi...). Tapi biar begitu, aku sudah kangen sama laptopku... Hiks hiks... semoga cepat kembali oh laptopku sayang... *kayak apa aja aku ini yah?!*

Anyway, yang jelas efeknya, aku bakal lebih jarang online. Lebih banyak istirahat I suppose :p
By the way, October is ending now... November is starting soon... Another year has almost gone by, another year is approaching... Time really is racing against life... *sigh* It is like... yesterday feel like the first time I arrived in Liverpool and today I am in the last year of my degree, then where did those 2 years go to?
By the way, today, I submitted my Postgraduate Application Form. I feel nervous... will I get an offer? I don't know. I hope so. God takes care of it, yes, He will...

Alright then, God bless everyone! Have a great weekend for all of you! Cheers!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Maagku kambuhhhh...

Ugghhh... sial benerrrr!! Hari ini, bangun pagi-pagi, mata rasanya masih lengket ket ket, tapi ya udah terlanjur janji bakal nungguin DHL antara jam 9-10 pagi di depan hall, jadi ya mau gak mau harus bangun. Akhirnya aku nungguin deh di depan situ sejam-an... Koq belum dateng yah DHL truknya?! Nah lho, mana sudah telat lagi untuk masuk kelas (Aku ada kelas dari jam 10.00-12.00 non-stop pagi itu, belum termasuk siangnya). Akhirnya, aku telpon deh ke DHL, ternyataaaa... supirnya ada problem sampe-sampe kaga bisa ambil barangnya pagi itu *ughhh... sebel kaga tuhhh!!* Urus sana-sini, ternyata si supir cuma bisa ambil VAIO-ku antara jam 1 sampe jam 3 siang... Lha... aku kaga bisa, aku ada lectures... Yah akhirnya mohon-mohon sama porter di Hall untuk mau ngejagain barangku sampe ntar dijemput. (Biasanya tuh mereka ga boleh/tidak diijinkan untuk menerima penitipan barang.) Untungnya, tuh porter mau. *Aku bilang it is really really urgent* Ya sudah deh, udah beres, baru aku berangkat naek bis...

Dah bolos kelas pagi itu deh... baru makan jam 12 siang. Sekarang... Maag aku terbangun dari tidur panjangnya. I am in PAIN!!! Huks... It hurts. No matter if I am sitting, walking, standing, it is painful. Dah minum promaag sih... tp kayaknya dah terlanjur kumat neh maag. Hikss... semoga kaga berkepanjangan, kayak yang lalu itu... sampe seminggu bokkk, menderita!!!!
Kalo yang lalu kan masih SMP, di rumah masihan, ada yang masakin, ada yang ngurusin, lha sekarang? Kalo ga masak sendiri, sapa yang mo masakin?! Haiyaaaa....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Sekarang ini... aku lagi curious banget... sudah jam 4.30 pm, tapi koq DHL yang mau jemput laptopku belum dateng yah? Katanya sih penjemputannya antara jam 9 pagi sampe jam 5.30 pagi. Tapi aku emang bener-bener curious... dah bela-belain seharian stand by di kamar - cepet2 pulang begitu kuliah selesai. Tapi yang ditungguin malah gak datang-datang... Ughh... Nyebelin dah kalo gini. Mbok ya cepetan dateng gitu lhoo, biar aku bisa lega. Ya Tuhan, cepetin donk tuh orang yang mau jemput...

Update: Ternyata DHL sama sekali kaga dateng hari ini... Yah sudah... telpon VAIO, telpon DHL, kalang kabut gak karuan... Besok bakal diambil pagi-pagi. Awas yah tuh DHL kalo kaga diambil besok!!! Bisa kuomelin abis!

By the way, ganti layout neh... Rencana sih baru ntar pas ultah mau ganti. Tapi berhubung laptop mau minggat, ya... dicepetin lah! :)
God bless all!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Long-distance Relationships

Lately, I found the same phenomenon happened to some of my friends. It is about their relationships with their girlfriends. Yes, some of the boys told me about how irritating it is when they were being 'tested' by their girlfriends.
Well, all of them are basically have gone through the same process. They are all in long-distance relationships (LDRs) (even though they are still in the same country, but different cities). You know how nowadays LDR couples communicate through the Internet and SMS. What the girls did was... Pretending to be someone else (another girl!) on the Internet (or they even bought a new SIM card and SMS their boyfriends with the new numbers) and try to 'catch' the boys with the accusation that they are too easy-going with other girls or even saying that the boys are playboys!
I don't know what you would comment towards this, but for me, it is rather IRRITATING (even if it was done by my fellow creatures-females). I found it so childish to 'test' my boyfriend - who is even more miles away than those girls' boyfriends. It is like showing that you don't fully trust your boyfriend, whereas he tries his best to not misuse your trust. You will be surprisingly regret what you do - testing him - when you know his reaction and feelings towards this.
From what I know, the boys, who told me about their girlfriends' tests, are deeply disappointed and sad. They wonder... 'Is it because I don't show my love her enough?' (then what if your boyfriend is not very good at expressing his love in words? He can't just go to wherever you are to show it, since he is miles away.) or 'What am I to do to gain her trust?'
You see... something that maybe what you call 'collecting the truth' from him, which you think won't do harm to him, can be something that is irritating and hurting him so much... And... It is possible to affect your relationship in a negative way, badly.
Long-distance relationships are based on TRUST and LOVE, of course. If you can't trust him enough... then what's the point? You are building a relationship with no foundation. Even a close relationship, where your boyfriend is just 20 minutes away from your house, needs trust. You can't just keep monitoring where he goes, what he is doing 24-7, right? I am sure if you are monitoring him like that, he'll get very mad and irritated by you. So... women; those who are having long-distance relationships with their boyfriends, please be wise and don't be childish and do a silly things like those girls who've done it to my friends. I plead. :)

Next topic, I got an infection in my throat now. In fact, it is not getting better, but worse. *sob* Luckily enough, Mum brought me the right medicine for that from Indonesia, hehehe...
By the way, maybe this is the right time to say it, since I don't know how busy I will be starting Monday. Well... I have to say farewell to my beloved laptop on Tuesday *See you soon, my laptop...* I don't know how I am going to cope without it, since I love it so much and been living every day with it. 'Where is it going?!' It is going for a repair *at lasttttt*. The camera is still broken since a month ago... that Sony Vaio Customer Service is dead slow!!! I am paying for their service, but it is really disappointing me. Hummm... However, I am hoping for the best; hope it takes only a short amount of days to get fixed *they said at least 10 days...*
Hiks... I will be missing you... my laptop. *kayak apaan aja aku ini yah?! Tapi emang bener, aku sedih banget bakal pisah ama laptop daku. :(*
In this case, as the result, I can't get online as often as I usually do. But I will always try to get online and update my blog. ^^

Wowwww... This is a long posting... Hehehe... God bless!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dipake & Resep

Uhum... Hari ini sudah feeling better, meskipun tenggorokan kadang masih gatel & perih juga. Cuma ya itu... sudah tiga hari ini gak bisa tidur! *Insomnia?! Who knows!* Tapi setidaknya level penyakitku kali ini gak parah, skalipun sempat bikin kepala mau pecah rasanya...

Pernah gak kalian-kalian ngerasa "being used"? Aku sudah berkali-kali sih... tapi yang terakhir itu kemaren malem - atau bisa dikatakan semenjak semester 5 ini dimulai. Yang bersangkutan ya itu tuh, temenku si M yang dulu tempatnya aku tinggalin selama musim panas.
Kemaren malem, kerjaanku numpuk. Mainly ada 2 sih, tapi dua-duanya butuh waktu yang relatif lama untuk ngerjain setiap soalnya. Jadi kemaren, di MSN, aku set status "Busy". Memang sih aku di depan laptop, tapi kalo sudah ngerjain tugas mana utak-atik laptop coba?! Lha kalo salah itung kan berabe... mesti ngitung ulang lagi, mana kepalaku juga kadang-kadang masih pusing-pusing gitu. Trus dia pm aku: "Sherly, are you there?". Dalem hatiku: "I am not gonna answer you, I'm busy with myself and I KNOW what you want!".
Tahu kali ya aku cuekin, gak nyerah juga dia... Dia telpon HPku, desperately suruh aku jawab pm-nya dengan alasan kalo telpon tuh mahal, murahan talking over the Internet(muka baja gak sih?! Gak tau malu!). Well, aku gak perlu jelasin detailnya deh... pokoknya at the end of the day, she asked me ALL of the questions of the homework. GREAT!!! *that's what I said to myself*
She kept saying 'sorry', tapi ya tetep ajahhhh semua soal, mbakkkkkk (podo wae aku sing kerjo gawe kowe, mbakkkk!!!)
Bikin bete ajah, kerjaanku sendiri jadi gak karuan. Gitu lho ya, kalo jawabanku beda sama itungannya, tanyanya "WHY?" mulu... Kalo ngerasa bener tuh gak usah tanya sayaaaaaa!!!! *arggghhhhhh* Bikin naik darah tuh orang! Udah sok cute, cerewetnya ngelebihin aku *tentu saja aku cerewetnya sama orang-orang tertentu doank :p*, over pede pula.
Udah ah... Koq malah ngejelekin orang ya akunya?! Haiyaaa... *God forgive me...*

Anyway, sesuai janjiku ke Ria, ini nih resep sop misua... Untuk takarannya, harap ditimbang-timbang sendiri yah... Gampang koq! ;)

Sop Misua

  • Bawang putih secukupnya, dicincang lalu digoreng dengan sedikit minyak.
  • Sesudah harum bawang putihnya, beri merica dan garam secukupnya, ditambah sedikit gula. Masukkan air (tergantung seberapa banyak kuah yang diinginkan).
  • Setelah air mendidih, masukkan daun bawang secukupnya yang telah dipotong memanjang 2 cm.
  • Kemudian, masukkan daging ayam cincang atau daging babi cincang (terserah deh yang mana, yang penting yang cincangan/gilingan).
  • Tunggu sampai matang dan mendidih. Jika sudah mendidih, masukan misua - banyaknya misua disesuaikan dengan banyaknya daging yang dimasukan. Tunggu sampai mendidih. Jangan lupa dicicipi lagi kuahnya, kalau kurang asin ditambah garam - sesuai selera deh.
  • Kalau suka, tambahkan sedikit minyak wijen.
  • Oh ya, kalo merasa sopnya kurang lengkap tanpa sayuran, biasanya, aku masaknya pake labu putih. Caranya? Kupas dulu kulit labu putihnya, lalu potong kotak-kotak (jangan lupa dicuci sebelumnya). Nah, memasukkan labu putihnya itu sesudah daging matang dan kuah mendidih, sebelum memasukkan misua. (Ingat: misua itu selalu bahan yang terakhir untuk dimasukkan.)

Nah, gitu deh resepnya. Gampang kan? Sisa cemplung-cemplung bahan ajah ke dalem kuali. Hehehe... selamat mencoba yah!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Sebel! Sebel! Sebel! Akhirnya ambruk juga ketahanan tubuhku... Kemaren tiba-tiba pulang kuliah, kepalaku pusing setengah mati, kayak mau pecah rasanya. Ditambah lagi... tenggorokan mulai gatel. Padahal 3 minggu ini aku sudah berhasil untuk tidak tertular penyakit-penyakit yang lagi menyebar di sekitarku - maklum, lagi pergantian musim, jadi manusia-manusia disini pada sakit semua. Eh... gak taunya aku ketularan juga sekarang, hiks hiks...
Tadi malem gak bisa bobo, padahal sudah minum Aspirin tuh. Maunya tidur jam 10, eh baru berangkat ke alam mimpi jam 1-an. Bangun jam 7 pagi, aku putusin untuk pergi tidur lagi, toh kuliah baru jam 12. Cuma emang akhir-akhir ini ngebiasain bangun pagi terus. Akhirnya jam 9 aku paksain bangun deh. "Oh My God!! Tenggorokanku perihhhhh... Suaraku juga dari stereo jadi mono..."
Ah... sebel sebel sebel!!! Moga-moga cepet pergi deh nih penyakit. Badanku rasanya sudah amburadul soalnya... Sakit semua. Hiks...
Oh iya, ngebaca komentar soal Sop Misua, Princess Lydia bikin daku ketawa dengan sukses... wekekeke... Misua itu salah satu jenis chinese noddles. Warnanya putih dan bentuknya tipis (bukan bihun/mihun lho yaaa). Mestinya di Chinese shops, mereka ada jual, tapi... aku gak tau nama bahasa Inggrisnya apa. Hihihi...

Untuk Ria: Resepnya nyusul yah. Ntar kalo aku dah baikan, aku post deh resepnya. ^^

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Today, I woke up at 11 am, hehehe... mumpung sempet gitu lho bangun siang :p. Habis mandi, tiba-tiba waktu lagi utak-atik komputer, ada telpon dari 'unknown number' *nah lho, sapa nih?! - aku sudah panik begitu...* Gak taunya international call, dari si Ipan temenku di Bogor. Hehehe... sempet kaget juga, abisnya pertama aku kira telpon dari orang laen... (read: Oen-Oen... :p *ngarep bener yak?!*)
10 menit cuap-cuap di telpon, aku langsung masak... Hari ini kaga ada makanan, jadi ya mesti masak! Aku masak sop misua *ada yang familiar?! Anybody?* Misuanya bela-belain dibawain sama Mami dari Indo 2 kotak. Misua itu salah satu jenis mie yang exist di dunia ini... supaya gak dikira aku masak suami orang ajah (kan biasanya suami=misua :p). Sehabis masak, aku makan... perut sudah lapar... jadi yah, santaapppp. Enak lho!! *memuji masakan sendiri neh critanya wekekeke*
Yang jelas weekend ini gak ngapa-ngapain deh. Si Oen-oen lagi away ke Sukabumi sampe Minggu sore, jadilah daku bengong & gak bisa chat sama dia. Sebel juga sih... Dua hari kan lama!! Tapi yah, nasep. Apa boleh buat?!
Mungkin aku bikin cross-stitch aja yah?! Semenjak pindah ke asrama, itu cross-stitch yang gedenya minta ampun dan rumitnya minta ampun belum sempet aku sentuh lagi sesudah bikin sebagian di tempat temenku itu... Tapi koq omong-omong, aku ngantuk yah?! Dasar piggy deh yah... Hahahaha...
Anyways, have a good weekend everyone! God Bless you all abundantly!
One more thing: Untuk teman-teman yang berpuasa, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa yah! ^^

Update: (17.10.2004 - 16.00 P.M)
Menjawab pertanyaan si Ipone, aku sukaaaa chinese big mushroom, nama aslinya apa sih?! Hihihi... lupa aku... Biasanya aku masak misua pake daging ayam cincang & labu putih. Tapi berhubung daku lagi males going to town, kali ini gak pake labu putih. Jadi cuma daging ayam cincang ajah... Tapi tetep enak, cuma sayang... kali ini aku kasih minyak wijennya kebanyakan, jadi rasa minyak wijennya terlalu strong *silly me...*

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dress SmarT

Hari ini, semua final year students dianjurkan untuk dress smart semua. Alesannya?! Hari ini ada Liverpool Graduate Fair, dimana well known companies pada nimbrung jadi satu untuk menarik perhatian para calon-calon graduate untuk pada apply job di company mereka. Jadi kita disuruh dress smart to impress the representatives of those companies.
Ya sudah, diikutin ajah... Gak ada salahnya kan?! Huehehe... So, aku tadi pergi ke fair tersebut. Liat-liat, koq kebanyakan pada nyari manusia-manusia yang berotak dalam bidang finance, management, accounting, actuary. Lha... terus aku bisanya apply job kemana ini? *confused* Tapi ya sudah lah, muka tebel ajah. Tanya-tanya ada gak yang minat kira-kira nerima otak yang satu ini. Akhirnya, I found out that... in England, most of the companies will not process the work permit for us. Lha... trus piye?! Jadi kita disuruh ngurus sendiri, mereka cuma sisa nerima kerja kita doank. Terus kalo dipikir-pikir... apply work permit itu 7-8 bulan-an, belum ongkosnya pula, lha kalo gak diterima oleh satu company-pun, terus gimana? Kan rugi ya ngurus work permit susah payah, taunya gak ada yang ngerekrut.
Haiya... ribet lah...
Yah setidaknya aku gak perlu terlalu panik. Tahun depan masih menghadapi master. Tetep sih aku bakal nyari part-time job yang related to what I am doing, tapi kan setidaknya masih ada satu tahun lagi untuk memperluas wawasan, pandangan, pikiran dan pengalaman dalam bidang bekerja, tul gak?! Ambil sisi positifnya ajah lah...
Hmmm... daku koq ngantuk banget yah... Baru juga jam setengah delapan malem koq mata ini rasanya sudah berat banget... Yah sudahlah... Kayaknya pergi tidur lebih awal... Ughh... I love my warm & comfy bed. ^^

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Kemaren, seperti yang sudah aku kasih tau sebelumnya, aku nonton Wimbledon. Yang maen si Kirsten Dunst & Paul Bettany. Menurutku filmnya bagus, it is a sweet and funny film. Filmnya 'enteng'; artinya yah... it's good for refreshing. Nice love story and it teaches several lessons of life. Ceritanya, hubungan si Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) & Lizzy (Kirsten Dunst) tuh dihalangi sama Papanya Lizzy, dengan alasan akan membuat si Lizzy gak fokus dengan pertandingan Wimbledon. Tapi akhirnya, Papanya nyerah juga pas si Peter ngaku di acara wawancara televisi, kalo dia tuh serius sayang sama si Lizzy dan krn Lizzy lah dia masih berusaha untuk menang di setiap pertandingannya di Wimbledon. Padahal nih, si Peter tuh rencananya sudah mau retired lain kata Wimbledon itu ajang pertandingan terakhirnya, jadi saat awal-awal pertandingan, dia sama sekali gak mikir untuk menangin satu pertandinganpun.
Tapi akhirnya... dengan dukungan si Lizzy, dia malah jadi the winner. Itu satu pelajaran lagi... Pasangan kita tuh berperan besar dalam memberi support, begitu juga kita sebaliknya harus bisa memberi support pada pasangan kita itu. Timbal balik ceritanya. Selain itu, filmnya juga bikin ketawa lho... Ada banyak hal-hal lucu. Jadi ya, lumayan biar aku kaga tegang mulu. Hehehe...
Itu review dari aku, bagi yang pada minta review. Hehehe...
Hari ini, not much happening. Daku kaga ke gereja hiks... Kepalaku akhir-akhir ini sering nggliyeng alias pusing-pusing tanpa sebab. Jadi yah, tinggal di rumah, slept until 11 AM and then abis lunch, langsung ngerjain tugas sampe baru 20 menit yang lalu selesai. (belum lesai total sih, tapi ya ada yang sudah selesai, ada yang belum.) Rencana bentar lagi bikin tugas yang satu lagi. *banyak amat yah perasaan tugasnya?! Hihihi...*
Anyway, gitu dulu deh ya... Mau makan nehhh, perut daku laparrrrrrrrr, gile bener dahhh... Abis gitu kerjain tugas lageeee :D
God bless!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Perasaan 'TUA'

Aku yakin semua orang dari semua kalangan umur pernah ngerasa tua banget pas mendekati masa-masa bertambah umurnya. Itu dia yang bikin aku mikir tadi siang... Aku lagi di kampus, berusaha ngerjain tugas untuk bikin visiting/business card pake Postscript dari mata kuliah computer yang aku ambil, eh... di tengah-tengah kesibukanku itu, tiba-tiba si Erwin ngajakin chatting. Waktu aku tanya-tanya soal ulang tahunnya dua hari yang lalu itu, dia tiba-tiba nyeletuk: "Huwahhh... Rasanya koq tuaaa bangettt sehhh aku iniii!!". Yaik!!! Aku langsung spontan ngejawab: "Kalo kamu umur segitu aja sudah ngerasa tua, apalagi cece (kakak perempuan, red.)?" Lalu dia tertawa. Tak lama kemudian, dia pamit mau tidur, ngantuk katanya. Tapi celetukan dia dan reaksi spontanku itu masih terbayang di pikiranku... Kemudian aku bergumam pada diriku sendiri: "Hmmm... beberapa minggu lagi aku sudah bertambah umur, rasanya belum siap. Rasanya baru kemaren aku berumur 15 tahun, kemanakah 5 tahun ini?! Secepat itukah hidupku ini?" Ada campuran perasaan yang berkecamuk; ada perasaan tua dan ada perasaan 'aku ini masih kecil, masih anak-anak'. Bingung...
Tapi apa iya pikiran itu perlu diambil pusing? Aku rasa engga. Hanya saja, kadang untuk menghindari 'bengong' lebih baik berpikir hal-hal kecil seperti itu. Becoz, we never know, we might end up learning something new about life. Do you agree?
Yang nyebelin tuh waktu-waktu seperti ini setiap tahun, semua orang pada tanya: "Sher, kamu kepingin apa untuk ultahmu?" Dan aku cuma bisa pasang tampang pura-pura mikir bentar & ngejawab: "I dunno."
Anyway, enough of that. Minggu ini, daku kerja rodi and of course, it will get worse definitely. Tapi yah, I just have to move on and get used to it more and more. Just warn me if somehow I have become a workaholic.
Besok rencana mau nonton "Wimbledon" bareng-bareng sama temen-temen kuliahku. Moga-moga tuh movie bagus, kalo kaga... bisa nangis darah daku. Khan nonton di bioskop di sini kaga murah!!! £4.40 sekali nonton. Coba deh dikaliin Rp. 16.000, bisa brapa kali nonton di bioskop Indonesia tuh?! Tapi yah... naseb naseb, tinggal di negeri orang. Mau complain kayak begimanapun, tetep ajah ga bisa apa-apa.
Hmmm... apa lagi yah? Kayaknya itu dulu deh yah... Besok abis nonton, mungkin daku posting lagi.
Have a Blessed Weekend, Everyone! God Bless!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dapet Kiriman!!

Akhirnya... Kiriman dari Yulia, my best friend, yang aku tunggu-tunggu dari 2 minggu yang lalu sampe juga. Aku seneng bangettt. Benernya, kirimannya bagi orang mungkin biasa-biasa ajah yah... Tapi, buat aku berkesan banget deh dan artinya dalem banget. Aku sudah temenan deket sama dia hampir 6 tahun Natal nanti... Dia kirimin aku gantungan kunci dolphin sama 1 kaos, katanya buat tidur, plus surat 8 lembar panjangnya. Hehehe... Kedua barang tersebut adalah oleh-oleh dari Pulau Sepa dan Pulau Karimun, saat dia pergi ke sana untuk diving. Memang hobinya diving sih...
Thank you banget yah, sistaaa!! You are the best! ^^

Oh iya, besok *tanggal 06 October 2004*, adikku si Erwin yang ada di Aussie bakal ultah yang ke 18.
Happy Birthday for you, bro! I love you and miss you so much!!! God bless you!

Btw, concerning my laptop, gak tau deh kapan bakal dipick up sama Sony service. Tapi tadi, pas aku telpon dan confirm about everything, katanya sih sekitar 5-10 working days. Jadi paling lama yah... 2 minggu katanya. I wonder how am I going to survive without my beloved laptop... *sob* And bukan cuma daku aja yang ternyata merasa kewalahan saat mikir soal kaga ada laptop di kamar ini, si Oen-oen juga... Huhuhu... Biar ah... Libur 2 minggu itung-itung :p

Monday, October 04, 2004

My Weekend

Beberapa hari ini lagi males banget untuk posting... Gak tau deh ya... Rasanya bete banget and sebel banget pas hari-hari Rabu, Kamis dan Jumat. Tapi Sabtu dan Minggu, my feeling started to get better, mungkin juga karena dapet kesempatan untuk ketemu Oen-Oen online and bisa denger suaranya yah?! Hehehe... Anyway, I am better now with myself and not being hard on myself anymore (well, at least for now.). Sekarang yang ada bawaannya pingin TIDURRRRR muluuuu.... Huehehehe *dasar tukang tidur, itu kata Oen-Oen :p*
Lalu, hari Sabtu kemaren, daku ketemu sama seorang gadis dari Hungaria. Kebetulan minggu lalu itu aku liat di papan pengumuman di Porter's Lodge di hallku, kalo dia nyari teman orang Indonesia. So, I gave her a call. Namanya Adrien, anaknya easy-going banget deh. Aku comfy untuk ngobrol ama dia, bahkan baru kali ini deh aku pertama kali ketemu orang langsung ngobrol dari jam 5.30 sore sampe jam 1.30 pagi. Huahahaha... But I like her. Orangnya asik, pinter bahasa Indonesianya bokkkkk!!! Bisa nyanyi lagunya Padi, Slank, Jamrud and Sheila on 7!! Keren kan?! Rasanya jadi ge-er banget gitu lho aku sebagai Indonesian, soalnya sampe ada orang yang bela-belain belajar bahasa negeriku gitu lhooooo.
Mana point of viewnya dia tuh kebanyakan sama dengan point of viewku. Jadi kalo ngobrol bener-bener nyambung sama dia. Orangnya interesting juga. I think, she is a great person to be friends of *grins*

Oh ya, di salah satu posting sebelum ini, aku ada cerita kalo webcamku tiba-tiba error alias indicatornya nyala, tapi yg keluar di monitor cuma black page doank. Sesudah diutak-atik sama Oen-oen, masih juga belum jalan juga. Trus ternyata itu hardwarenya rusak, harus dibawa ke service centre. Itu aku taunya, karena di salah satu forum yang exist di dunia maya ini yang memang spesifik membahas soal laptop jenis milikku itu, ada orang yang mengalami kasus yang sama. Dan... ternyata kameranya emang yang rusak, it's got nothing to do with the software. Haiyaaaaa... terus kenapa daku mesti format-format segala yang lalu?! Huahahaha... tapi gak papalah. That was a lesson for me, setidaknya sekarang daku tau gimana caranya ngeformat komputerku sendiri. Hihihihi... *blush*
So, mungkin nanti ada time interval dimana daku kaga bisa posting untuk sementara, kalo emang bener-bener sibuk banget. Soalnya kalo gak sibuk, kan bisa ajah aku posting di kampus. Fasilitas komputernya ok punya, hehehe... Jadi ga nyesel deh kuliah di sini, it seems worth it to pay that much money!
Sekarang, daku kangen berat sama keluargaku rasanya... Pengen pulanggggg, have a LONG LONG holiday. Pengen meluk Grace (adikku), pengen main-main sama dia. Pengen ngusilin Papiku lagi *hihihihi... usil amat yah aku ini?! :p*. Dan tentu saja, pengen KETEMU Oen-oen... it's been more than half a year and it's been tough, really really tough...
Ah... I love them all!!!

Have a great and blessed week, everybody!

Thursday, September 30, 2004


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Dua kuis ini daku comot dari blognya Rwita and juga si Flona. Iseng... Ngilangin sumpek...

My Inside Thoughts...

For the past several days, I have been having rough feelings inside myself... I don't know what was and is still going on in my life nowadays, but it seems that nothing works the way it supposed to be.
If I review everything for the day I left home in July, nothing has been easy on me. I feel like everything that I am doing or everything around me is just draining all of the energy I have (or even the energy I am trying to have.). I am annoyed... feel very annoyed and worried. The peak was 2 days ago, the webcam on my laptop did not work... Or rather... it worked but it only showed a black page. I panicked and from that time on, I can't handle all the frustation that I have been trying to deal within myself...
Probably... it is not really about my webcam being broke, since I can still use my computer now (after I have to format the Windows twice, since in the first format *I don't know how* the computer got a trojan virus. That's why I reformat it.). Luckily enough, all my working files, mp3s are in a different drive, so I did not lose any of my beloved and highly important files. It is about the frustation that is inside of me... And all I can do is burst in to tears *well... I prefer to cry rather than yelling out loud, making all the people in the coridor wonder what is happening to me*
I wanted to cry... but I never cried until the time I talked about what has happened to my computer to my Mum, yesterday. I guessed, it was just the right time for me to let go the frustation. Part of me does still feel I am so childish to do what I did yesterday; crying. However, part of me says it is the right thing and an okay thing to do; it is a relieve.
Today, I feel lighter and comfortable with whatever has happened; starting to accept and digest all the lessons behind it. It is like... I can cope now... That there will be a solution to it.
It is amazing that my Mum actually could feel that I was crying yesterday without me telling her that I was crying. She feels what I feel... That is how brilliant a Mum can be... I wonder... Will I be able to do the same things when I become a Mum?

Monday, September 27, 2004

What A DAY!!

Okay, today was the first day I started my fifth semester. It supposed to be a relax and a light day, but it wasn't *sob sob sob*
I woke up at 7 AM in the morning with a massive effort, and went out much early then the time I usually go out to catch the bus. And it was raining... (the rain is sort of like sprinkling down... you know... It made me wonder whether it was convinient to wear an umbrella or not, since... I was still wet even when I had the umbrella on top of my head. Annoyinggg!!!)
So there I was, waiting for the bus, joining with the queue, which I can express as a train jam. I looked at my watch... 10 minutes passed already and I was still waiting for the bus. I thought to myself: "I am gonna be late; looking at this more-than-long queue and with the bus all full!!!" I am helpless and hopeless... Six buses passed the bus stop without any attempt of slowing down, they all were FULL!!!! Arrggghhh... It really got into my nerves!! 30 minutes later, I finally got onto the bus... Relieved but annoyed and worried... 'I AM already lateee!!!'

As soon as I got off at the nearest bus stop to my lecture rooms, I ran as fast as I could. I did not go straight to the class, I was meant to be in, I went to my project-supervisor first, since I promised him to submit my manuscript before 9 o'clock. It was already 9.20 AM, what can I do, huh?! Afterwards, I went down to the classroom. Guess what?! It was EMPTY!!!
I was wondering... 'Did he (the lecturer) changed the classroom?!' So I went to the office to find out what was actually happening, then half way I met a friend, who supposed to be in the same class as me. She said: "It has been CANCELLED." "What?!"
I was quiet afterwards... Really don't know what to do then. I want to be angry, but to whom?! I want to complain, but does it resolve anything?! (Kesellll gitu lhoooo kalo diIndonesiain!)
There was no notification, no e-mail, no information... *Sighs* I guessed I just have to move on with the day...

At 10.00 AM, I went to see my project-supervisor as arranged. I thought it was not going to take up 1 hour, but it did. So there I was, dongkol and tried to understand his explanation of the things that I have to do next. 10.50 AM, finally he finished and I was rushing to go to another building to meet another lecturer about another topic. We talked and discussed and 45 minutes had gone... Time to say goodbye. I had to, once again, rush myself back to the Maths building (where I met my supervisor) to attend my last lecture of the day at 12.00. And I was already exhausted... So tired and drained from all the energy I had early in the morning.
I did not even had time to go to the toilet, how bad was that?!

The lecture was boringgggggggggggggggg. All we had was revision, which I had seen for don't know how many times. Hik hik... it was not really worth having this day today... Then I went to the Financial Office, was planning to pay my tuition fee today. The queue was so longggg... Oh God, I almost fainted there. So, I just forgot about the plan of paying it today. Maybe tomorrow I will do and have to do!
I was so hungry... my stomach ached! Huh... gastric was on the way?! Oh well, so I was rushing again to get something to eat with my friend. I was like an empty human walking on the street, thinking blankly with no energy and not a splash of happiness at all about the day that I have had.
After lunch (late lunch), I felt better but... not much. TIRED and EXHAUSTED!!! On the way home, AGAIN *Urrrghhhhh* I was on this massive queue for the bus. I took me an hour to get home, it usually takes me 20 minutes to get me home. So... I suppose you all know how I feel now about today. Oh God, I am tired, really really tired. Good massage will be VERY VERY appreciated! *grins*

I guess now I can relax for a bit and let my homeworks wait for another day. My friend, who has just came back from Indo, lent me the VCD of 'Eiffel... I'm In Love'. She said it is a really good movie. Despiting her opinion and whether the movie is really good or not, I am still grateful for her to lend me the VCD, because the movie will give me time to relax... Oh yes, I really need that!!
By the way, lately I have been MISSING Oen-Oen so much.... What is going on?! I feel like I want to just fly to him and hug him *blush*. (di-Indonesia-kan: Sindrome Malarindu Tropikangen) Hehehehe... Aneh-aneh aja yah daku ini?!
Anyway, God bless this week for everyone! Cheers! *smile*

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hiyaaa.... Kuliah dimulai lagiiii...

Iyah iyah... Hari senen sudah menjelannggg, itu berarti tahun ketiga dari kuliahku sudah dimulai. Semester 5 sekarang, gak kerasa banget dehhhh... Rasanya baru kemaren deh nyampe ke Liverpool pertama kali and ngerasa terasing banget. Masih inget juga pas dulu dua kali salah naek bus >.< final year sih. Cuma ya ngerasa serem juga sih... Tahun kemaren aja (tahun kedua, red.) stressnya nggak ilang-ilang all year round. Kerjaannya bejibun banget, susahnya minta ampun pula. Sekarang mau masuk final year jadi menimbang-nimbang dan menebak-nebak apakah akan lebih buruk stressnya, ato malah lebih nyante?! God knows deh...
Ya, bantuin doa yah temen-temen supaya daku bisa menjalani tahun terakhir kuliahku ini dengan sukses. Thanks before *grins*
Satu hal yang daku worried soal besok adalah... Kagak bisa bangun pagiiiiii... Gile dah, hari pertama kuliah, malah dapet slot yang pagi jam 9!! Adohh... mana akhir-akhir ini bangunnya selalu sesudah jam 9 karena sering kecapekan. So... I have to make a massive effort to wake up really early in the morning. Malu-maluin yah?! Hihihi... Pokoknya bisa gak bisa, tetep harus bisa! *ngotot neh ceritanya*
Tapi gak tau deh yah... Tadi siang pas chatting sama mami and adikku, Erwin, aku ngerasa ga semangat banget untuk mulai kuliah besok. Eh... sekarang malah rasanya semangat deh. Excited. Hihihi... Aneh deh aku ini.
Ahhh... I miss my family... and my Oen-Oen, off course... *grins*
Papiku lagi di Batam untuk pelayanan Gereja, tadi Mami bilang: "Papimu kepingin pulang, tapi gak bisa pulangggg!!! Seatnya gak ada, padahal sudah antri lama-lama. Kasian deh papimu!! Kangen tuh sama si Ges (Grace adikku yang paling kecil, Ges tuh nick name hehehe...) and HanLaler Gong (Lalat yang gede itu lho), soalnya si Grace tuh kalo ngomong gak pake titik koma, ngomonggg terus gak henti-hentinya, kayak laler gong yang ngiung-ngiung bikin kuping bising. Hihihi...
Makanya aku bilang: "Ooo... Papi tuh kangen sama laler gongnya, kesepian dia di sana terlalu hening." Hihihihi...
Ah... My family... How I long to spend time with them like I used to before I left home for the sake of education...

Friday, September 24, 2004


Hari ini... daku capek capek capek!!! Rencana cuma berkunjung ke tempat seorang teman lalu pulang tidak lama setelah itu, malah gak kesampean. Jadinya malah abis bertandang ke rumah temen, eh... ditelpon temen satunya, ngasih tau kalo dia baru sampe dari Indo, ya sudah deh... jadi ketemu dia, nemenin dia ke sana kemari. Kakiku yang baru sembuh ini terasa lagi deh njaremnya... Huhuhu... memang bandel lah aku ini... Padahal diwanti-wanti sama mami untuk istirahat mumpung kuliah belum mulai, tapi yah... sudahlah gak apa. It's nice to catch up with a long-time-no-see friend, isn't it?
Itung-itung, daripada aku di rumah terbengong-bengong, malah jadi depresi sendiri... Humm.. bukannya depresi gimana sih... tapi karena si Oen-oen lagi ada tugas pelayanan dari Gerejanya untuk ke Bali, aku jadi gak bisa chat sama dia, bawaannya kangen deh. So... to take my mind out of it, lebih baek menyibukkan diri dengan cara seperti itu, cuma ya... CAPEK itu yang nyebelin. huehuehue...
Pulang dari muter-muter itu, aku langsung mandi biar segerrrrr... terus makan. Selesai makan, aku langsung bikin tugas projectku lagi deh. Gile bener... sekarang sudah 37 halaman!! Banyak amattt... Aku aja sampe kaget sendiri, ternyata sudah banyak juga yang aku ketik untuk project itu. Hihihi...
Yah... besok jam 2 siang harus ketemu dosen, and rencana mau makan bareng temen... Paginya rencana mau do my laundry, bisa bangun gak yah?! :p

By the way, tadi pagi aku dapet e-mail dari temen. Isinya renungan tentang 'cinta', aku mau share sebagian di sini. Jadi kalimat-kalimat yang mengena aja yang aku paste ke sini:

Cinta bukan "Ini salah kamu", tapi "Ma'afkan aku".
Bukan "Kamu dimana sih?", tapi "Aku disini".
Bukan "Gimana sih kamu?", tapi "Aku ngerti kok".
Bukan "Coba kamu gak kayak gini", tapi "Aku cinta kamu seperti kamu apa adanya".

Kompatibilitas yang paling benar bukan diukur berdasarkan berapa lama kalian sudah bersama maupun berapa sering kalian bersama, tapi apakah selama kalian bersama, kalian selalu saling mengisi satu sama lain dan saling membuat hidup yang berkualitas.

Kesedihan dan kerinduan hanya terasa selama yang kamu inginkan dan menyayat sedalam yang kamu ijinkan.
Yang berat bukan bagaimana caranya menanggulangi kesedihan dan kerinduan itu, tapi bagaimana belajar darinya.

Caranya jatuh cinta:
jatuh tapi jangan terhuyung-huyung, konsisten tapi jangan memaksa,
berbagi dan jangan bersikap tidak adil, mengerti dan cobalah untuk tidak banyak
menuntut, sedih tapi jangan pernah simpan kesedihan itu.

(by someone)

Memang yah... kata-kata itu gampang untuk dirangkai dan diucapkan, tapi menerapkannya tidak semudah itu... Love is something too complicated to understand... Rindu pun demikian... kenapa sih, manusia itu bisa merindukan seseorang yang dicintainya? Aku sendiri heran dengan diriku sendiri...
Can I deduce that 'Human is something that is as complicated as love'?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I am feeling better

Buat semua temen-temen yang sudah care bangett and concern sama otot-ototku yang sakit, makasih banyak yahhhhh. Sekarang aku sudah ngerasa lebih baek dan gak sesakit beberapa hari kemaren ini. Masih lah njarem dikit-dikit tapi kalo bergerak kerasa lebih leluasa dan ga setengah mati.
Itu semua berkat counterpain and juga salonpas gel yang dibawain sama nyokap pas dulu berangkat ke UK. Hihihi... kesannya kayak tukang obat Indonesia yang hijrah ke UK. Hihihihi...
Aku sebenernya bisa dibilang gak istirahat sama sekali, sekalipun aku mau. Selalu ada aja yang mesti dikerjain. Mesti bolak-balik ke kampus lah, ke bank lah, ke sana kemari deh kayak kereta api. Hihihi... Jadi, sekalipun in pain, mau gak mau harus dilakukan. Yah... itulah resiko kalo sendirian di negeri orang, apa-apa mesti harus bisa ngeberesin sendiri. Tapi yah... pelajaran berharga lah ya... :)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Quick Report

Bingung juga mau cerita gimana, tapi yang jelas, abis pindahan itu, badanku rasanya amburadul kaga karuan. Kerasanya otot-otot di bawah kulit ini pada membengkak semua, 'njarem' kalo kata Mamiku. Jalan sakit, duduk sakit, berdiri sakit, tidur sakit, hayah... lebih baek jadi patung aja yah?! Huahuahuahua...
Terus terus, dari kemaren, kerjaanku cuma bolak-balik dari supermarket, beli grocery. Maklum, kaga bisa borong skaligus, tanganku lagi sakit banget jadi gak kuat ngangkat bawa berat-berat. Tadi aja beli beras 4 kg, tangan rasanya dah mo putus aja.
Oh iya, sekarang koridor tempat aku tinggal sudah rame, sudah ada beberapa orang yang masuk & pindahan ke hall ini. So far, orang-orangnya seems nice. Yang lebih membahagiakan lage... tetangga sebelah kamarku dua-duanya cewek, so... I suppose bakal lebih pengertian dan gak seberisik cowok. Huehuehue... No offense lho buat cowok-cowok yang baca ini, tapi emang cowok Inggris tuh kebanyakan messy-nya setengah mati dan berisikkkkk. Sukanya dengerin lagu yang kaga tau juntrungnya kemana.
Jadi kabar-kabari dari saya untuk saat ini adalah kondisi masih gak terlalu fit. Huhuhu... padahal hari senen depan dah kuliah lageeeeeeeee. Haiyahhh, God bless the year. Huehueheu...
God bless you all!

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Ada yang mau sukarela mijetin aku gak yah?! Huehuehuehue... Capek banget neh... Tapi seneng, soalnya sudah ada di kamar sendiri, gak usah pusing-pusing soal tuan rumah yang kaga ramah banget itu... Tadi aku nungguin sampe jam 2 siang (soalnya kata suaminya, dia bakal bantuin aku pindahan jam 2an), ehhh... gak taunya bilang: 'sorry I'm very tired, can you manage to move by yourself? We can get you a cab from the street.' What am I suppose to say, eh?! The only choice he gave me was to say 'yes'. Ugghhh... tapi ya sudahlah. Untungnya temenku itu masih nawarin untuk bawain koperku ke bawah and ngebantuin nyari taksi. Tau kan... weekend, city centre busynya minta ampuunnnn... Jadi yah, mesti clingak clinguk dulu cari taksi di tengah jalan.
Jadilah baru sampe ke kamar ini mendekati jam 3 sore, rame bok jalanan... Trus, sampe kamar, langsung deh angkat-angkat barang dari gudang dan unpacking. Gile bener, ternyata bejibun barang gue *benernya sudah tau dari dulu, tapi tetep aja bikin melongo gitu lho :o* Bongkar-bongkar nonstop sampe jam 7 malem, trus aku hoover lantai kamarku, abisnya kotor banget gara-gara debu yg numpuk di atas barang-barangku yg tak terjamah di gudang selama ampir 4 bulan. Baru abis gitu mandi and keramas, ahhh... legaaa... rasanya bersih kinclong-kinclong *huahuahaua... kayak promosi sabun cuci piring aja :p*
Trus makan malem mie kuah... Udah kaga kuat lage untuk masak yang laen. Besok baru deh belanja daging and sayuran. Sekarang, udah exhausted, lemes, KO, kaga ada tenaga lage. Ngeliatin ranjang tuh koq rasanya empuk banget yah... pengen cepet-cepet loncat ke tempat tidur and ngorok. Huhauahuahua...
Indeed, rumah sendiri atau tempat sendiri masih lebih baek daripada tempat orang laen. Biar kecil, biar jauh dari kota, biar sendirian... tetep aja lebih nyaman. Ohh... my comfy room :D

Friday, September 17, 2004

Moving To My Own WORLD

Yippeeee... 24 jam lagi aku dah bakal pindahan balik ke kamarku tercinta, kamar yg sama dgn taon lalu. Huehuehuehue.... Seneng gitu lhooo... kayak ngedapetin my freedom again *at last...*
Jadinya, bisa diprediksikan kalo besok sayah bakal sibuk bongkar-bongkar barang-barang dari koper dan kardus. Yang jelas kamar bakal berantakan untuk jam-jam pertama saya tiba disono. Tapi yah... semoga cepet deh ngerapiinnya. Hehehe...

Sementara itu, aku lagi kangen berat sama si Oen-Oen (bacanya Un-Un, kalo ada yg wondering gimana bacanya :p). Soalnya, dia lagi ada tugas pelayanan dari gereja dia untuk ke Balikpapan. Berangkatnya hari Jumat (hari ini) jam 7 pagi waktu Jakarta dan baru balik ntar hari minggu, gak tau jam brapa deh. Tapi yah... tetep aja kangen, soalnya terakhir kali aku sempet ngobrol ama dia tuh tanggal 14 kemaren *itu hari apa yah?! huehuehuehue lupa neh :p* Jadi, bisa kebayang kan kangennya seberapa gede?! huehuehue.... Ya sudah lah, setidaknya besok ada kesibukan seharian unpacking, jadi minggu akan cepat dateng trus... semoga dia online deh... :D

Happy Weekend for Everyone!!! God Bless You All!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

decisions... decisions...

Hari ini daku ditanya sama temen dari Indo through MSN: "Itu offer from the professor, are you taking it or leaving it?"
Hehehe... of course taking it donk... Alesan untuk leaving it tidak sekuat alasan untuk taking it. Hehehe... So, 'Yes, I am taking the offer since I am already halfway!'
Benernya dah dari minggu lalu aku ngomong ke dosenku itu kalo aku pasti ngelanjutin kerjaan ini during the semester. Waktu aku ngomong gitu, gile bener keliatan banget bedanya tuh muka si dosen. He put on a HAPPY face (maklum, dia orang rusia, jadi modelnya rada serem gitu lah... :p). Ah... I am happy about it, udah dapet duit, dapet nilai pula (soalnya kerjaanku ini bakal dimasukin as a coursework), meskipun kerjaanku dah mulai masuk ke dalam sisi seramnya. Itungannya tambah rumit *resiko, tul gak?!*

Perihal ke Canada juga... *I have to say sorry to kade first.*
Kayaknya aku gak jadi nih ke Canada. Karena ternyata kalo mau do master degree in Computer Science in Canada it takes 2 years, sedangkan disini, dgn biaya yg rada lebih murah dikit, aku cuma perlu kuliah 1 tahun aja. Sudah gitu, adikku si Erwin juga condong untuk kuliah di sini sekarang. Huehuehue... Betapa senangnya hatiku...
Ya kayaknya gitu dulu deh kabar-kabari dari aku. God bless!