This Week...

I am pretty much booked up this week - Busy, eh?!
Well, today (Monday, red.), I won't be home until at least 4.30 in the afternoon I would say. I have some things to sort out and a meeting to go to *hopefully, it won't be longer than 30 minutes*
Tomorrow, lectures from 11.00 to 14.00 straight and there is a possibility that I am going to the cinema in the afternoon with my friends to watch Bridget Jone's Diary - The Edge of Reasoning. Well, I watched the first one and it was funny. I don't know about this one though... I am not really excited about the thought of going to watch it... I might not come after all, just simply because I have other more useful things to do at home.
Wednesday seems to be an easy day *prayfully*. Only one hour lecture in the morning and then nothing until the afternoon. I might go to the library to search for books on optical illusions *I have to write essay on that -sigh...-* In the afternoon, I am going to have a dinner with a friend (or maybe even two) to celebrate my birthday *as she said so*.
Then Thursday, 4 lectures between 10.00 to 16.00 *what a tiring day...* then, after 16.00, straight into my friend's house. She sent me a SMS last night, asking me to come and have a look on her laptop; there is something wrong. So, there you go... Got another job to do.
Aha... two more things that I am looking forward to... One, someone special is going to ring me on that day! Oh, I can't wait really! Two, my laptop hopefully arrives.
Friday, hmmm nothing planned yet, but it might as well become a busy day. Don't know yet.
So the peak time of this week is Tuesday onwards to Thursday. And yet, I already feel tired today, hahaha...

Okay everybody! Have a blessed week! *Cheers!*


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