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Finale: BCIA Terminal 3

It's always sad to tell story about how you parted with your loved ones... I still remember clearly that day we took the airport express coach service to the airport, shortly after we had dinner at home. It was Papa's cooking.

Those last three days, I had diarrhea so badly. Mama was worried sick... maybe my body knew I was not happy to leave the home I just came into. So, for those last three days, I had to eat vegetables and rice only, no meat to ease my digestion system. Still, Papa's cooking was more than enough... I loved it and I am missing it now.

The airport express coach took around one hour to get to the airport. I wished it would take longer, that way I could spend more time with my beloved Papa and Mama. The first stop of the coach was Terminal 3, the newest terminal of BCIA (Beijing City International Airport). We were all amazed... it is a beautiful airport, huge and magnificent. *I'll have to ask Lan to send me the photos so that I can show it to you guys…

Beijing Part 3: Home where I belong

Thank God, it's Friday now... I am very tired this week, been sinking in programming mode, because my supervisors have been pushing me to finish it off...
Anyway, here is the continuation about Beijing trip. One thing that I enjoyed the most was not the shopping, was not the great delicious food, but was the family I came in to. I can proudly and comfortably say, now, that Lan's home is my home and his family is my family.
Even though I cannot really speak Mandarin, but they were very patient with me, never tired to repeat and try to speak as simply as possible so I can understand what they were telling me. They don't laugh at me, but they laugh with me... Papa called me "My little girl!" in front of all his family when we were having dinner. Mama cares and loves me as much as she cares for Lan. She always made sure I wear enough clothes, so that I won't catch a cold (I'm a warm blood type, which, even if it's winter, I don't wear much clothes!). …

Beijing Part 2: Shopping Malls & Photo Shoots

Hello friends! I think before it is out of date, I better continue with the stories of my first trip to Beijing... Well, this time I will tell you about the shopping malls.

Beijing is FULL of shopping malls and shops. Almost every corner of the city has 'at least' one shopping mall. When we think of shopping in China, we immediately 'say' the word 'cheap' in our minds, but, beware! Nowadays, they have some really posh and expensive shopping malls, too, in Beijing. The city grows so fast that a lot of international brands (e.g. D&G, Morgan, etc) open their branches in China, especially Beijing. Lan says that even if I take one whole year to intentionally visit all the shopping malls in Beijing, it will never be enough, because they keep building new shopping malls around the city. So, maybe I should take my whole life time to visit all those shopping malls hehehe
I am very blessed that I have Lan as my husband, he is my greatest guide to go around Beijing to…

Beijing Part 1: Food Food Food! (esp. QJD)

Let's continue with the stories of my first trip to Beijing... OK, this time it is about FOOD! Something that you imagine and drool of when you think about going to China.

Beijing, in particular, they have all sorts of food. You name it, it will be there; from the old traditional Chinese food, American, Italian, Korean, Japanese, even Russian!
Three or four years ago, while I was studying Mandarin for fun, my teacher told me that, if one day I go to Beijing, I have to try 'kao ya rou' (a.k.a Peking Duck). Well, never did I plan it, but The Lord takes me to Beijing somehow, after meeting my beloved husband :)
When I came to Beijing, Mama Papa had a list of places I must go to, one of them is the Peking Duck (the famous Quan Ju De/QJD). So, one of our days there, Mama Papa really took me there, Lao Ye (grandpa) and Lao Lao (grandma) were also there. They said they came for me *they are so sweet and lovely...*

We took subway from home to QJD. The entrance door was the spinning…

Happy birthdayyyy, honey!!

The day that you did not really wish for has come uncontrolably...
The digits had to change...
Still, I am happy that The Lord blesses me with you in my life.
For you to be with me, walking beside me, laughing with me...
Happy 30th Birthday, darling!
I love you, always.

Introduction: Arrival.

Moments before landing to Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), my heartbeats were faster than ever. The feeling of fear and teary eyes overwhelmed me. "What if... they don't like me? They hate me?" I asked so many 'what-if's, and for each one of them, Lan calmed me that everything will be great, they will love me. By the time, we landed, I just had to trust Jesus and Lan that I will enjoy this trip more than I expected it to be.

The queue for the immigration check for me was longer than we expected, we had to be in different lines, Lan with his Chinese passport and I with my own passport. It made me more nervous.
The moment of truth arrived, holding our luggages, we passed the door of the airport's arrival... So many people there waiting for their loved ones, but Lan?! He cannot recognize any familiar faces! God, what is with Lan?
"Lannnnnn!!!!" That's someone... running and waving at us. It was Mama. She gave us hugs and held my hand. Pap…

Prolouge: My first trip to Beijing

Ni hao, friends!
I am not really glad to say that we are back... Because we did not really one to return here. I fell in love with Beijing and still loving it! I love Lan's family, I feel that they are my own family.

Well, for now, I will just direct you to our photos together, which are all stored in my multiply album. The stories will follow when the tiredness in me has passed.

God bless!