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An Epiphany

I am the Lord who started My work in you.
I am the Lord will complete My work in you.

There are times you feel that I am far and you are forgotten.
But, through all those times, I am always with you.

I am The Lord, always within your reach.

Sunday, 21 March 2010
I should've known better...

A chance to make it better!

Today, I got the e-mail saying that my paper has been unsuccessful aka rejected. Yep, remember this chaos? The paper we submitted was not good enough.

Upset? Yes. Sad? Yes. But, I am not feeling as bad as I though I'd feel. I was ready to hear whatever news it was. I think The Lord prepared me for it, actually. Thank God for that :)

This just means I am given a room to improve. To be better.

Missing Grandpa

I have only had one grandpa in my life, simply because my Dad's Dad passed away long before I arrived in this world. The one grandpa that I have, had also gone away from me, without me being there in the funeral.

Last night, I dreamt I was sleeping oh his and grandma's bed, the bed where I used to sleep as a child. Suddenly, I realised, I was back in their old huge house, the house where I spent my first 4 years of childhood. How I miss that house, the huge indoor 'garage' behind the house, where I used to play hide and seek, learnt how to ride bicycle (which never was successful!) and many other fun things. I was sad when I heard Grandpa sold the house, after Grandma died. I can't blame him, it's too big a house for him, I think it was an act of loneliness.

Through the years, as I grew older, my relationship with Grandpa grew apart. We did not live together any more and, hence, did not see each other as often. Then I got irritated too easily when he teased me (t…

Back on track!

Yep! We are back in 'office' now. Already... I am having a hard time remembering what exactly I did before Lan was sick. It's refreshing to not remembering all those things during the panicky time, but it's frustrating when I find myself feeling dumb for not remembering anything NOW. Hehehe...

Anyhow, Lan is good now. Every now and then, he might feel too tired and decide to take a nap, but he is back on track again, finishing his thesis.
Thanks a million, dear friends, for praying and supporting us during these few weeks. It had been one (hell) of situations for me... but I am glad I went through it NOT alone, but with my dear Lord and dear friends and dear family surrounding me, caring for me.

Lately, the sun has been generously shining upon us in Liverpool! Though it is not warm, but it's amazing to know that a sunny day brings so much happiness and cheerfulness, compared to the gloomy day. I am looking forward to Spring and really hope it gets warmer each day.

Lan's Update #4: I don't think I can be a nurse!

Hi all! Thanks a lot for keeping us in your mind and asking about how Lan is doing. He is much much better now and in the process of recovering. He is not in bed as much as last week and has started to do his daily routine again, except for going to office. I've told him to take it slow and easy...

Well, apparently being a nurse is such a DIFFICULT job! I am EXHAUSTED! Yep, he is recovering and I am going under... I'm lacking sleep and feeling drained. Above all, I feel like I am running low on patience... I find myself times and times again snapping at Lan, being mean, which is NOT a good thing. Gosh, all in all, I think I need a vacation - A MONTH of vacation - on the BED! LOL! I just hope Lan will keep getting better and no unpleasant surprise coming our way regarding his health.

That's life for me at the moment! Will try to post more often!

God bless you all!