Missing Grandpa

I have only had one grandpa in my life, simply because my Dad's Dad passed away long before I arrived in this world. The one grandpa that I have, had also gone away from me, without me being there in the funeral.

Last night, I dreamt I was sleeping oh his and grandma's bed, the bed where I used to sleep as a child. Suddenly, I realised, I was back in their old huge house, the house where I spent my first 4 years of childhood. How I miss that house, the huge indoor 'garage' behind the house, where I used to play hide and seek, learnt how to ride bicycle (which never was successful!) and many other fun things. I was sad when I heard Grandpa sold the house, after Grandma died. I can't blame him, it's too big a house for him, I think it was an act of loneliness.

Through the years, as I grew older, my relationship with Grandpa grew apart. We did not live together any more and, hence, did not see each other as often. Then I got irritated too easily when he teased me (that's his hobby!)... Then I studied abroad. I thought I did not miss a thing, but now I realise, I missed a million things! This is the price I am paying to reach my dreams.

And I miss him terribly. I am glad, however, I got the chance to tell him that I love him, before he went away.


  1. grandpa lu pasti juga tau kalo lu sayang ama dia... :)


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