Back on track!

Yep! We are back in 'office' now. Already... I am having a hard time remembering what exactly I did before Lan was sick. It's refreshing to not remembering all those things during the panicky time, but it's frustrating when I find myself feeling dumb for not remembering anything NOW. Hehehe...

Anyhow, Lan is good now. Every now and then, he might feel too tired and decide to take a nap, but he is back on track again, finishing his thesis.
Thanks a million, dear friends, for praying and supporting us during these few weeks. It had been one (hell) of situations for me... but I am glad I went through it NOT alone, but with my dear Lord and dear friends and dear family surrounding me, caring for me.

Lately, the sun has been generously shining upon us in Liverpool! Though it is not warm, but it's amazing to know that a sunny day brings so much happiness and cheerfulness, compared to the gloomy day. I am looking forward to Spring and really hope it gets warmer each day.


  1. Syukurlah Nie smua berlalu dgn baik . semoga matahari bisa bersinar lbh lama & kamu merasa lbh semangat yah !

  2. sukurlah sher, semuanya udah back to normal, semoga kalian berdua sehat2 selalu ya ^^

  3. haha, hari yang cerah memang bikin hati semanga yah. Cuma kalo cerah, trus keluar bangunan dan ternyata malah panas terik menyengat dan lembab, jadi males lagi deh, wkwkwkw

    Sukses di semuanya! :)


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