Saturday, June 27, 2009

Canadian visa

Just a little note today, so that I remember...
After a few weeks of expecting and waiting, today Lan's passport is back with the Canadian visa stamped on one of the pages! Thank you, Lord, for that!
It was a breeze application, no problems at all!

I am sure he's looking forward to go to Montreal... but, gosh, time flies! July is already at the tip! I can't wait... for our 2nd anniversary, for our coming holiday, and for our yet-to-come promising future!

Ps. I am not going to Canada with him, that's why I said it's only Lan's passport. Still, I am looking forward to it, because a week after he returns from Montreal, we are flying to Dubai, spend several nights there and then off to Bali for 3 weeks! Hehehe...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am thankful...

for my faithful Father
for my supportive & beloved husband
for my family, whom believe in everything I do
for my supervisors
for my dearest sisters and friends I met in my life
for every little thing that happens in me

I am thankful to The One and Only faithful Father.
Without YOU, I am nothing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

PhD crisis!

To GOD be the glory...
For the things He has done!

A note to myself!
I won't lie to myself any more... that I do struggle in my PhD at the moment. I feel as if I lost my motivations and visions as to why I do this. Things have gotten even worse when I start to think about my little family. As a married woman, I have the desire to have kids and be a full-time mother... especially since I've been on education for such a long period of time, it is always nice to think that when, one day, I can take a break for awhile by being a full-time housewife and a mother off course! However, when I start to think about my future of being a housewife, I start to see my current 'occupation' negatively; boring and not interesting at all. I am pulled between the two; reality and future (my desire)...

I have discussed this with Lan several times, and I am so blessed to have him as such a great husband. He never pushes me to one side or another, instead, he is always by my side all the way. He listens and he comforts. Praise God for him!
The bottom line is that, I don't want and I will never quit half way! I am not a quitter! I took my decision to go down this lane and I ALWAYS see myself finishing this chapter of my life well. I want to finish and get this PhD. I want to finish as a winner; winning from this crisis that sucking me in... It's just the question of HOW to get myself up and running again.

Praise The Lord for listening and for knowing what I need in my life! I got His wake-up call today through my supervisors. So, yesterday, I had my end-of-year interview with my 2 supervisors and my assessors. This morning, I got the feedback from my supervisors.
It was a nice talk, where I finally could vent what I've kept in my mind for the last several weeks. They gave me constructive advices and comments about the way I work and how I can do better in my research! I am glad and blessed! My supervisors stands up, encourages and believes in me. To hear them say that I've done good and I am capable to finish this whole PhD, is such a great encouragement for me!
I have so many things to praise God for... for such a fabulous husband (you are the best!), for great supervisors and assessors, for my health (just had a check-up today at the gym and my weight is completely fine! Still the same old ** kg! Haha), and for the little things He has done in my life!
Above all for today, I praise Him for this PhD crisis! It shows that I need Him all the way; that I get to this point not by my might but His... To HIM, all the glory I give. I've lived this day because of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

It makes me think of what Paul says in the Bible, I will run the race and aim to the finish line! I know I will!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Down the memory lane

On Tuesday, Lan and I took a day off as we agreed, just to unwind and have some us-time. Thank The Lord for such a wonderful day, summery, lots of sunshine with some cool breeze.
We went to the World museum Liverpool. We had been there before, in 2006 I think. That time there were 4 of us going as classmates... Yeah we were classmates that time, not knowing the two of us will come back some years later as husband and wife. Oh what life can bring to the future is amazing... God's plans no one can fathom!

So, in the morning, before I got ready, I was busy in the kitchen to fulfill Lan's special request for lunch: my homemade sandwiches. Been awhile since I made those sandwiches... Glad I did make them, because Lan loves them so much. It was just really simple sandwiches; fried eggs, sliced tomatoes, lettuces and slices of ham. But, simple things when you make it with your sincere thought and whole heart really go a long way... It really becomes meaningful.
I was happy to see him eating so eagerly. Those little things make me happy...

After lunch in the park, we went to the museum, walking at our slow pace down the memory lane and giving the chance for both of us exercising our photography skills. The first photo above is our favourite spot! We both remember that we took photos for each other at that same spot years ago. And, now, it's the spot where we took photo TOGETHER!

After hours in museum, we went to Starbuck to relax with some cold drinks! What a bliss...