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My mixed feelings?

Nervous? I am!
Stressed out? I Unconsciously am!
Happy? I am!
Feel as if I am dreaming? Definitely! Often I look at my wedding dresses and think "Am I really going to be a bride in several days?"
Busy? Well... finishing up the preparation.

No matter how up and down I feel, The Lord puts in my heart an overflowing joy to welcome our miraculous wedding day. And if you bother to ask, YES, I cannot wait to pick Lan up from the Ngurah Rai Airport! He is arriving at 12.05 pm on Monday!
So, friends, maybe this is the last post here before I become a wife! Hehehe...

See you very soon and Jesus bless you always!

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The celebration of Happiness

I am excusing myself from all of you. The time for Internet becomes so little because I have to spend a great deal of time to organise our wedding. Please forgive me if I can't visit your blogs as often as I always do, but if I have time, I will try to visit as many of your blogs as I can. Hopefully, after the wedding, I can visit all of your blogs again. :)

Please keep both of US in your prayers, friends. We appreciate that very much. We would also like to thank you all in advance for all the prayers, the congratulations and all of the beautiful wishes you have given us.

Jesus bless you all!

Ps. I will soon take my shoutbox off for temporarily. Therefore, I will prefer you to post your message for me in my previous post. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks! :)
It started with two shy ‘ILU’s in the friendly e-mails, hoping that we won’t hurt each other’s hearts for what happened in the past.
It continued with a statement that “…emotion is like a spring. The more you press it, the m…

I officially announce...



Business are growing taller and I become even more tired and emotional. What my friends said were all true, sometimes things does not go the way I want them to be with the planning of our wedding.
Well, today, I learnt an interesting skill! To search words or more exactly chinese characters using the dictionary! My Lord, it is more like mathematics and Sudoku! It is the most unusual way of looking through dictionary, hahahaha! But I like it and it will definintely help me in the future to learn Chinese Mandarin when I am in England :)

Tomorrow, Lan has met an appointment to ring my parents at 2 pm UK time, and he requested me to be with my parents, in case there is any misunderstandings. Oh well, I am very happy about accepting the request because it means I will hear his voice again after a while :)

Oh well that's all for now! Take care everyone! God bless!