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It's been almost the whole week, I think, that I always dream about my parents during the night. Either I'm somewhere I've never been or, like last night, I dream I was at home, preparing to fly to UK with my parents.

This is my second time dreaming my parents are coming to UK. I really hope one day it will come true soon.

On the other hand, I am feeling a bit better. I do have a stiff neck and shoulders for 3 days already, appetite is picking up but my taste is still bitter. I just hope the test comes back negative.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

What's going on?

My body is not well at the moment. No matter how much I sleep, I always wake up feeling tired and anxious. And when I am hungry and start to eat, I suddenly don't want to eat anything. It's bugging me...

This morning, my nose started bleeding... It's 15.00 and I've had 3 nosebleeds in a day. Never had that before, never had nosebleeds often in my life either.
So, after lunch, Lan took me to see a GP (General Practitioner) aka Doctor. She said I might have a bacteria infection (but it's strange because I have no fever) or, it's also possible that something is wrong with my thyroid level. So, she ordered a blood test for me, 4 different tubes. And I was such a baby, I loathe to get my blood taken!

Oh, and when she took my blood pressure, it was 80/130, which is high for me, since I tend to have a lower blood pressure than that.

Well, it's going to be a week before I know the results of my blood tests. In the mean time, the GP told me to take things easy and r…


Had an hour driving lesson today, instead of the usual 2 hours. I did a very bad mistake... not stopping at the pedestrian crossing when light was red *oops!* Luckily it wasn't a test.
Let's say... I was hesitating too much.

On another topic, I start knitting again! *Yay!!* I am know knitting a baby hat, a preparation for the future hehehe... I love knitting, but I hate the prices of the yarns! Yes, there are some cheap and reasonably-priced yarns, but I can only use the yarns that are not made of any microfibres. It has to be cotton or wool. I guess these days, natural stuffs are more expensive that those man-made stuffs... *sigh*

I *heart* sushi!

I am sure I'm not the only one, but I have to say, I love love love sushi, especially if they are fresh... *mmm...* That makes me miss Sushi Tei. Did you know how excited I was when Sushi Tei opened up in Bali? Very! LOL! Too bad I can't pay a visit very often, since I'm here. What's more I love about it is that my parents would pay for it *LOL* If we go eat sushi here in Liverpool, we either have to have a pretty good voucher to use (at least 40% off) or it's an event worth to celebrate. *sigh*

I really hope this student life does not last long...

P.s. And I hope the broken heater is fixed soon! It's really horrible to be sitting in a freezing cold toilet! *Grrr!*

Why does the heater break...

When it's WINTER?
Every year, the University always struggles with the heating system, but *note this* ONLY during the Winter? It's freezing cold right now in the building I am in and yeah, it's so not comfortable trying to work while you are cold!!! :(
It's just horrible. There is always a leaking pipe somewhere somewhat...

I hope they fix it soon enough, because I just hate the cold freezing office :(

On the other post, today, I was all thinking about those flood victims in Queensland, Australia. I saw the photos, the videos, 9 metres of water! WOW! That is devastating and making me sad :(
I hope the worst is over and the recovery is going well and those missing people are found safe and alive.

When I read all about natural disasters that's been going on, the abnormal weathers and things that go on in the world, I am really thinking that the end of the world is really near. All that's been prophesied and written in the Bible is being fulfilled one after anoth…

Never again!

I have a thing with thriller, horror, scary, spooky movies! I just can NOT watch them! Even if I *unfortunately* end up watching them, I'd be having troubles to sleep. I am such a visual person that the scenes from the movies would play over and over again in my head, freaking me out :(

Yesterday, we went to the cinema to lift our mood up and Lan chose 'The season of witch', which he thinks was not so scary because there IS Nicholas Cage in it. What the heck?! It turned out I was sitting there and crushing his hand for the whole length of the movie. Call me a coward, but it is just not my cup of tea. I said to him, "you picked the WRONG movie!"
And it didn't end there. I was wide awake last night having the movie's scenes playing over and over in my head while I listened to a background noise of snore.
My eyes are so puffy now because of the lack of sleep. *GAH*

Never ever I'll go into those kinds of movies! I've had enough.

And... try again!

I failed my test today, just because of this ONE stupid and serious mistake. I was so close to passing that I am super annoyed with myself. Even my instructor who went along with me, he was in denial that I failed.

But yeah... I'm trying again in 2 weeks time. And I know this time I'll make it right! I can drive as good as any other drivers out there. If today proved anything, it proved that I CAN drive; I am a driver not a learner any more.

Thanks God that I have to go through these to get myself aware of things that are dangerous for me. Thanks God for supportive husband and awesome instructor, Sean!

Thanks God for loving me.

You can do this!

I am trying to not think about my driving test tomorrow right now, because I know if I get nervous, I'll just ruin everything. What I need to tell myself over and over is that 'I can do this!' I can drive safely, I know what to do, I am not a learner any more, I am a DRIVER!

I will keep telling myself to do my best and let God do the rest. I know I can! With God, I can :) I will pass tomorrow, God's willing.

I wish I know...

The GENDER of our first child in advance, even before I conceive! Because all the sales in town are driving me crazy! All those cute baby clothes make me want to get them all... I guess, since technology is so advanced and you can know your child's gender early, it makes unisex baby clothes quite hard to find!

Yeah, I have started to collect baby clothes now. And yes, we are trying to conceive. We have been praying for it and we are BOTH ready. Hopefully this year sometime will bring a great news to both of us and those impatiently-waiting grandparents! ;)

In God's time, you will come, little one. Mama is waiting eagerly for you, and so Papa.

Hey, Mr & Mrs Snow!

Every time you send your little flurry kiddos down around Liverpool, I'd jump up and down happily like a little girl getting her favourite candy. That ONLY happens when I am actually INSIDE the flat and looking OUTSIDE our huge window!
Once I am actually outside, I'd be wishing in my heart, you'd send a little less of your kiddos down, because, hey, it's freezing cold and icy! How about you save those flurry kiddos until AFTER 11 January 2011? Because really, I can't afford having my driving test to be postponed again just because of snow! I hope you hear my plea on this, I'd appreciate it!


A learner who wants to be a proper driver!

Why so sleepy?

My driving went a little better, today. I've managed to control the steering well, there were just some little things that made it crappy... The major thing is that I was looking for a road on the LEFT, when I am supposed to be going to the RIGHT... Gah... Why oh why I always get my LEFT and RIGHT messed up like that?!

Lately, I've been feeling sleepy and tired easily, although I've had quite a lot of sleep during the holiday. I am not sure why... but I know during the night, while sleeping, my brain is so active that in the morning I just feel so exhausted :( It's as if my body needs a whole lot sleep than usual... and here I am in the office trying to fight this sleepiness :(

Oh well... I know I've got a pile of assignments to mark, so I've got no choice!
Oh, and on top of the sleepiness, lately I would be hungry but can't eat much... I suddenly want those junky food like KFC, McD, etc... what a bad wanting, right?

Back on the road!

Today, after 2 weeks holiday, I'm back driving again. It was a really shaky performance, as my nerve got on me. I really have to get my driving skill back the way it was before next Tuesday, because I'll be having my test then! In a week time...

My biggest problem was confidence... I was lacking in confidence and I didn't believe in myself while driving :( So this whole week, I'll be telling myself over and over again... "Hey, you can do it!"

Happy birthday, Mam!!!

Happiest birthday to you, Mam! Happier than ever before, I hope, day by day! Happy 46th years YOUNG!
You are my MUM, my SISTER and my FRIEND!
I love you to bits, though I know it's nothing compared to your love to me!
I am thankful to The Lord for you, I am lucky to have you!
You go through lots for me and never fail to shower me with your love.

You bring smiles to my face when I cry and am sad.

Love you, Mam!
Thank you for knocking the Heaven's door with each and every prayers you've said for your children. I'm who I am because of you, too. :)


Hello, 2011!

Hey, 2011!
It's only been 23 hours and 16 minutes, but I am positive that the new year will bring new goodness, new blessings and new success. 2010 was a year that went by so fast, that it was a blur when I tried to remember anything. Out of all the good things that happened, one stood out: Lan submitted his thesis. :)
Thank you, Jesus, for the everlasting guidance, blessings and teachings in our daily life and marriage in 2010. It could not be better than what You have given to us.

Moreover, thank you for the new year ahead. We surrender all to You. Our lives, our worry, our dreams and wishes, Lord, You know. May Your will be done in our lives and marriage.

For the holiday season, we did not really do much... We stayed at home, and I mostly caught up LOTS of sleep. The gloomy days helped to make it easier to sleep than to do anything else.
Christmas dinner was a saved-disaster... I planned to do roast chicken, but for some reason, the chicken went bad, so I had to switch to bacon…