What's going on?

My body is not well at the moment. No matter how much I sleep, I always wake up feeling tired and anxious. And when I am hungry and start to eat, I suddenly don't want to eat anything. It's bugging me...

This morning, my nose started bleeding... It's 15.00 and I've had 3 nosebleeds in a day. Never had that before, never had nosebleeds often in my life either.
So, after lunch, Lan took me to see a GP (General Practitioner) aka Doctor. She said I might have a bacteria infection (but it's strange because I have no fever) or, it's also possible that something is wrong with my thyroid level. So, she ordered a blood test for me, 4 different tubes. And I was such a baby, I loathe to get my blood taken!

Oh, and when she took my blood pressure, it was 80/130, which is high for me, since I tend to have a lower blood pressure than that.

Well, it's going to be a week before I know the results of my blood tests. In the mean time, the GP told me to take things easy and rest.
Ugh... this is really not what I need right now, especially when my supervisors and I decided to write a paper to be submitted on 7 Feb! :(

P.s. I failed my second driving test on Monday. That was the worst I've ever driven. Now that I think of it, I was nervous, anxious and can't focus at all :( It could be due to my 'illness' (I put a quote mark, because I don't know whether I'm really ill or not).

So yeah... let's see...


  1. moga2 hasil blood test nya baik2 aja ya sher...
    dan moga2 lu segera pulih!
    banyak2 istirahat dan minum air putih...

  2. gua sih skarang juga lagi gak enak badan sher, sudah sejak 2 bulan ini gak sembuh2 ihiks..

  3. ponakanku juga baru2 ini mimisan... gara2 cuaca nih.. ga menentu... bentar2 ujan, bentar2 panas banget...

  4. Take a good rest ya Sher..
    I know everything will be fine. I know it's tough and probably u're under pressure for the paper submission as well. Hope you could handle it, with the support of Lan..
    take care

  5. Coba istirahat dulu, Sher, 3 hari dulu. Coba jangan pikirin soal driving test ataupun paper-mu dulu. Sebisa mungkin istirahat, fisik maupun psikis.

    Get well soon. Dan semoga tes darah nggak ada masalah.

  6. Hope you're getting better soon Sher, kayanya effect dari stress. Yesterday we heard the preacher that we should try not to hear the voice of doubt, distraction and temptation & start to focus to hear the voice of freedom, truth and purpose. I hope that will make you feel better =)


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