Happy birthday, Mam!!!

Happiest birthday to you, Mam! Happier than ever before, I hope, day by day! Happy 46th years YOUNG!
You are my MUM, my SISTER and my FRIEND!
I love you to bits, though I know it's nothing compared to your love to me!
I am thankful to The Lord for you, I am lucky to have you!
You go through lots for me and never fail to shower me with your love.

You bring smiles to my face when I cry and am sad.

Love you, Mam!
Thank you for knocking the Heaven's door with each and every prayers you've said for your children. I'm who I am because of you, too. :)



  1. happy besdey tante, masih muda yah sher, masih 46, dan di foto itu mirip banget hehe..


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