Had an hour driving lesson today, instead of the usual 2 hours. I did a very bad mistake... not stopping at the pedestrian crossing when light was red *oops!* Luckily it wasn't a test.
Let's say... I was hesitating too much.

On another topic, I start knitting again! *Yay!!* I am know knitting a baby hat, a preparation for the future hehehe... I love knitting, but I hate the prices of the yarns! Yes, there are some cheap and reasonably-priced yarns, but I can only use the yarns that are not made of any microfibres. It has to be cotton or wool. I guess these days, natural stuffs are more expensive that those man-made stuffs... *sigh*


  1. wah lain kali kalo nyetir kudu lebih ati2 sher... :D

  2. rajinnya yg udah mulai merajut heheee
    kalo ke Jt borong2 aja smua peralatan knitting

  3. gua selalu demen loh liat ibu hamil ngerajut untuk babynya, dulu waktu kecil gua ngerasa gua pasti bakal begitu juga tuh.. tapi skarang gua gak yakin haha

  4. Yang katun aja, Sher. Siapa tahu anak summer, hahaha.


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