Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not only in Indonesia!

This morning, via Kopete, Lan sent me an interesting news link, which made both of us giggle for a bit. You may read it here. It made me go "ah... so this does not only happen in Indonesia..."

Right, it is about the price of oil *petrol* that goes up, bringing up a lot of complaints and protest in Indonesia. Some people blamed the government, some blamed SBY.
Well, for your information, it happens all over the world. And UK is also one of them! Here, the price of the petrol is £1.20 per liter (which is more than Rp. 20,000). On top of that, there is so-called "road tax", which increases along with the petrol's price increase. Should we be saying "lucky you, who live in Indonesia..."? At least, you do not need to pay road tax (unless you go to highway), right?
If you read in the link above, some UK citizens actually protest about the price rise, too. And, if you study more about the system of this country, here you pay hell a lot of money just for the tax. Basically, as the money you earn increases, the tax also increases. Some of my already-working friends even pay 40% of their earnings just for tax!

Lan and I have been thinking of getting a second-hand car, which eventually goes down to getting a Vespa!!! Still, we are thinking millions time! Can we afford the petrol?
Moreover, with Vespa, we can't really go far in this country... unless we are ready to be either all wet or frozen by the so-not-friendly weather.

Still think, Rp. 6000 is expensive?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy me...

Somehow, I've been having no inspiration to write anything here... I just wonder where has my writing hobby gone to?!
Maybe it is because lately I feel as if life is just a routine, go to office from 09.00 to 6.30, then home, have dinner, sometimes clean our flat and then sleep. I want a more interesting life than this! This is so just NOT me...
Maybe it is because I am not alone anymore? These days, if I have something in mind, I'd just talk to Lan, share things with him.
Maybe I am just lazy?! Ah... I don't know.

Whatever the reason is, let it be. Hopefully the desire to write will return soon...
Despite the boredom and depression facing hundreds lines of codes (programming) in office, I always look forward to the afternoon to come for us to go home. Lately, it has been the little kids, Lan and Sherly, at home hehehe... Tickles, teases, jokes.
While you sleep so peacefully,
Sometimes I ask myself the questions of "why"...
And that many times, I can't answer myself.

It is just YOU.
The way YOU are.
The soul in YOU.

My life is full of beautiful surprises from you,
I believe.
My gratefulness is never ending,
I am blessed.

- nie @ 22 May 2008, 10.12 am

Friday, May 09, 2008

The recent colours of my life

Doh! Been so long since last I posted here... Partly because I am busy, partly because I've been so caught up into one of the facebook's applications hehehe...

I've been swimming in programming mode for the last couple of weeks! Supervisors' pressure really does the job on me, last night I had this dream of sitting in front of my PC, programming, however I seemed to not do the right job, i.e. getting error all the time! Arrghh, what a nightmare! I woke up with my body feeling like a punch-bag!
At the same time, Lan is head over heel writing a paper. He is trying to submit a paper for a conference and the deadline is 02nd June 2008, so he is stressed up and almost every night he spends the time in the office... *surely my time will come...*
Well, I have faith in him, I am sure he can do it, with plenty of prayers and determination, Jesus will open the way.

As of our marriage... ah... time flies! It's approaching the first anniversary, yet, each day, we fall in love with each other ever more. We do fight, too, sometimes, but each time we handle it better and learn to keep it cool. I can never stop Jesus for the man, He has given me to.
As for the future, we have so many plans that we will do together... that way we will need our whole life to fulfill them one by one. :)

Ah... I am excited today, we are having a date after work... *who says we can't date after we got married?! :p*
Never gone. Never far.
In my heart is where you are.

- Never Gone by Backstreet Boys.