Friday, November 27, 2009

Farmer's Market

I am so delighted that Suzy accepted my application to be in her Creative Team (CT) and even more delighted that she is selling exclusively at my favourite Scrapbooking shop, Scrap Orchard!

And to celebrate Thanksgiving, Scrap Orchard is having a Farmer's Market, where a lot of goodies are for $1 each!! $1 is a hugeee bargain! And today, I'd like to highlight one cool kit, Celebrate, and cute alpha, Laugh Out Loud, that I've played with and love them to bits! What's better is that they are for $1.00 ONLY until Sunday, 29 November 2009!!!

Here are the layouts that I made with the above gorgeous kit! Both are little gifts for MJ and Christophe. :) Aren't they adorable?

Click on the images to see the full credits and on the kits' previews to be directed to the store right away.
So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and when it's gone, it's gone!
Happy thanksgiving and have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Merry and Bright + a freebie

Hi ya!!! Can you believe that Christmas is only a MONTH away?! I know! Time flies crazily... It's almost a new year again! Gosh, where did time go?!
Anyhow, today, Michelle Batton has released a new Christmas-y mini kit called "Merry and Bright". As you see from the preview below, it's not the usual-traditional (red-green-gold) Christmas kit, but it's awesome! I love the bright blue and green in this! Totally gorgeous and versatile, even for some non-Christmas themed layout.

Here is an LO I've made with this kit:

Pencil Lines template 161
Merry and Bright by Michelle Batton Designs at The Digi Chick
Fonts: Arial, MTF Under Your Skin and MTF Base Outline by Miss Tiina

What's even more fantastic is that she's having a 20% SALE through 29th November for everything in the shop! Isn't that a bargain?!

Oh oh, and we have a freebie for you! I've made this December desktop wallpaper using Merry and Bright and there are 2 sizes available: 1024x768 and 1280x800. The only catch is that you have to go to Michelle's blog to grab them! So, what are you waiting for? Go to her blog and her shop and have a blast!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Argh!!! I am procrastinating the whole day today!!! I know that I've got a lot to do... especially after a meeting on a Monday morning! But, heck! I can't bring myself to do any work!
I keep clicking here and there on my firefox. Not good! Really not good! The weather makes it worse, too... the rain and the cold make me want to stay under the cozy and warm blanket of mine in bed!
Heck! It's 16.35, but already looks like 20.00 at night outside! Aarrrggghhh... I want to snooze. What do I do?!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon!

Don't worry, I won't spoil the fun. But, I'm sorry I might make you all jealous... I had so much fun today!!
Gosh, I loveeeeeeee New Moon! It is so so much better than Twilight! The seats were full and overflowed with people, who were cheering every now and then at the scenes. It was such an exciting atmosphere! Amazing! And as gorgeous as Jacob's new look could be, I am still team Edward! *woo hoo!* I would love to watch it again and again, but Lan said, wait for the DVD... *sob sob sob* But I have to agree with him! No way I can beat the queue! It was a crazy bunch of crowds there!

Well, I know that the New Moon fever is not over yet, but here I am honestly saying: I CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!! 30 June 2010, bring it over, baby!!!

Ps. Oh man, I'm crazy!
Ps2. after the movie, we had dinner at Yo-Sushi! Yummy yum! I got a 30% off voucher for my birthday! We, of course, took our camera with us and got to play with the new lens (aka 50mm)! That lens, baby, is one awesome lens! Oh yeah, I'm loving it!
Will share the photos later on today... ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


started with my very first cervical screening (pap smears), Thank God it was quick and not quite as scary as I thought...
Then, coming to office, greeted with a few 'happy birthday's from colleagues. Some even sang the song, which made me blushed crazily! We brought cake to office, so that they can enjoy the treat :) They were happy with it. The day went on quick with me chatting with my Mum. It has been awhile. It's good to talk to her again. Lunch was not the normal routine, Lan and I decided to join our colleagues to eat out instead of going home and cook.

Today is special because I got a special letter from Yulia, the letter I had been waiting for. What a perfect timing!
Today is special because I got 80+ emails in my inbox from all of my dear friends wishing me happy birthday and praying awesome prayers for me. Thank you, all of you!
Today is special because I feel blessed, loved and remembered.
Today is a remembrance day for me of all the great things my Jesus has done and is continuing doing in my life. I am more than thankful for who I am and every little bits that happen in my life.

Well, last but not least, today, I am 25! LOL!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday gift(s) from God

Lately, despite the cold dreary winter days, I am blessed to see the sun shining. Just to see a sunshiny-day, it makes me smile! It makes my day a lot better. And, I'd love to think of it as The Lord is smiling at me, that is one of the best birthday gifts that I get for my birthday tomorrow. :)
A few of friends have been asking about how I'm coping winter, especially about my eczema. Well, both Lan and I are anxious about it, however, I praise God that so far it is not a tiny bit as bad as last winter. Yes, they still come, a bit on my face (that is one that I hate the most!), bits on my body parts, but they are manageable. I am still able to sleep, thanks to Lan, who's bought me an under blanket to keep me warm at night, thus my skin is not drying out badly.
Another birthday gift I got this year from The Lord is a realisation on how lovely my parents-in-love (law) are! To know that they love me like their own daughter, that they want the best for me and my health, that they care every tiny bit of me... that knowledge is priceless above all. More than I've dreamed of; my loving husband and his loving parents. An amazing package that rarely occurs! I am glad for them, for The Lord to put them in my life. And for that, I love my parents-in-love to bits too! Sure, I can't describe it yet to them, sure I'm yet able to have effective communications with them... but, above all, my love grows for them. I can honestly hug them and sincerely love them the way I love my own parents. And that feeling is beautiful!
And, yet, another birthday gift for God is a positive progress on my research. I am thankful for my supervisors, who are so encouraging and believing in my potential and helping me every time I need them. I pray Lord that our plan to submit a paper to conference(s) in January will come true and that You give me wisdom to finish the paper on time! Amen!

Oh... I feel spoiled! I feel loved and that's a great feeling! Thanks to Simon, whom we had dinner with yesterday, for remembering my birthday and buying me a birthday cake. It is very sweet of you, Si!
Thanks to Papa and Mama for the birthday gift, the 50mm Canon lens! I love it very much! And for the package from Beijing, jam-packed with good food!
Thanks to hubby for the birthday gifts that are yet to come. Tee-hee...

OK, time to have lunch now. Hopefully, I'll have the mood to post something tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Since the crazy rain, it has been extremely cold here in Liverpool. It is just the perfect weather for snuggle and snooze under the blanket. Man, you would not want to go outside on this cold weather. Yesterday, to attend my weekly meeting with my supervisors, I was wearing full 'armors'! Thick gloves, hat, wind-proof jacket, two layers of pants and so many layers of tops! And it was still so COLD! It's like going into a freezer, except this is a huge outdoor freezer!
Anyhow, I am still thankful for yesterday! After quite a long discussion of my research (well mostly, me talking about what I've done and my founding!), my supervisors gave me positive feedback. They said that I've progressed much quicker than I was in June & July - when I was sort of in a depressing and discouraging time of life! (read here) They are very happy with my progress and the 'TLC tableau rules' that I've proposed looks promising. Of course that makes me super duper happy! Praise The Lord for that! My confidence is boosted and, most importantly, I feel happy about myself, about what I am doing. And I am happy that Lan is happy for me. :)

Lan was sick with a cold yesterday and running fever every now and then. I ended going home after the meeting and be with him. At night I gave him our Chinese-Indonesian traditional treatment for cold: KEROKAN (in Chinese Gua Sha). And, as a result, I can feel pain along my right arm up to my right shoulder. Argh!
The good thing is that Lan is much better today! He's healthy and energetic, but his back feels sore! LOL!

Anyhow... somehow, I ended up catching his cold now :( Not good!

Oh... want to know why I scrap?

press plate template No. 19 by Paislee Press Designs.
Beautiful Life by Tracie Stroud.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crazy rain!

Today, for one WHOLE day, it's been raining crazily! Gosh, I've never seen so much rain like that! Thank God, the drainage system here is good. No doubt, it will cause a flood if it were in Indonesia! LOL!

Rain always makes me dream of snuggles and cozy sleep! Hot chocolate sounds blissful... Mmm... That sounds much better than being stuck in the cold office or out and drench in the rain! Uh oh! That reminds me, when we walked back home for lunch, I was like a drenched cat, all wet! Wet socks and wet bag!

I wish Liverpool would not rain so much... I wish there is a good balance of sunshine and rain. And I know, I can only wish...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


All of us what to be spoiled (dimanja), don't we? Each of us have different preferences on how we want people to spoiled us. Some feel they are spoiled when they are given gifts, some when they are given attention, some prefers going out for a dinner and many others.
Well, yesterday, I just found out a new thing about Lan. As a single child, I know that his parents spoil him a lot. You can say that, in some ways, he is the EXACT opposite of me. As the first child, I get to step back for my siblings. My parents taught me strictly and I don't get spoiled so much. Hence, I am really not good at spoiling somebody, including my hubby... And, it created troubles!
He became somewhat depressed due to me not spoiling him the way he wants it to be. He likes to 'buy' things, just for the sake that he likes it, which most of the time it's either so expensive or not quite useful! I tend to say 'no' to those things! "We are students, after all! We are saving for the future.", that's what I always say to him.
In the marriage, when one of us becomes unhappy, everybody is unhappy. It was like a bomb with a timer ticking away ready to explode soon! And it did... It was a hard two days in the weekend, but we came out strong at the end. We learnt more about each other. Now, I make effort to pay attention to spoil him a bit more than before. Of course, it's still under the condition that it is acceptable and reasonable requests. We try to balance each other, make us both happy. That's how our marriage works.
As for me, he knows what I want. Attention and quality time. More than that is a plus. :)

So, what will make you feel you're spoiled by your spouse?