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gone for sometimes

*Again* I will be on hiatus, friends!
Tonight, by car, my family will be on the road to Surabaya. My dad will drive us all the way there. We are going for 'holiday' because it's Galungan & Kuningan holiday here, so my little bro and sis are on holiday.
It's also going to be my grandma's birthday. And I have to renew my passport.

So many things to do, so little time I have...

God... I am so tired... and so heartbroken...

dua2: double portion!

22years old - umurku sekarang. There is no difference between 21 and 22, it feels the same...
But yeah... with increasing age, comes an increasing responsibility. My mum called me a grown-up now, so I have to become one. I am glad, though, I can celebrate my birthday with my family and Viona (my uni friend, who came specially from Jakarta). It's such a rare thing for me to be able to celebrate my birthday at home. It felt so good to be in the midst of my family.

But it wasn't complete, since Lan was far away... Then again, somehow, I felt he's always around me and be with me. He's so close to me; in my heart, in the beat of my life. Actually, every year of my birthday always teaches me how much I am loved in this world; by my Papi Mami, my brothers & sister, my daddy Philip (who specially came down from KL to Denpasar to see me), my friends (Yulia, Viona, friends in FS and also all of you, who wished me a happy birthday) and also people around me.

For the year ahea…

Education fair

Okay, friends... I am back with the full stories I promised you all, yesterday... Here we go!
Sunday, 05 Nov 2006 Singapore - Malaysia Education Fair in J. W. Marriot Surabaya, 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. It was a busy afternoon, especially for me it was the first time, I ever touched on marketing. I had to promote the James Cook University (throughout the fair). Something embarassing happened during the fair *of which I better not tell, hehe...*
The night, Mee chan stayed over. We talked until about 2.30 a.m. I am still glad that we met twice (I met her on Thursday, the night I arrived in Surabaya). She became like a sister immediately. We shared and talked as if we are friends for a long time already.

Monday, 06 Nov 2006 Education Fair at Regent Hotel, Malang. We left Surabaya with a chartered bus at 9 a.m. I got to see a little bit of Lapindo hot mud, but nothing special or exciting. Malang's fair wasn't as good as the fair in the other places. It was very boring, but from there the …

I'm back!

Hola!!! I just got back last night... Still super duper tired... So please patiently wait for my next post about my one-week journey!

See you soon!!! :)

gone for sometimes

Guys, I have to be on hiatus for awhile... Going to be away from home until 12 November 2006. I will be busy with my uncle's education fair in several towns... Pray for the success, the safety of the trip and for me.
I will take this busy time as a time for my mind to rest in peace for awhile...

For you all, God bless you always in your every-days! He is always with you.
The tiredness of mine is unbearable...
Will you give me an answer that lets me know the path that I have to take?
I am waiting, always...
in the tiredness of mine.
And yet, I still love you...
very much.

God be with you and help you to decide.

To the one and only, the person, whom I still take as my fiance.

With all my love.