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Rena Designs Birthday Sale!

It's Renata's birthday tomorrow, so she is having a sale at both of her shops from 1st to 3rd October!!! All her stuffs are discounted from 35% to 45%! What a great opportunity to get beautiful kits at cheaper price?! So, what are you waiting for? Get over her shops at Sunflower Scraps and CU for you, now!

Magical Violet

Back from holiday also means back to my responsibility of scrapbooking for some designers I have contract with. Well, today is the new release of Rena Designs' Magical Violet. It is now available at Sunflower Scrap for CAD5.09, which is 15% off! The kit looks like below:

I love this kit, it's stunning! Majority of white colors and some hints of violet! Truly lovely!!! Here is the LOs I made with it:

So, isn't that lovely? What you're waiting for then? Go and grab it while it's on SALE @ Sunflower Scrap!

Vacay 09 (3): Silver Anniversary Celebrations

This year my family celebrates the Silver Wedding anniversary of my parents. Well, it's the first time we ever celebrated their wedding anniversary at all! From the us, the kids, Papi and Mami only wished that the whole family can gather together for them. It means a lot for them to have us the kids gather up together... ever since I landed in UK, it was hard to have my brother Erwin and I going home for holiday at the same time, so the family was sort-of never been whole for awhile.
So, this year, we made efforts and, thank Jesus that He planned everything according to His will, my parents' wish was fulfilled! It was fun to be together again, 7 of us make us a big family, but my parents are so happy to have their children gathered up together at home. And, honestly, even that I am married and have my own family, it still feels a lot like home to be with my parents. I do like to have the time to be the little girl of my Papi Mami every now and then. :)

Well, let's briefly …

Vacay 09 (2): Dubai 18 August 2009 (2)

Let's continue with our holiday story before I forget it all together... So, after having a yummy Lebanese food dinner, we went to watch the water fountain shows several time. The Dubai Mall made quite a big pool to accommodate these water fountain shows. The shows run everyday starting around 6pm for around every half hour until 10pm. Each show has different background song and different arrangement. They were all breathtakingly fantastic! No matter how many shows we watched, we seemed to never watch enough and we were always in awe... I was even having goosebumps! It's a must watch if you ever visit Dubai!

Feeling that we should move on after watching several water fountain shows, we hired a taxi for a night-city tour. We were blessed that we got a great taxi driver too! So, away from Dubai Mall, we started our journey visiting the infamous hotels in Dubai. First stop, Burj Al Arab, also known as the very first seven star hotel in the world. So famous that getting IN there w…

Happy 13th Birthday, Hans!

Today, you turned 13! Cece is totally grateful that you are getting to be a man each day!
My beloved brother, be a great son to your parents and a wonderful brother to your siblings. Above all, be an obedient son to your Father in Heaven.
God bless you!

DeCrow Designs blueprint 16 (template)
Stitched tags from Cool Summer Add-on by Lyndsay Riches.
Background and Orange paper from Boy Meets Girl, a collab by scrappy cocoa and gettin' scrappy with Britt.
Hanging stars from Pretty Music by Maelia Designs.
Everything else from Tracie Stroud's Cake and Ice Cream.
Fonts: Big title using dirty ego, small title using Pea Steph, journal using Pea Sara Prints.

Vacay 09 (1): Dubai 18 August 2009 (1)

Our three weeks holiday this time felt so fast yet so fun and fascinating. We had great time both in Dubai and Bali! We are so blessed to be given the opportunities to visit Dubai and to have such a great family! It is indeed an unforgettable vacation for us...

We had been to Dubai for a number of time for transit only. This time, we took our chance to visit Dubai for a real holiday and we are glad that we did! We flew from Manchester to Dubai on Emirates Airlines flight no. EK020 at around 11 pm (Manchester time) after being delayed for 2.5 hours, arriving in Dubai at 10 am (Dubai time). Before going to through the immigration, we had to do the iris scan for security purpose. It did not take us long to get our passports stamped and to get hold of our luggages, everything went swiftly. I have to say that Dubai International Airport is MAGNIFICENT! Beautiful white wall that glitters and gorgeous architecture style really make the building awesome!

The heat immediately welcomed us as soon…

Back from holiday

We're just back to UK from Bali! Tired and sad and missing my family so much! I finished unpacking, but gosh... we are extremely tired. We had a great holiday, praise The Lord for that!
That's it for now. Will update again later after the resting. God bless you all!