Magical Violet

Back from holiday also means back to my responsibility of scrapbooking for some designers I have contract with. Well, today is the new release of Rena Designs' Magical Violet. It is now available at Sunflower Scrap for CAD5.09, which is 15% off! The kit looks like below:

I love this kit, it's stunning! Majority of white colors and some hints of violet! Truly lovely!!! Here is the LOs I made with it:

So, isn't that lovely? What you're waiting for then? Go and grab it while it's on SALE @ Sunflower Scrap!


  1. iya, bagus! apalagi gua kan suka ungu :)

  2. (maaf) ternyata masih kebagian mengamankan PERTAMA.

  3. Hey Sherly

    I wanted to let you know about a CT contest over at Sunshine Studio Scraps ;-)

    Here's the link:

    Caro :-)

  4. nie
    g jg suka violet , nie mo tny dunk . link apa aja yg ada scrapbook gratisan n mayan bgs ? aku jg lagi coba2 .
    udah coba pake smilebox & scrapbook flair tp krg puas . he222


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