Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Second trip to Brighton

Tiredness is still so thick within my body. Somehow, doing half-day work in the office during this week has not yet subtracted any of my tiredness from last week. However, whether I like it or not, I have to endure it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will have to leave Lan by himself for several days. Honestly, I do not want to leave him, if possible, I want him to come along with me, but train tickets to Brighton is so expensive, that even Lan had to think for awhile to let me go there.
Anyway, he is letting me go, sort of... It is because I have to visit Erwin, my brother. This is my second time to go there and somewhat I am glad I am going to be with my brother again for awhile. See how he is doing, give him some support for his final project. The first time I went was December 2005, I had so much fun at that time, spending my Christmas and New Year's holiday with Erwin.
Time flies fast, Erwin is already in his 3rd (and last) year of Bachelor. He plans to go home for holiday after he graduates late July and he really hopes to get a job in Australia. If he really does get a job in Australia, it will be such rare opportunities for us to meet every once in awhile.

Well, I am at home now, getting my stuff ready for tomorrow, making Lan's favourite dish for him to eat while I am not home and after lunch, I will have to go to office and finish off some works I have to do.

Ah... it is going to be a nice weekend with my brother, but, probably, a very tiring one for me... And I will miss my honey a lot!

I'll be back Monday night, honey, of which you probably already asleep. *sob*
See you when I come back then. :)

Have a great weekend for you, my friends. (It's a bit early, I know :P) God bless you all!

Friday, February 22, 2008

What a tough week!

This week has indeed been a tough week! Lan suddenly fell ill on Sunday night and has not recovered since then. He keeps having high fever, switching between feeling cold and hot, coughing never endingly and losing his ability to taste food! He became completely disabled and spent most of his time on bed.

While having to take care of him, I also had to replace him in doing tutorials (we tutor the Bachelor students), did the things I had to do and the things he had to do. I am not sure whether or not I should say 'thank God, it's Friday'... because I am tired and yet Lan's recovery is not very rapid.
However, one relief is that my trip to Manchester on Wednesday (which was extremely cold!) has earned me my Chinese visa to go to Beijing next month for the first time.

Overall, I thank The Lord for giving me the strength to go through this week.

Have a blessed great weekend, friends! Jesus bless you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweet evening

No special plan we had yesterday evening. Suddenly, Lan proposed a plan for a dinner somewhere in the city center after the office hour. Hence, we went to Bella Italia for such a nice dinner.
When we got there, we were said that the restaurant is fully booked, however, the manager was kind enough to give us a table for an hour. So, when we got to our table, Lan suddenly pulled out something from his jacket, it is the toblerone rose chocolate. He said, no need for a fresh rose, this rose you can keep forever. Such a sweet surprise, honey! How thoughtful you are!
I am a big fans of chocolate, so, I was very happy! We ate it together when we got home and I get to keep the 'rose'.

How about your yesterday, friends? Was it special too? :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V day!

Everyday is a celebration of Love.
Everyday is a Valentine's day.
So... nothing fancy.
Just keep loving each other everyday;
and thoughtfully.

Love you all friends! God bless you!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The truth is that...

Ifinished crying. Now I will tell you what really happened that we had to cancel the trip this time.
06 Feb 2008 - Wednesday afternoon, I received a letter from the French embassy, 'advising' me that I cannot go on 12th Feb, because of my Indonesian passport. However, Lan's Chinese passport can immediately be granted a Schengen visa. They required me to ring them immediately.

07 Feb 2008 - Thursday around 15.00 - 16.00 (that's their available time!), I rang them many times, only to be greeted by the answering machine and an automatic 'call-ended' system! *God help them!* After numerous attempts, a lady finally answered me.
The conversation concluded that it takes at least 3 weeks to process my Schengen visa application because for Indonesian passport they have to send everything to Paris for the visa process! So, my appeal was useless...
Finally, we decided to ask them process Lan's visa but don't process mine. Simply because...

  • they do NOT refund our 120 euro application fees if we withdraw both passports.

  • in a month time, we are going to Beijing, and I need to apply a Chinese visa. Learning from this experience, we want to have enough time to apply my visa (in case something might happen), so nothing like this will happen again.

  • Why we prioritize on the trip to Beijing? Because the ticket to go home is more expensive than this trip to Paris.

After telling them the decision, I was emotionally going down the hill.
Disappointed? Yes!
Sad? Very!
Wish can do something to stop this cancellation? I very wished so!

Reality felt so cruel that evening.
Still, I praise God I have Lan.
Yes, I cried so much and so hard, but I was leaning on Lan's shoulder.
I said to The Lord, 'I accept it! I accept it! But, Father, just for a while, just for this evening, let me mourn, let me pour out my sadness. After that, I will praise You for a better plan You have for our honeymoon, for a greater blessing awaiting for us.'
And I did exactly what I said.
I won't blame anything or anyone. It is just meant to be.

Do we lose money? Of course!
Thank God, some of them we can get refund after paying a small fine.
However, we lose our flight tickets, non-refundable they are.
Praise God, we bought travel insurance, so we are working on making a claim. We hope to get some of our lost money back.

What now?
  1. A big THANK YOU for all YOUR supports for us! You helped us to stay strong and have faith in our God. :)

  2. Lan & I learnt our lesson. We grow closer than ever before. We continually praising The Lord for the people that love and support us; our parents and dear friends.

  3. A second attempt is being planned! Hahaha... This time it is in a better time: SUMMER! *I offered Lan some other destinations, but he still want to go to France for our honeymoon.* So, help in prayers, things will go in a better way and we will get good bargains again hehehe...

OK friends, that is all for now. Jesus bless you!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good bye, Paris.

We are not going.
I am mending my wounds.
I am drying my tears.

Just, a good-bye for you, Paris.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Several days to go and yet...

I truly am experiencing what they say, "The bigger the blessings, the more the tribulations."
It is a VISA problem again! This time it is the French Schengen visa. This time it is MY visa! And this time, it is Lan, who comforts and encourages me... I am truly blessed to have him, my beloved husband.

Well, we are still keeping our optimism... Still having the crazy faith of going to Paris ontime. God knows how bold we are and how much we want to go for our honeymoon.

Please, once again, help in prayers, friends. Thank you!

Jesus, help us...

Denger lagu ini di radio... Trenyuh hatiku.

Apa yang kau alami kini
mungkin tak dapat engkau mengerti
cobaan yang engkau alami
tak melebihi kekuatanmu

Tuhanku tak akan memberi
ular beracun pada yang minta roti
satu hal tanamkan di hati
indah semua yang Tuhan b'ri

Tangan Tuhan sedang merenda
suatu karya yang agung mulia
Saatnya 'kan tiba nanti
kau lihat pelangi kasih-Nya