Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tummy ache: baby or ...?

Since we don't really plan to have baby yet for now, the stomach ache I had last week was quite worrying both of us. Lan really got cold sweat when I started to say "Maybe... I am really preg..." I did not even get the chance to finish the sentence, he stopped me right away. Heheh...
Well, a number of people do ask me about the 'good' news and even suggest me to buy a testpack. Thank you very much for being so caring. :) Even my mother asked me the same question. But, the answer is... not yet. Sorry to disappoint you, friends, but I am not pregnant at the moment.
Why am I so sure? Because my monthly guest has arrived! *yey!*

Well, it is not we do not want to have baby. It is just that we are not ready yet and, more importantly, we do not have a stable income for now. We depend on our scholarships of our study at the moment and for the next 3 years. So, I don't think it is really wise to have baby now and, thus, we are postponing it for the time being until we feel that we are stable enough to be able to pay the expense and living cost of the new member of the family. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Is it about life, pain or comfort?

Two nights ago, I was going through the TV's channels until I was stuck to this one particular program named "Dispatched: Abortion, what you need to know". Apparently, UK government legally allows abortion in this country, as long as the pregnancy has not reached the 24th week. The reason is that: the scientific study shows that the fetus (baby in the womb) can only start to feel pain in the 24th week, where the brain is fully developed.
Some agree with the 'law' and feel comfortable to carry on the abortion activities in their clinics/hospitals, thinking that as long as the fetus cannot feel pain, they are not 'fully' alive. Not all agree for the same reason. One lady that spoke in the programme, said that we should make abortion legal in the thoughts of the women; What if they are not ready? What if pregnancy and baby become obstacle to their future? And many more what ifs...
Some, clearly, disagree to making abortion as legal. One argument is that premature babies (even the ones younger than 24 weeks) can feel pain and, thus, it clearly shows that fetus, no matter how old it is, can feel pain. Another talks about religion, humanity and cruelty.

To those who agree, I really have a disturbing question... 'Isn't abortion equal to murder?'
They never ask to be created and, if they can choose, would prefer not to come to this cruel world. As humans should know that everything we do (or decide to do) results consequences to follow the decision, then women (and men, too!) should know that whatever type of sex they have can lead to the possibility of being pregnant.
So, why, after taking the decision (and probably enjoying it at that time being), they cannot face the consequence it brings? It makes me think how coward are people in this world today, how cruel and selfish humans can be...

Well, it will not be surprising if there is any of you that disagree with my beliefs. Please don't get mad at me. Take this as a someone's opinion out of billions of opinions of the world.

God bless!

Image's credit to: poivre @ deviantART.

Just received the news that I didn't get the £20,000 scholarship award. I am feeling sad for a bit, but thank Jesus that this means He has prepared bigger blessings for me and Lan.
Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Friday, October 12, 2007

malesku lagi kumat...

Lama ga post pake bahasa Indo...
tapi sayangnya post kali ini mesti bilang kalo penyakit males ngeblog lagi meracuni aku!
Plus seminggu ke belakang perut agak bermasalah, I got some kind of funny feeling!
Makan, tidur, duduk pun ga enak.
Rasanya seperti masuk angin, tapi kadang juga seperti ditusuk-tusuk oleh tusuk konde.
Tidur pun tak nyenyak, selalu kebangun akan mimpi-mimpi yang tak kumengerti...

Hayah... ada apa dengan badan ini?!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Being in the office...

Been awhile since my last post... I really don't know what to share. From two weeks ago, my routinity has started; going to the 'office' from Monday to Friday.
I call it a great thing, being a PhD student in this country (or maybe just UofL, they give us so many facilities. We got a shared office, where we have our own private PC (which includes the fast Internet) and our own desk. We even get all the stationary, coffee and teas provided for us! (You just have to bring your own cup!) However, those facilities really pay off what we are actually doing. Real research, real thinking. No more lectures, you work on your own motivation under the guidance of your supervisors.

Well, I have to thank The Lord for giving me such nice supervisors, that I knew well during my Master degree. But I am not pleased to say that I am having a hard time coming back to study after one year of rest. Still, I am trying my best, although sometimes it does give me a severe headache.
Another motivation would be that I have Lan to be in the same office with me, he helps me a lot in bringing back all the memory of 'Computational Logics and their friends...'

A drawback about having a private desk in your faculty building is that you will have to be in the office often enough (or maybe almost everyday?) so that whenever your supervisors look for you, they will definitely find you. Although, I personally prefer working at home. An additional drawback will be, you have to go to the 'office' and yet you have to pay tuition fees!! That doesn't make sense, does it? Well, once again, I thank The Lord for granting me the full scholarship, life becomes much lighter in a way.

Well, friends, that's my first impression of the PhD course. Right now, I feel so fed up with all the works I am stuck at, that's why I wrote this post hehehe... God bless ya, friends!