Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cheap flights? Not so cheap?

Yesterday, I got 2 e-mails; one from Rini (my friend) and another from Air Asia! Well, I was excited that starting next year they are going to have flights London-Kuala Lumpur. I had been waiting for it for sooooo long.
So I quickly checked on Air Asia website, planning to go home later next year, I found the cheapest ticket I could find was around £370 per person return, NOT including luggage (+£4 x 2 minimum), hot meal on board (£7 x 2), plus the ticket from Liverpool to London Euston Station to London Stanstead Airport (£20 x 2 minimum). On TOP of that we will have to buy tickets for Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar (which is around £100). In total, it's about at least £532 (I really calculate this!) per person with a lot of hassle and a very long journey...
Looking at Singapore Airlines for Easter, they have tickets around £600... So do you think Air Asia is really cheap?
Somehow I think it is not so cheap.... :( Or maybe I should start to pray harder that they might have flights Manchester Kuala Lumpur? Hmmm, maybe....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, I am 24 now!
Thank you, Lord, for another blessed year!
Thank you, Lord, for all the wonderful family, friends and especially my husband around me.
Thank you, Lan, for making each of my days so colorful, happy and beautiful!
Thank you for the unending love.
And thank you, all of you my beloved friends, for the birthday wishes, the wonderful prayers and encouragements!

God bless you all!

Ps. The photos are in HERE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post 450: Picture says a thousand words...


  1. Lan was caught by the camera eating martabak manis (terang bulan).
  2. 'Po', my cutey panda from Mama Papa all the way from Beijing.
  3. Erwin's sleeping and Erwin's talking with Lan.
  4. And me :D

Ps. Click for a larger view.

Monday, November 10, 2008

2 heads are better than 1!

Among my boredom, my 'fed up' feeling, and frustration lately, I had an interesting collaboration with Lan in the weekend. Well, there is this one particular program that I am supposed to code within this week, however, my frustration just ate everything and left me with the feeling of not wanting to do coding anymore!
Thank God, my hubby was so kind to help me to do it. So the two of us doing the program together and we had a lot of FUN! Correcting each other's mistakes and discussing different algorithms for the program! Just imagine, if I were to do it along it would take me at least 10 hours to finish up (plus the frustration of debugging, etc.). But, the two of us did it in total of 5 hours! Ugh... I am soooo glad to have Lan hihih... *thank you, honey!*

At the moment, we are having my brother staying with us for several weeks. He came from home (Bali) with some martabak manis (terang bulan), which Lan indulged in eating it, some Indonesian seasonings for me to cook and a brand new pair of shoes for my birthday! Yay! They are so cute...

Ah... this is just a lil chit chat from me... :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Roll Stack Cake

On Sunday, Lan was so kind to buy me a silicone baking tray and a whisk (a mixer is a bit out of our pocket at this very moment!)... and so, at home, I immediately 'played' with my new toys to make a roll cake. Thinking that 15 yokes on the recipe is a bit too much for only two of us, I halved the recipe.
Voila! After a lot of whisking (that made my arms sore) and 15 minutes in the oven, my cake was done! It looked good, but a bit too thin... What to do? What to do? If I were to roll it, it would break to pieces, so, I decided to cut them to squares and stack them together and putting generous amount of 'meises' in between the layers.

Hence, it looked exactly like in the photo! Lan enjoyed it a lot and finished it not long after. I hope you enjoy the photo too! :)

Aside from my kitchen activities, I have been busy with my emotion going here and there...
  • With winter coming, my skin allergy (eczema) gets worse, resulting in lack of sleep and self-confidence issue :(
  • PhD work is eating me up as well, I am easily frustrated and upset for things that go far away from my expectation...
  • Been having swollen eyes lately... Did I stare on the PC screen too long?
  • Positively happy, the packet from Mama Papa arrived safely last week, I got a very cute panda doll from Mama, which looks so like a real panda, and we name him 'Po'! Hihihi... 多谢,妈爸!
    Along with Po, plenty of good food, seasoning, sunflower seeds (kuaci), some clothes I bought on Chinese E-bay.

So... forgive me for not updating regularly lately. My brother is arriving back from home this Friday, I am expecting some stuffs from my mum hehe...

Alrighty, back to work now. God bless you all!

Ps. As usual, please feel free to give feedback on the photo, Lan is very happy to accept any suggestions/advice on his photography skill. (Click on the photo to enlarge)