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Lan & Indonesian *language*

In our little family, Lan & I communicate in English. Simply because I am most comfortable with English and Lan is practising to be more fluent. There are those times where we just completely misunderstand each other and that, sadly enough, sometimes triggers fight between us. But, to communicate using his or my mother language is just impossible at the moment... We are both still trying to learn.
I pick up the Mandarin much faster because I learnt a bit before and, in addition, I hear him chatting with his parents in Mandarin almost every Saturday. But Lan does not really hear me talking in Indonesian, simply because I don't talk to my parents in weekly basis like him. I guess I don't feel that homesick any more. I've lived apart from my family for almost 10 years now... gosh a decade!
Anyhow, lately, since we are closer to the time we are going to Bali, he has been asking to teach me a few words, not that it'll help him communicate with my parents hugely, but it wa…

Missing my blog + freebie

Lately, I haven't blogged as much as I used to... Kinda missing my blog now! But, since life becomes so uniform, I feel as if there is nothing interesting to tell about. Anyhow, I hope to get back into my blogging mood soon :)
Today I am not so well... The weather has been very unpredictable lately, one day it rains one day the sun shines. Not so good for my tired body. So, today I feel kinda rough, sick with cold and some fever. My tongue feels bitter. It's a condition I don't really want to be in! I hope I recover soon :)
By this day next week, Lan will already be in Montreal attending CADE conference and workshop. I am both excited and anxious about it. I am happy he gets to go to Canada and already passed the state where I'm jealous about it, but I am anxious about him leaving me for a week. It's gonna be lonely for me being by myself in this flat. I get so used to have him around me everyday. All in all, I will keep a prayer for him every moment of time, for a s…

Shiny Happy People

Today, I received a PM from Joy, she offered me to have a play with her new kit Shiny Happy People, which looks like the preview below.

This kit is full of cute doodly happy faces! I had fun playing with it, it is perfect to scrap with your happy moments with your kids or even just your own fun moments! If you are interested and like to purchase the kit, you can click the preview, it will take you to the shop, where she sells it.
I made two different LOs (layouts) with this kit. One is with the photo of my little sister, Grace, and the second one is Our (Lan's and my) happy moments together!
Oh, also, you should visit Joy's blog, she has plenty of gorgeous freebies in offer, here is her blog address:

Additional credit: Cutie Patootie font from Matahati Designs

Last, but not least, thanks a lot, Joy, for the opportunity to play with your new cute kit! I had fun with it.

My Love

Time for a new kit from Rena Design... 'My Love' is a beautiful kit with fantastic red colored elements in it. Have a look at the preview below, isn't it fantastic? I had fun playing with it... You can snag it from Scrap-dreams or digi-shoppe. These are a couple of LO I made with it. :) Have a great day!

Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration

I've been procrastinating in posting about our 2nd anniversary celebration... Well, I have actually written it in the scrapbook journal above, so I don't even feel like saying it all over again. However, I'd like to keep a record of it.
So on that Thursday *last week*, we decided to have lunch at Las Iguanas , a Latin Restaurant in Liverpool One. Food was tasty but can be better if the portion is bigger! After that, we went to see Ice Age 3 (3D), which is very enjoyable although it wasn't so worth it for the 3D part... still, we had a good laugh during the movie. The unplanned thing that happened was window-shopping! LOL! Apparently, the summer sale has started, so we looked around the shops and bought some gifts for our family, it's a great way of saving 'souvenir' until the time we go home!
Phew, time flew and it was time for dinner! Guess what we had? All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet (Buffet Star)! Great choice, bad for our diet! We enjoyed it though!

We were…

Seriously Scrapbooking!

Hi friends! I've decided to seriously 'dive' into the digital scrapbooking world! I am so glad to announce that I am accepted to be one of the creative team (CT) member of Rena Designs! I am so excited to be able to create layouts for her beautiful kits!

And so, here is the first kit of hers that I got to play with...

The name is Pink Dream. It's so beautiful and pinky (as the name suggests!). You can get it from HERE for $5.90.
Here is some layouts that I made with it:

Hope you like it! :)

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Honey!

These several years have been such a wonderful journey! My days are much colorful with you by my side... Our ups and downs together are beautiful in each of their own ways. Watching your peaceful slumber, how your eyes sparkles when you smile at me, counting your everlasting kindness make me can’t be thankful enough to our Jesus Christ! He truly gave me my one and only soulmate.
What’s passed, I will keep them as a sweet bitter memory. What’s yet to come, I believe is promising. What’s happening now is that I fall in love with you again and again each and everyday!

Kit: Meadow Story by Kimla Design
Paint splatter from Strawberry field by Redju Design (recolored by me)
Alpha: Silver twilight from Amber Gray Design
Font: Passion Conflict ROB