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A note to my heart

all the hurt will soon be gone,
if you'll just keep on being strong.
Give it time, help me through.
Heart, we can do this together

Heart by Britney Spears.
Taken from here.

A sad day...

I was really hoping it was the sign...
I was really happy of the thought; the tiny life inside me...
All of the changes I felt last week gave me the idea of it...
The lateness, the hunger, the cheerfulness and even the different pains I felt.

I guess it's not quite the time yet.
Things don't always go my way.

BUT I am sure my GOD plans for the best and it is coming.

The bright side of this?
Lan is much more prepared.
Lan is more aware that, for me, it is time for our little family to expand.

And just for that, I am forever grateful.
That something good comes out of this sad day.

This is the second day...

I woke up early in the morning feeling really hungry.
I wonder why?

I am not such a morning person and it's always hard to wake me up in the morning... but these two days, I've woken up by myself and without any hard feelings.


Ps. OH! Another beautiful day today! Woohoo!

I love living in UK

When the sun is out,
when the sky is blue,
and the weather is warm.

It's so lovely to be outside, when it's so bright and sunny outside.

And today is one of those few sunny days.

Conwy Castle Day Trip

We had FUN!
This trip was organised by the University of Liverpool for the International students with family; so there were lots of kids in the coach, but luckily it was not so noisy at all! Basically, we got to go to Conwy for free (The University paid for the coach hire) and we only needed to spend money on our entrance to the castle, lunch and some souvenirs.

Thank The Lord for such a beautiful day! It was absolutely sunny day, bright blue skies, just PERFECT! We had great day there.
We arrived at around 11 am, departing at 9 am in the morning. Conwy Castle is one of the World Heritage sites. It is overlooking to beautiful sceneries at every sides, built so close to the sea. So magnificent!

Too bad, I have a faint heart! Hehehe... I have a fear of falling (yep, falling, not height!), so bad... that while going up the winding stair to the top, I was totally shaking. I was grateful that Lan was so patient with me and helped me a lot. We took lots of photos, ready to be scrapped soon…

I am excited!

Paper is submitted to another conference (TIME 2010). Whether it is accepted or not, the MOST important thing is that I know I tried my best! The rest, only God can deal with it :)
If I get it, I'd go to Paris in September... if I don't, well, try another conference ;)

Well, back to my excitement! I am going to a one-day trip to Conwy Castle in Wales tomorrow with my beloved hubbie. I am super duper excited to have a one-day full of fun! I pray that the sun will be shining and the day will be warm, blue skies ahead. :)


Poor blog...

Pardon my neglection on my blog. I feel like it's been so long since I posted my last one. I don't know... lately I just don't feel like writing that my life is monotone and I have nothing to write about LOL!
Easter was passed without doing nothing special really. Just really having quality time talking and sharing with Lan. It was good... when I decided that I should be away from the computer for awhile. After dinner, last night, I asked him to sit and talk with me while I was peeling garlic. We talked, shared and laughed.

I think, marriage-wise, we have improved quite some more. The way we handle arguments, anger and frictions. We have much less fights and the lifespan of those fights are considerably short. We forgive each other much easily and have less drama. Thank Jesus for that!
With each passing day, we have seen each other as a mirror for each other a lot as well as identified our differences. I am trying to open myself more to him, sharing about my everything, wh…