I love living in UK

When the sun is out,
when the sky is blue,
and the weather is warm.

It's so lovely to be outside, when it's so bright and sunny outside.

And today is one of those few sunny days.


  1. haha, a nice day can bring good mood :D

  2. disini malah lagi dingin dan berangin banget nih... hehe

  3. For me... I love living in Indonesia.

  4. Waaah nice day in UK = good mood. :-) Heard that people who live in UK are very very happy to see planes flying in the air again. Such a blessing katanya. ^^

  5. nice weather disana yah Nie , temenku di bld juga blg cuaca udah mulai enak disana mrk juga kluar buat jalan2 . senengnya menyambut matahari yg masih malu2 tapi terama warm banget yah ..

  6. kalo mau cari matahari anget2 doank mah disini tiap hari sher hahahaha..
    tapi yah plus asep item juga hihihi :P

  7. Kalo di sini cuaca lagi ga menentu Sher, kadang panas banget trus tiba2 ujan...


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