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Auld Lang Syne!

Here is my quick glance over year 2009... I remember it started badly with a chronic eczema all over my body, which resulted in many different things happening after that:
First is me being so depressed and messed up.
Second is where a decision to take a 3-months suspension on my study was made, giving me 3 months to be at home with my family (without Lan there though *sob*)
Third is where I was so discouraged that I almost called it a quit on my study!
What a year, huh?! It was a year full of process for Lan and I.
Our marriage was much better than the first year (Thank God for that!). I got to learn being much more patient than I used to be, he got to learn about the 'reality' of marriage! LOL!
We both got to learn to cling to The Lord more each day of our lives that He gives the best (and always the best) for our family. He blessed us abundantly this year; Lan got his paper accepted to a conference and published in a journal, he also got to go to Montreal, Canada. Hallelujah!
As f…

Christmas is NOT over!

How was your Christmas day, friends? Some people are actually very relieved that Christmas is over together with all the festivities and the business that went along with it... Well, for me, Christmas is not over, Christmas is everyday, all year long... because, every day I need Jesus, every day I live for Him, through Him and because of Him. :)

Last week had been a relaxing one. We've stayed at home and I liked it. Resting and taking my mind off from study for a bit. I did get quite sick for a few days, though... I got an ulcer, which painfully locate itself on my jaw! I had migraines for 3 days non-stop, swelling on my left cheek and difficulties to eat. It was kind of having a little diet! I had to eat porridge, simply because I couldn't chew! Phew... Thank God, with a huge amount of orange juice, fruit and veggies, I am much better now.

The weekend was tiring, because we had a fight. Nope, it's never good when we fight... Exhausting mentally and physically for both of us…

I am UTTERLY happy today!

I am so so HAPPY today! I feel so blessed both by The Lord and Lan today! :)
It has been a day full of surprises and blessings.
This Christmas, I knew I got my very first book of 40 scrap-layouts printed out from Lan. However, somehow, the book, which had been sent a month ago, has not yet arrived at our door post! I am quite upset about it as I was so excited and looking forward to getting it in my hands very much. I am so glad though, that the printing company has been very generous by reprinting and re-sending it again.
My husband, with his so kind heart, saw me upset and gave me nice surprises today. On the way to Tesco to buy grocery today, he picked up some treats for me. I got some nice orange juice, some all-butter shortbread cookies and this new baby that I've been wanting!

1TB hard drive, isn't that sweet? With all the scrapping that I do, my laptop was getting crowded. So, I've got this new baby sitting on my table now :) Thanks, Honey!

Then... you know what? The Lor…

Welcoming 2010

Gosh, this year has flown so fast... I cannot believe it is almost the beginning of a new year already! Time rotated around me like a breeze.
To think back on this year, I can only smile and smile... It was a year of God's provision in our little family. I've seen many unbelievable things happened in our lives and for all of those, I can only give thanks to The Lord. He's been more than just GOOD.
I am so thankful that I was shown how The Lord takes care of my family and that His Hands never fail to sustain us. The way He teaches Lan by Himself (sometimes I am amazed by the words that Lan says by himself!), the Grace that brings our family even closer together, the holiday wishes that came true (Dubai!) and many little but so-sweet things that came into my life. And above all, I am grateful for his guidance on my study; how I once felt like quitting and He encouraged me through my beloved ones. How He provides, oh how He provides... not just financially but in everything He …

Renungan: Yang Tidak Bisa Diucapkan Ayah

This story is not mine, but I am glad my best friend shared it with me... It brought tears to my eyes when I read this. It's so so true. (Sorry, to my non-Indonesian friends, that this is written in Indonesian)

Biasanya, bagi seorang anak perempuan yang sudah dewasa, yang sedang bekerja jadi perantauan, yang ikut suaminya merantau di luar kota atau luar negeri, yang sedang bersekolah atau kuliah jauh dari kedua orang tuanya...
Akan sering merasa kangen sekali dengan Mamanya... Lalu bagaimana dengan Papa?
Mungkin karena Mama lebih sering menelepon untuk menanyakan keadaanmu setiap hari, tapi tahukah kamu, jika ternyata Papa-lah yang mengingatkan Mama untuk menelponmu?

Mungkin dulu sewaktu kamu kecil, Mama-lah yang lebih sering mengajakmu bercerita atau berdongeng, tapi tahukah kamu, bahwa sepulang Papa bekerja dan dengan wajah lelah Papa selalu menanyakan pada Mama tentang kabarmu dan apa yang kau lakukan seharian?

Pada saat dirimu masih seorang anak perempuan kecil...
Papa biasanya meng…


I've loved listening to the classic Christmas songs for as long as I can remember. And this season, I love listening to the radio, when they play all those Christmas songs. And this year, one song that particularly caught my attention is "The First Noel".
I love the lyric, how the song tells the story of the star of the east, the birth of our Lord, Jesus... how the song tells the TRUE meaning of Christmas...
These days, Christmas is all about presents, trees, and ornaments to some people. But really, it is all about Jesus. It's a celebration of how much He loves us.

Let us remember the First Noel...

The First Noel, the Angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

They looked up and saw a star
Shining in the East beyond them far
And to the earth it gave great light
And so it continued both day and night.
Noel, Noel, Noe…

Baking Cookies Paper + Cookie exchange - Digi Style!

Today, Michelle has released an essential paper pack, called "baking cookies"! Isn't that a cute name? And aren't those papers lovely? They are so versatile that they are a must-have!

They are on sale for $3.00, but, as usual, it's 20% off until Friday! So go and grab it fast! Here is a double-page LO that I've made using one of the papers in baking cookies.

Are you still tuning in? Well, if you do, you won't regret it because we have some goodies for you! Michelle and us the CT have prepared a little fun blog train for all of you to celebrate the upcoming Christmas! It's a Cookie-recipes blog train! We hope that by sharing all these tasty cookie and treat recipes, we help you to cook up some great treats for this holiday season!

Just follow this blog train to collect lots of tasty cookie and treat recipes - HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the DESIGNS BY MICHELLE BATTON CREATIVE TEAM! (Click the images or the download link below to get the recipes!)




This week I was SO busy. I mean, really... somehow there were so many things to do; tutorials and teaching, a friend's party, and many other things! I feel so tired and exhausted!
Thank God I managed to do the things I am supposed to do, including baking the cupcakes I promised I'd do for the friend's party. I am glad everyone liked them (or so they said!).
We were glad to come to our friend's (Dirk) farewell party. He's one of our colleagues in the Computer Science Department and he's leaving for Madrid in a few weeks for a new job. We wish him all the best and hope that he'll enjoy the sunshiny Madrid, which is much better than the gloomy Liverpool! LOL! We saw some of our old friends there too. It was nice to have a chat with them and catch up with each other's news. :)

Oh well... a new week is starting tomorrow... Gonna be busy again, but I hope I can make more progress for my research than this week. >.< Time is ticking!
I pray that The Lord will…

Counting days to Christmas: day 2

First of all, I am sooooo happy that Amy Stoffel has asked me to return to her Creative Team permanently last week! What an honor! I am absolutely delighted to be in her very very FUN team and she has awesome designs too! So, I say I am totally proud to be creating for her :)

Well, this month, Scrap Orchard has a HUGE celebration to welcome Christmas. Each day of this month there will be one designer's shop that will be 50% off! Yep, you read it right, 50% off! And guess what? Today, it's Amy's Shop! So, go and grab a bargain! This only happens ONCE a year and for ONE DAY ONLY, so you would not want to let it pass :D

That's NOT all! Today, she released 2 adorable and stunning kits: Angel Song and I'll be home for Christmas. Here are the previews and the layouts I made for these:
Angel Song

I'll be home for Christmas

Ps. All the images are linked to the shop/the corresponding kits.
Lovely kits, aren't they? Well, go and grab your bargain of Amy's goodies now! …


Out of seasons of the year, I love this season of Christmas so much. The festivities, the celebration of Christ, the beautiful twinkling and sparkling lights in the shops and each corner of everywhere, they all warm my heart during the icy cold cruel winter.
It's like, although some people don't really take Christmas as a celebration of Christ's birth, they still celebrate Christmas. They gather together and have Christmas dinner; family, love, warmth and happiness is all around Christmas. I love that.

And although we don't have a Christmas tree up in our home, we will be celebrating Christmas with a proper English Christmas dinner this year, upon Lan's request. So, there will be roasted chicken, gravy and roasted vegetables! Mmmm... deliciously mouth-watering! The last time I cooked proper Christmas dinner was in 2005, when I went to Brighton the first time to visit my brother. Time flies...
We're not having Christmas holiday anywhere except at our own little hom…

Farmer's Market

I am so delighted that Suzy accepted my application to be in her Creative Team (CT) and even more delighted that she is selling exclusively at my favourite Scrapbooking shop, Scrap Orchard!

And to celebrate Thanksgiving, Scrap Orchard is having a Farmer's Market, where a lot of goodies are for $1 each!! $1 is a hugeee bargain! And today, I'd like to highlight one cool kit, Celebrate, and cute alpha, Laugh Out Loud, that I've played with and love them to bits! What's better is that they are for $1.00 ONLY until Sunday, 29 November 2009!!!

Here are the layouts that I made with the above gorgeous kit! Both are little gifts for MJ and Christophe. :) Aren't they adorable?

Click on the images to see the full credits and on the kits' previews to be directed to the store right away.
So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and when it's gone, it's gone!
Happy thanksgiving and have a blessed weekend!

Merry and Bright + a freebie

Hi ya!!! Can you believe that Christmas is only a MONTH away?! I know! Time flies crazily... It's almost a new year again! Gosh, where did time go?!
Anyhow, today, Michelle Batton has released a new Christmas-y mini kit called "Merry and Bright". As you see from the preview below, it's not the usual-traditional (red-green-gold) Christmas kit, but it's awesome! I love the bright blue and green in this! Totally gorgeous and versatile, even for some non-Christmas themed layout.

Here is an LO I've made with this kit:

Pencil Lines template 161
Merry and Bright by Michelle Batton Designs at The Digi Chick
Fonts: Arial, MTF Under Your Skin and MTF Base Outline by Miss Tiina

What's even more fantastic is that she's having a 20% SALE through 29th November for everything in the shop! Isn't that a bargain?!

Oh oh, and we have a freebie for you! I've made this December desktop wallpaper using Merry and Bright and there are 2 sizes available: 1024x768 and…


Argh!!! I am procrastinating the whole day today!!! I know that I've got a lot to do... especially after a meeting on a Monday morning! But, heck! I can't bring myself to do any work!
I keep clicking here and there on my firefox. Not good! Really not good! The weather makes it worse, too... the rain and the cold make me want to stay under the cozy and warm blanket of mine in bed!
Heck! It's 16.35, but already looks like 20.00 at night outside! Aarrrggghhh... I want to snooze. What do I do?!

Twilight Saga: New Moon!

Don't worry, I won't spoil the fun. But, I'm sorry I might make you all jealous... I had so much fun today!!
Gosh, I loveeeeeeee New Moon! It is so so much better than Twilight! The seats were full and overflowed with people, who were cheering every now and then at the scenes. It was such an exciting atmosphere! Amazing! And as gorgeous as Jacob's new look could be, I am still team Edward! *woo hoo!* I would love to watch it again and again, but Lan said, wait for the DVD... *sob sob sob* But I have to agree with him! No way I can beat the queue! It was a crazy bunch of crowds there!

Well, I know that the New Moon fever is not over yet, but here I am honestly saying: I CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!! 30 June 2010, bring it over, baby!!!

Ps. Oh man, I'm crazy!
Ps2. after the movie, we had dinner at Yo-Sushi! Yummy yum! I got a 30% off voucher for my birthday! We, of course, took our camera with us and got to play with the new lens (aka 50mm)! That lens, baby, is one aweso…


started with my very first cervical screening (pap smears), Thank God it was quick and not quite as scary as I thought...
Then, coming to office, greeted with a few 'happy birthday's from colleagues. Some even sang the song, which made me blushed crazily! We brought cake to office, so that they can enjoy the treat :) They were happy with it. The day went on quick with me chatting with my Mum. It has been awhile. It's good to talk to her again. Lunch was not the normal routine, Lan and I decided to join our colleagues to eat out instead of going home and cook.

Today is special because I got a special letter from Yulia, the letter I had been waiting for. What a perfect timing!
Today is special because I got 80+ emails in my inbox from all of my dear friends wishing me happy birthday and praying awesome prayers for me. Thank you, all of you!
Today is special because I feel blessed, loved and remembered.
Today is a remembrance day for me of all the great things my Jesus has done an…

Birthday gift(s) from God

Lately, despite the cold dreary winter days, I am blessed to see the sun shining. Just to see a sunshiny-day, it makes me smile! It makes my day a lot better. And, I'd love to think of it as The Lord is smiling at me, that is one of the best birthday gifts that I get for my birthday tomorrow. :)
A few of friends have been asking about how I'm coping winter, especially about my eczema. Well, both Lan and I are anxious about it, however, I praise God that so far it is not a tiny bit as bad as last winter. Yes, they still come, a bit on my face (that is one that I hate the most!), bits on my body parts, but they are manageable. I am still able to sleep, thanks to Lan, who's bought me an under blanket to keep me warm at night, thus my skin is not drying out badly.
Another birthday gift I got this year from The Lord is a realisation on how lovely my parents-in-love (law) are! To know that they love me like their own daughter, that they want the best for me and my health, that the…


Since the crazy rain, it has been extremely cold here in Liverpool. It is just the perfect weather for snuggle and snooze under the blanket. Man, you would not want to go outside on this cold weather. Yesterday, to attend my weekly meeting with my supervisors, I was wearing full 'armors'! Thick gloves, hat, wind-proof jacket, two layers of pants and so many layers of tops! And it was still so COLD! It's like going into a freezer, except this is a huge outdoor freezer!
Anyhow, I am still thankful for yesterday! After quite a long discussion of my research (well mostly, me talking about what I've done and my founding!), my supervisors gave me positive feedback. They said that I've progressed much quicker than I was in June & July - when I was sort of in a depressing and discouraging time of life! (read here) They are very happy with my progress and the 'TLC tableau rules' that I've proposed looks promising. Of course that makes me super duper happy! Pr…

Crazy rain!

Today, for one WHOLE day, it's been raining crazily! Gosh, I've never seen so much rain like that! Thank God, the drainage system here is good. No doubt, it will cause a flood if it were in Indonesia! LOL!

Rain always makes me dream of snuggles and cozy sleep! Hot chocolate sounds blissful... Mmm... That sounds much better than being stuck in the cold office or out and drench in the rain! Uh oh! That reminds me, when we walked back home for lunch, I was like a drenched cat, all wet! Wet socks and wet bag!

I wish Liverpool would not rain so much... I wish there is a good balance of sunshine and rain. And I know, I can only wish...


All of us what to be spoiled (dimanja), don't we? Each of us have different preferences on how we want people to spoiled us. Some feel they are spoiled when they are given gifts, some when they are given attention, some prefers going out for a dinner and many others.
Well, yesterday, I just found out a new thing about Lan. As a single child, I know that his parents spoil him a lot. You can say that, in some ways, he is the EXACT opposite of me. As the first child, I get to step back for my siblings. My parents taught me strictly and I don't get spoiled so much. Hence, I am really not good at spoiling somebody, including my hubby... And, it created troubles!
He became somewhat depressed due to me not spoiling him the way he wants it to be. He likes to 'buy' things, just for the sake that he likes it, which most of the time it's either so expensive or not quite useful! I tend to say 'no' to those things! "We are students, after all! We are saving for the f…


Dearest friends,
Thank you very much for your positive encouragements regarding living in Beijing. It makes me, somewhat, feel rest-assured... In addition, I will still have to wait until I finish my PhD to move there and I am hoping that I can finish it early, so that Lan would not have to 'wait' too long in the UK with me. I notice that living costs are getting higher here and jobs are getting harder to get. But, I appreciate it very much that Lan has decided he will stay here until I finish my study.
We don't really want to be apart from each other for too long... It's too awkward and being alone paralysed me. I get used to living with a hubby by my side all the time!

Dear Noni (and all of my dear friends), off course, I will accompany you to go around Beijing and I hope, by then, we can offer our place for you to stay! :) I just hope I won't get you all lost! LOL!

Just a few minutes ago, I heard a song at Nafiri FM online streaming... I wrote below the part tha…

Someday in Beijing...

I will be!
I have mixed feelings about this 'absolute' future of mine. There are fears, happiness, excitements and many others. All in all they all cannot be described as purely bad nor purely good! However, above all, I know it's for good reason. :)
Being the only child, Lan wishes to take care of his parents in their old times and to be close to them (physically). I am glad that he has such a kind and beautiful heart... because I know these days, there is a crisis in the society, where the kids/the young ones cannot wait to put their parents in the nursing homes! So, I completely agree with his reasons of coming back to Beijing and settle down there for awhile.

Let's talk about my fear first. The obvious one will be LANGUAGE! Even after 2 years of marriage, I am still considering myself dumb on Mandarin. I try *probably NOT my hardest* to learn the language. Listening to Mama, Papa, and Lan having conversation every Saturday, trying to talk to Mama Papa and even to Lan.…

Some of my very meaningful LOs.

Lately, I have been making some LOs that are quite dear to me... I'd like to share them with you. :) First of all, is the LO I made with the photos we took when we went to the pumpkin patch in Warrington. (Since, I'm to lazy to upload one by one to FB, I thought, the easiest way of doing it would be putting the best ones together and scrap them in a layout!) Here it is:

SO Topped Template, Designs by Sine.
Harvest Spice, October Mega by Scrap Orchard Designers.

I have made this one using Designs by Sine's SO Topped Template pack! Oh, I forgot to say that, the lovely Sine had invited me to join her fun Creative Team (CT)! I feel so honored to be joining her team! I love her templates!
I have to say, I love how the LO turns out! Those photos hubby took are stunning! Love the striking orange of the pumpkins in each and every photo! :D

Another one that is very lovely to me is... dedicated to our not-yet-here little baby. Yep, this is the very first LO for our Zhang junior!


Rawr-o-Saurus & blog train...

Today, Michelle Batton is releasing a brand new fantabulous kit at The DigiChick, it's Rawr-o-Saurus!!!! The dinosaurs on Michelle had made are so cute! This kit is so gorgeous and versatile! It can be used both to scrap a boyish and girly LO! It's even great to make a non-dinosaur LO! On top of that, who can resist such a cute alpha?! I LOVE the alpha in this kit!
Check my non-dinosaur LO here...

Love it? What are you waiting for? Get shopping! This kit is on sale for 20% for today and tomorrow ONLY!
Ah, also, we, Michelle's team has prepared some gifts for you! It's a blog freebie train! Apparently, you are at stop #7 (last stop)! And here is what you get at this stop:

Click on the preview above to download or you can go HERE. And, if you somewhat missed the other 6 freebies (there are 7 freebies including the one above), hop on Michelle's blog to get you back on track! Here is what's waiting for you at Michelle's blog. You'll be sorry to miss it!


Weekend in Warrington

After so much contemplation and googling, I decided to tow Lan along to Warrington. There was a 'pumpkin day' at Kenyon Hall Farm, and I'd love to go and see what it looks like. Lan was hesitant, he didn't really buy the idea of going to a farm just to see a pumpkin patch! Not interesting, as he said, but he still went for me... Bless him for that!
So, Saturday morning, we headed to Lime Street Station at around 10.10am, to catch the 10.22am train to Warrington. Guess what? We missed it just by seconds! Thank God the train passing Warrington runs every several minutes or so, we did not have to wait long.

The journey on the train between Liverpool and Warrington is around 20-30 minutes. As soon as we got to Warrington, we got on a 15-minutes journey to the farm by taxi. Well, the farm is actually at the outskirts of Warrington. The taxi driver was very kind to give us his mobile number, so we can ring him when we are done... I can't imagine getting a taxi there. It&…

Psalm 91

This week has been a strange week for me. For two nights in a row, I got a series of similar dreams; scary dreams, dreams that woke me up with no peace to return back to sleep. Dreams of someone - a black silhouette - that came through our window like a thief. It scared the hell of me! I am really NOT keen of nightmares!
The second night was the worst... I woke up panicking for who-knows-what. I tried anything on top of my mind to calm myself, but nothing worked until I prayed. Prayers are really powerful, incredible!
Never ever underestimate the power of prayers! It works, believe me!

Psalm 91
Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God
1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”

3 Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler
And from the perilous pestilence.
4 He shall cover you with His feathers,
And un…

About birthdays

Uh Oh! I'm so sleepy right now. Last night I took a sore-throat medicine that always successfully knocks me out to sleep even when the sun has risen! I tend to be blurred and it's difficult to concentrate when I'm so out of space like this. My brain and body are in different paces; brain says do A, body does D! Anyhow, let's get back to the topic I'd like to discuss today: *drum rolls* BIRTHDAYS! (This is a response to MJ's Mummy's comment about my brothers' birthdays being so close to each other)

In my family there is this weird pattern of birthdays, an order, shall we say? One set of birthdays in the early months of the year and another set in the end of it.
The first set is started with my Mum's birthday, which is on January 3rd, followed by Papa Mama's birthday both in February, separated by one day! Mama on 21st and Papa on 23rd. Then comes March, 1st is my little sister, Grace's birthday and 3rd is my Dad. April, which is also the end of…

Big retirement SALE!

Scrap Orchard is having a huge retirement SALE!!!! They are cutting the prices up to 65% off!!! Isn't that a massive saving?! So, what are you waiting for? Go to Scrap Orchard now and have a shopping spree!!
Hurry, this sale is only on from today until Wednesday, 14 October 2009!

La Cucina, Gimme Candy and October Nights.

I have been busy with my scrapbooking activities lately. And today, it seems that all the designers decided to release their kits! LOL! So, here we go...

First, I am enjoying my time very much guesting at LCC by Amy Stoffel! The girls are fun and Amy designs gorgeously! She released 2 new kits this week at the Scrap Orchard! The first one is perfect for scrapping all your cooking/dining photos: La Cucina.

Isn't that cute? Here is what I made with it:

Next is the Halloween-y kit, Gimme Candy

My LO:

This month I am also joining Michelle Batton's Creative Team. Her team is also fun. Thank you, Michelle, for inviting me to be in your CT!! Your designs are awesome!
This week, she's releasing a paper pack, October Nights and an alpha, tag! You're It.
I especially LOVEEEE the alpha!!

Here is what I did with these two awesome packs:

So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop! They are ALL on SALE for 20% off, this week! Don't miss the bargain. :)

Autumn Gold and a freebie

Well, we went to the dentist yesterday and had successfully pulled Lan's tooth out with no major problems! In fact, I think he is getting the hang of it better and better! I'm very much blessed that he is improving so much about this dentist thing.
And, for now, he can sit out for 3 months to let the wound heal and the gum reshape, before he gets his replacement. So we have arranged his next appointment on 07th January 2010!
Gosh... can't believe it's almost the new year again! Time just sprints right through me these days!

I do look forward to next year though, because we are planning to have a junior next year. I am having baby fever real bad lately and really excited that soon Lan will finish his study and will be working. I pray that The Lord has provided him the right job as soon as he finishes study.

Onto digi-scrapping, today, Rena has released a new 'Autumn' kit, called Autumn Gold. It's loaded with beautiful golden yellow-colored elements, which I real…

Vacay 09 (5): Dentist!

First thing first: Happy birthday, dear Erwin! May The Lord be your blessings, your shield, your guidance, your Father and best Friend! Amen!
Until we see you again!

Every time I go home, I always pay a visit to the dentist to check my teeth. I am proud to say that in my family, I've got the healthiest teeth among us the adults (Papi, Mami, Erwin and I). Although they are not genetically white, but my teeth are healthy and rarely have holes. That's the most important thing above all, whitening is not necessary and so d*mn expensive anyway! So, I'll just live with the way they are.

Well, this holiday, I went again, literally, dragging Lan along with me. He hates dentists! He is scared of them! But, he promised me. A promise is a promise, he knew that! He's been having bad-smell-breath problems for quite a long time and I make a LOT of fuss about it! Simply because my nose is very very sensitive, way too sensitive compared to his. And this bad-breath is bugging me so much…

About the weather + Freebie...

I just got to the office a few minutes ago. Ugh... here comes Monday plus all the businesses that it brings! Today, as we walked from home to the office, we cringed at the cold weather. It's Fall/Autumn here. Yes, the air is crispier and the scenery looks so beautiful with all the leaves turning golden brown, some blown by the wind. But, somehow, it feels more like WINTER already! It's too cold for Autumn.

Gosh, I've been in Liverpool from 2002 and, yet, I can never get used to this extreme weather. It's as if from Summer, we just go straight to Winter. That-is-not-nice! Or could it be because I just came back from our tropical weathered vacation, that I feel it's extremely cold? I am already wearing two layers of pants and 3 layers of tops, but I am still feeling the cold. Geez... is that something wrong with me? Or the weather?
I just hope this winter will not be as bad as last winter, where I got my eczema really bad. Oh, I don't really want to remember that..…

My Belief

There is this nice challenge in Scrap Orchard today. It's a challenge to scrap a page without any photo on it. And it suddenly popped into my mind that I haven't scrapped about my beloved Jesus yet. So there came my inspiration. I really love how it turned out, so I thought of putting it on my blog.

Everything from Rainy Afternoon from LCC by Amy Stoffel.
WA from Elegant Wordarts by Bethany.

Both are selling at Scrap Orchard.

Ps. Click on the image for a larger version.

Vacay 09 (4): Fun with Yulia!!!

I've been wanting to continue writing about my holiday, but gosh... I've been in limbo! My body feels like it's not mine and keeps giving me this weird unhealthy feeling. Well, luckily, I found this medicine that really helps me to rest, it knocks me out to sleep soundly (and it gives me hard time to open my eyes in the morning!) It's like a drug, but a good drug! LOL!

Anyway, I insist to write about the important things that happen during our vacation this year, although it's been gone far, because I don't want to forget any bits of it... It's too precious to me!
If I remember correctly, Yulia arrived at my home on 27th August 2009 by BMW Travel Bus from Surabaya. She had been on TNI-AL ship for 3 weeks by then on a diving mission. Forgive me for making you wait for me to get up, sist! I was so tired that I did not even hear that you've arrived!
I was so happy to see you! I even could not wait to give you the gifts Lan and I had for you; one very speci…

Urban Dreamer by Amy Stoffel

This month, I am so happy that I can be a guest in Amy's Creative Team (CT). Her CT is so fun and I am enjoying myself there, the girls are so awesome and Amy herself is incredible. I really wish I could stay in the CT permanently for forever!!! It's just too fun there!

So, anyway, this week, Amy has this funky, cool and totally gorgeous kit called Urban Dreamer

What's more is that when you buy this kit, you'll get a set of matching cool frames for free! How cool is that?

It wasn't enough to make just one LO with this funky kit! I made TWO! Believe me, it's so fun to scrap with!

And since Amy is such an awesome person (I've told you that before, right??), she's made this freebie alpha to coordinate with Urban Dreamer, which you can snag it at her BLOG

Cool isn't it??? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and get shopping! :)