Someday in Beijing...

I will be!
I have mixed feelings about this 'absolute' future of mine. There are fears, happiness, excitements and many others. All in all they all cannot be described as purely bad nor purely good! However, above all, I know it's for good reason. :)
Being the only child, Lan wishes to take care of his parents in their old times and to be close to them (physically). I am glad that he has such a kind and beautiful heart... because I know these days, there is a crisis in the society, where the kids/the young ones cannot wait to put their parents in the nursing homes! So, I completely agree with his reasons of coming back to Beijing and settle down there for awhile.

Let's talk about my fear first. The obvious one will be LANGUAGE! Even after 2 years of marriage, I am still considering myself dumb on Mandarin. I try *probably NOT my hardest* to learn the language. Listening to Mama, Papa, and Lan having conversation every Saturday, trying to talk to Mama Papa and even to Lan. But, gosh, I find it hard to remember words. LOL! I keep telling myself to relax, maybe the only thing I need to learn Mandarin is to BE there in Beijing, where I shall force myself to speak it. Ummm... I might have a damaged brain afterward though! LOL!
The not-so-obvious one is whether I will be comfortable living there... I am not a big-city girl. I lived in Denpasar, Shepparton (Australia) and Liverpool, which are all not huge cities. So unlike Beijing, which is the capital city of the most populated country in the world! I wonder how will I get the hang of going around without getting lost myself there in Beijing... *thinking that one day, Lan will have to go to work and I'll be a stay-at-home-mother*
I really pray that The Lord will give me enough patience to cope and get comfortable living in Beijing.

What's excited about Beijing? I'd say FAMILY! I am so blessed that Lan's family loves me very much *Yeah! I am that confident! ;p* Mama Papa loves me like they love their very own daughter. And I can't wait to spend more time with them and, (hopefully, by then, I'd be able) to have conversations with them too!
Family also means the new additions! Yeah, I am such a bad baby-fever! I am sure Papa Mama will be thrilled to have grandchildren! I can already picture how they gonna love their grandchildren to bits.
Second reason why it's exciting is new places! Being in Liverpool from 2002 makes me feel a bit bored of it... It's good, but, as a developed country, the development, the changes are so slow! It's not as dynamic as Denpasar, where they have new things every now and then.
Thirdly, our OWN flat. I am praying hard on this. We are planning to buy a 3-bedrooms flat in Beijing, when we settle down there. We know that the prices are expensive and it is hard to get reasonable price if we want good location. But, we ALSO know that nothing is impossible with God. So, we persevere! In addition to that, Lan is letting me decorate our home to our likings! Yay!!! I love decoration-shopping... there will be a trip to IKEA, B&Q, and many other furniture shops. Woo hoo!
Last but not least, good food and cheap prices! Yay!! Can't beat good food, indeed!

Oh well... this post more-or-less was to get things off my chest. It will be interesting to read this again in a few years, when I finally live in Beijing. I wonder whether most of points are really true and whether my fears are merely nothing but my own animated fears. We'll see...


  1. namanya pindah ke tempat baru, awal2 pasti berat ya sher... tapi gua yakin ntar2 nya bisa adaptasi lah... :) apalagi kan lan emang dari sana... :D

    kapan bakal pindahnya sher?

  2. Kalo ga tahun depan ya 2 tahun lagi, Man... Yang jelas makin deket aja waktunya. Tapi ya, sebagai istri aku tahu aku mesti ngikut suami. Jadi ngejalaninnya lebih enteng gitu...

  3. Asyik... jadi ntar kalo aku ke beijing, ada yg bisa nemenin jalan2. hehehe...

    Don't worry Sher, God will open a way. Asalkan emang itu jalan hidup kalian, everything will be okay.

    Btw, kalo pindahnya next year, r u going to continue your Phd by correspondence?

    Semoga cepet dapet baby ya Sher. hehehe..

  4. Wah......! Makin deket waktunya yach ke Beijing? :)
    Jadi makin jarang pulang ke Bali, dunks? :<
    Btw, gapapa, kita tetep isa kontakan terus, kok :D

  5. enjoy dear... You would grab the Mandarin once you are there :) All the best yah.

  6. tempat baru pasti excited, apalagi ama orang2 yang terkasih.. pasti semuanya adaptasi,bahasa? ntar dah disono tiap hari tv, pasar semuanya bhs mandarin, terus mau ga mau khan praktek langsung,bakal jadi jago.. learning by doing. :) gbu

  7. 1. Nggak usah khawatir sama bahasa. Yang kamu pikir itu benar: begitu kamu ada di sana, progress kamu belajar Bahasa Mandarin pasti melesat. Setiap hari dengar Bahasa Mandarin, setiap hari harus ngomong Bahasa Mandarin. Oh iya, jangan lupa kursus... :-D
    I'd say, in 6 months you'd speak much better! ;-)

    2. Big city selalu punya daerah pinggiran? Mungkin di situ kamu bisa lebih kerasan. Nggak terlalu jauh dari pusat kota, tapi sekaligus nggak seramai pusat kota.

    3. Once you have your baby, you don't have fear for such of things anymore. Yang ada di kepala itu semua tentang anakmu. :-D

    Kamu melakukannya dengan tulus hati, berdasarkan kasih untuk suami dan mertuamu. Tuhan pasti memuluskan jalan kalian. ;-)

  8. jangan kuatir sher, kalo kita udah di tempat asalnya, dikelilingi orang2 native pasti lu bisa!
    tapi blognya jangan diganti jadi huruf mandarin ya nti haha :D

  9. Wow, Lan is such a man of a kind!! :D

    Iya sih, pindah ke kota baru memang 'menyeramkan' awalnya. Aku selama ini belum pernah pindah ke tempat baru dimana bahasa yang dipakai benar2 asing, hehe. Cuma kata orang2, bisa lah setidaknya 6 bulan langsung lancar Mandarin kalau tinggal disana, hehehe

    Wish all the best :-)


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