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Uh Oh! I'm so sleepy right now. Last night I took a sore-throat medicine that always successfully knocks me out to sleep even when the sun has risen! I tend to be blurred and it's difficult to concentrate when I'm so out of space like this. My brain and body are in different paces; brain says do A, body does D! Anyhow, let's get back to the topic I'd like to discuss today: *drum rolls* BIRTHDAYS! (This is a response to MJ's Mummy's comment about my brothers' birthdays being so close to each other)

In my family there is this weird pattern of birthdays, an order, shall we say? One set of birthdays in the early months of the year and another set in the end of it.
The first set is started with my Mum's birthday, which is on January 3rd, followed by Papa Mama's birthday both in February, separated by one day! Mama on 21st and Papa on 23rd. Then comes March, 1st is my little sister, Grace's birthday and 3rd is my Dad. April, which is also the end of this first set of birthday is Lan, on the 13th.
So, there..., we have 4 months in a row of 6 birthdays!

Then, the set for the ending of the year starts on September 15th, which is my little brother, Han-Han's birthday! Continuing on October 6th is my first brother (It's so hard to explain this... first brother meaning my first younger brother; I have 2 brothers both younger.), Erwin's birthday. At last, it's mine on November 18th.
So, the latter one is not so bad, it's only 3 of us really. However, if I consider my Mum's big family, in November there are 3 days in a row of birthdays for 4 people. 17, 18, 19 November are birthdays for my uncle (17), me and a cousin (18) and my auntie (19). LOL! That's too big to be a coincidence isn't it? :p

And this year comes to mark my age as a quarter of a century. To say that time slips by me, it's not wholly true! I have to say to myself that I've done a lot of things that I wanted to do all these years! I've got to see the world through my own eyes and made my own views on how things are. I have achieved *All praises and honours only to my dear Lord, Jesus!* beyond my imaginations. And I am content.
From now, I will teach myself to do things not only for myself, my future, my achievements. Instead, it will be for my hubby, my family, my dear children, and above all, for my Jesus. They are my priorities. The reasons I live.
I am viewing my first quarter of a century as a chapter titled "ME". I'm entitling the second quarter as "FAMILY", which will soon start. And it sounds good... :)

God bless your week, my friends! And thanks for reading my babbles! LOL!

Ps. Thanks ya Arman for correcting me! Hehehe it was supposed to be 'century' not decade! LOL! Thanks to my sleepy head of mine, I just made very silly mistake :P


  1. ha22 kalo diurutin sekeluarga besar yah full of B"day setaun nya ... hi222
    gmn sakitnya dah sembuh kan ? apa perlu ciapoh 4 gentong ? wkwwkkkk

  2. hhee lucu ya tiap bulan jadi ada celebration! :)

    btw kok quarter of a decade sih sher? decade bukannya 10 th ya? kalo quarter of a decade jadi 2.5 th dong?
    harusnya quarter of century dong ya... hehehe. gua gak paham sih ama istilah2nya yang bener... :D

  3. asik juga ultahnya berurutan gitu sher, jadi traktirnya cukup sekali aja akhir bulan haha..
    wah.. baru 25 ya.. masih muda.. gua juga pengen hiks..


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