Some of my very meaningful LOs.

Lately, I have been making some LOs that are quite dear to me... I'd like to share them with you. :) First of all, is the LO I made with the photos we took when we went to the pumpkin patch in Warrington. (Since, I'm to lazy to upload one by one to FB, I thought, the easiest way of doing it would be putting the best ones together and scrap them in a layout!) Here it is:

SO Topped Template, Designs by Sine.
Harvest Spice, October Mega by Scrap Orchard Designers.

I have made this one using Designs by Sine's SO Topped Template pack! Oh, I forgot to say that, the lovely Sine had invited me to join her fun Creative Team (CT)! I feel so honored to be joining her team! I love her templates!
I have to say, I love how the LO turns out! Those photos hubby took are stunning! Love the striking orange of the pumpkins in each and every photo! :D

Another one that is very lovely to me is... dedicated to our not-yet-here little baby. Yep, this is the very first LO for our Zhang junior!

Template from when... template pack by Digiland Designs.
Everything from Good Night by Amy Stoffel.
Artsy Edges from Michelle Batton's Designs.
Fonts: La Pointe's Road, Certain Tea.

My journal in this page is about Lan buying the very first toy for our dear junior. Something that I really want to keep as a memory, so that, one day, our junior can read this and know what his/her first toy is!
Another one that is not as recent as the other two would be one I made for Lan... It simply says it all...

Bouille Template 14
A la Croisee des coeurs by Kalina
Wordart from Elegant Wordart by Bethany.


  1. (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    Semuanya bikinan Mbak sendiri, ya?. bagus-bagus!

  2. bagus bagus...
    cuma terlalu banyak space kosongnya ya...

  3. gilee bener2 scrap addicted ! bgs2 Nie bikin nya sampe pake prasaan yah ! hmmm bener2 deh kagum . bener kata Arman , manurut seleraku terlalu bnyk ruang kosong

  4. keren banget scraps nyaaaa.. kamu hobi ya bikin ginian? aku suka banget yang "your first toy", terlihat sangat lucuu..

    how are you, nieee??

  5. Aku sempat pikir kamu hamil lho, Sher! Sampai akhirnya aku perbesar gambar dan baca, hihihi...

  6. ini ganti profesi jadi desainer ya? :)

  7. Setuju sama Arman, banyak tempat kosongnya. Mungkin buat tempat iklan kali.
    Btw pumpkin (labu) buat orang sunda pasti dilalap tuh..haha..salam kenal ya Sher

  8. Sher... yak amplop... U beneran demen banget ma scrapbook sekarang? Ckckck! Salut! ^0^ Gue aje gak demen buat, tapi demen liat doank :D


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