Urban Dreamer by Amy Stoffel

This month, I am so happy that I can be a guest in Amy's Creative Team (CT). Her CT is so fun and I am enjoying myself there, the girls are so awesome and Amy herself is incredible. I really wish I could stay in the CT permanently for forever!!! It's just too fun there!

So, anyway, this week, Amy has this funky, cool and totally gorgeous kit called Urban Dreamer

What's more is that when you buy this kit, you'll get a set of matching cool frames for free! How cool is that?

It wasn't enough to make just one LO with this funky kit! I made TWO! Believe me, it's so fun to scrap with!

And since Amy is such an awesome person (I've told you that before, right??), she's made this freebie alpha to coordinate with Urban Dreamer, which you can snag it at her BLOG

Cool isn't it??? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and get shopping! :)


  1. (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    Waduh bagi saya yang tidak terlalu lancar berbahasa ingris perlu konsentrasi dan waktu yang lebih lama untuk membaca post ini.


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