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Making him smile!

It's been a while since I planned to buy him this camera for his birthday next year. I have been surveying on prices of different stores.
Voila! Yesterday, we found a great bargain in one of the stores in city centre. Got a 10% discount of the normal price plus a £50.00 cashback from Canon. Thus, the cheapest price I found!

And I made him smile so wide and brightly! God... I love to make him smile :)

Ps. so now he has a new toy and been busy with it!

Weekend in London

We had great time in London, despite the traffic jams that slowed us down every time we are heading somewhere. Meeting with my godfather was really worth it! We were so happy to meet him, after a year not seeing each other.
In the middle of it, we had a couple of hours sightseeing around Westminster area, unfortunately the photos aren't really good, because the sun makes it either really dark or both of our eyes are closed hehehe... We did not get into the Parliament house nor the London Eye. Oh my... the queue was ridiculous, mind you it was a Saturday.
Still, I had great time going around with my hubby.

Now, we are back to the routine and business!

Deadline oh deadline

Been ages since my last post, never knew I'd be so busy!
I have been chased by deadline and I have been chasing time hahaha! I have this end-of-year report, which is very important. It decides whether I get to continue to the second year or not. On top of the report, an interview will be held early October, where I will be questioned about my works by the professors of the Computer Science department. That's the reason I've been burying myself under papers and works...

Monday to Wednesday, I went to a 'Reachability Problem' Workshop for free (got a great dinner in a posh restaurant, too!), other than that, nothing really excites my life!

Going to London Saturday and Sunday to meet a man, who is like a second DAD to me. I hope it is going to be a great time, been missing him a lot, the last time I met him was on my wedding day...

Righty, friends, gotta go now. Have a blessed weekend!!

All is well!

Been to the doctor this morning in the heavy rain and strong wind. Turned out to be it is NOT an eye-infection. I was speechless that the previous doctor made the wrong judgment about my eyes' condition. Thank God there was no huge and dangerous side effect, otherwise, who knows what would happen.

Anyway, I am glad it's approaching weekend! Woo hoo! Been so tired this week with this and that...

God bless and have a great weekend, friends! :)

Ps. Komentar-komentar di postingku sebelumnya bener-bener bikin ketawa deh... Banyak yang salah baca 'MENGOROK' jadi 'meROKOK'. Huehehehe... FYI, I don't smoke and will never will, neither does Lan. In fact, we both hate cigarettes and the smell.
So, kalo ada yang punya tips tokcer untuk menghentikan kebiasaan NGOROK, kasih tau ya :) Trims.

Praise God!

I's a happy day today! I just received a letter of my scholarship renewal, which means I did good enough last year for the scholarship to be extended. Praise The Lord for that!
About my illness after returning from Hamburg, I had acute flu, headache, fever and some muscles and bone pain. It made me feel so mushy! Thank God, Lan took a really good care of me; cooked for me, reminded me to eat medicine, and helped me a lot. However... I transformed to a giant bacteria! I passed the illness to him! Argh... so two sick people taking care of each other!
Anyway, we are OK now, in terms of those illness... Yet, I suddenly got an eye-infection! Itchy and red, it frustrates me. My eyes become easily red when I face the computer screen for too long (whereas, I am supposed to face the screen all the long to work!) I had been using an antibiotic ointment for 5 days now, as instructed by the doctor, but not much has changed. So, I am going back to see the doctor on Friday, hope it can heal soon.