Friday, September 30, 2005

I Noticed...

I noticed today...
It's already happening;
Thing that I fear the most...
Thing that I don't want to see, feel or notice...
But I knew it, I knew it...
It's happening and I won't stop it.

It is better that way...
Because... whether I like it or not, it will still happen
For I had let go, I had loosen my holds.

One day, it will be understood...
That this is for the better future,
For the happiness.

I hope it is not mistakenly perceived.
Love is the base of my decision...
Let this go with the flow,
Even if it hurts and breaks me down,
I know for sure, it won't be wasted.

- to someone, whom dearly to me.

Btw, mo kasih announcement, ternyata oh ternyata, adikku yang di Brighton decided to make a blog in FS, so here is the +link+! Hope you all like what he shares in his blog!

Last but not least... Have a BLESSED weekend, everyone!! Semoga weekendnya mengasyikan! *cheers*

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weird A thought of a sister

I don't know why, but coming back this time, I feel so weird...
As if I don't belong here,
As if this is not the place I used to live and know...
Is it because all of my friends have gone their own ways?
Or is it because I am not doing the same course again?
Or is it a problem in me?
I don't know... I am still searching why...

@ 28 Sept 2005

- Enough of that -

These days, I so often call and been called on the phone by my brother. I am happy in a way... I have a family nearby in the country, even though I still don't know when I am going to visit him down in Brighton.

I am sure he is coping there. I believe he can do it; cooking, washing, and all of the other stuffs by himself. He is a brave man! Yes... now he is a man, not a little boy I used to play with some years ago...
Time surely flies... we both are not in the childhood anymore. But it's good to know that we are sister and brother, inseparatable ones. I know it for sure... I missed the time we chatted together in the night time just like two weeks ago. We still like we used to... shared the same bed and tell each other's bad sleeping attitude.

Ah... I am really grateful and blessed to have you, bro! You are not only a brother, but also a friend; a dear one. Good luck to both of us! Hope I will visit you soon down there! God bless you, bro! *Be a great architect, okay?!* Love you!

Ps. kaga nyambung yah postingannya?! Oh well... tiba-tiba aja pengen mosting campur aduk begini... so, pardon me! *grin*

One more thing, today, Coen & I have entered our 25th month of our relationship. Congrats to us, honey! I love you, very much...

Monday, September 26, 2005

The first day...

Hiyaaaa!! Today was the official first day of my Master course. It was an easy day, only had one lecture at 10 a.m. And guess what?! I was the ONLY girl! I didn't expect that, but there was the reality! *grins*
Hopefully, being the only girl will help me in the next 12 months to do my best getting my degree. Yup! The Master course in the UK is only 12 months long! However, I can assure you that it will be truly hard and busy! No time for playing! If you can imagine compressing 2 years of Master course in other places of the world into a year, than you would understand what I meant by busy and hard! Hehehe... But! Gotta try hard!
So... how was Monday for everyone?! Hope it was a good day!
Oh well, I have been talking to my brother *who is down in Brighton near London* on the phone so much... I think I'll go broke pretty much soon hahaha... But, it's nice to have him closer than when he was in Aussie. I have to find the time to visit him one weekend, don't know when, but hopefully soon.
Okay then! That's all for now! ^^
God bless you all!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Online lagi... Blogging lagi!

Halo halo semuanya!! Sekarang aku sudah balik di Inggris. Capeknya masih kerasa, pegel dan nyerinya. Hari Kamis sore tiba di Liverpool, unpacking trus beresin kamar biar rapi... Hari Jumatnya pagi-pagi sudah ada di kampus, ngurusin ini itu, bolak-balik sana-sini... Antre sana-sini, beresin urusan uang sekolah, ambil student ID, register mata kuliah, register computer account, buanyak dahhhhh! Abis gitu pergi belanja, soalnya ga ada makanan sama sekali. Pulangnya, dah ga niat masak, jadi cuma maem cereal ama susu. Abis gitu langsung geblak di atas ranjang and ngorok. :P

Untungnya hari ini weekend, bisa rest for awhile. Kalo ga... bisa koit kale! Mumpung weekend, mo nyempetin blogwalking, nyamperin temen-temen yang laennya... Dah lama ga berkunjung nih... So... here I come! :D

Saturday, September 10, 2005

11 Days To Go

Yep! Akhirnya menghitung hari-hari terakhir pun dimulai... Tanggal 21 September 2005 nanti aku -mau tak mau- harus kembali merantau ke United Kingdom untuk memulai kuliah Masterku selama satu tahun ke depan. Duh, rasanya bener-bener belum puas deh! Masih kepingin bisa bermain dengan adik perempuanku yang paling kecil itu dan melihat dia bertumbuh besar... Masih kepingin kumpul bareng-bareng orang tuaku dan makan serta ke mana-mana bareng. Tapi yah... namanya juga kewajiban, mau tidak mau harus kujalani, tul gak?!
Satu lagi yang bikin aku sedih adalah... Aku belum sempat bertemu dengan Oen-Oen... Yah, memang dulu ada rencana dia dateng ngunjungin aku ke Denpasar, tapi ternyata ga bisa, karena dia sibuk banget sama proyek-proyek kerjaannya. Yang lebih ngeselin lagi tuh, aku ga dapet izin untuk ke Jakarta nemuin dia. Gak tau lah... ini ke mana juntrungnya.

Kayaknya sementara itu dulu deh updatenya... Thanks berat buat teman-teman yang masih terus setia ngunjungin blogku ini! Bentar lagi giliran aku yang mampir ke blog kalian... pas sudah balik ke United Kingdom nanti ya!!! Gak lupa juga aku ucapin 'salam kenal' buat semua blogger yang udah ngajakin kenalan di postingan paling terakhir itu.
Thanks juga buat semua ucapan selamatnya untuk anniversary kami. God bless!