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#600 - Frustrating Friday

Don't you hate it when you find something bad makes your day feel soooo long? Even hate it more because it's a Friday? Yes? Well... that's how I feel right now.

For the last few weeks I have been implementing a program in Java for my PhD and I am almoooost finished. HOWEVER, it's when you ARE almost finished, you find all these annoying bugs and things that are stopping you to actually finish it! *GAH!* I feel so frustrated!

I wish Friday is a weekend too! LOL! That's my daydream, to declare that Friday is a weekend! I'm sure MANY people gonna love that! Hehehe...
Anyway, out of my frustration comes a blessing! I am so blessed to have Lan, who always willingly helps and supports me. He actually helped the situation and provided me with some alternatives to move forward. Praise The Lord for a very smart husband I have. :)

On the other hand, days have been much shorter lately and the winds much chiller. We are putting the clock backwards on Sunday (ends of Britis…

Low blood pressure, Anyone?

I have heard so many explanations on how high blood pressure can endanger life and on how many people have this problem, but low blood pressure? Not too common right?

Apparently, I am one of those people with low blood pressure. Yesterday, I could not get out of bed because of severe headache. It was so painful, it's like annoying and painful nudges at the back-side of your head. So, I was energy-drained and had to make myself do things slowly, otherwise, I'd start feeling dizzy. Having a mother-in-law as a chemist is very useful for me, because she gave Lan this handy blood pressure measurement device *whatever the real name is! :p*. So, I checked mine up... 90/43 was my lowest reading. Lan said, I should be DEAD with such a low pressure *geez, what a guy!* Anyhow, that's the culprit of my painful headache and dizziness! Even I don't understand why it can get that low! And yes, I had constant headache the whole day and it wasn't pretty!

Does anyone of you have low…

Despicable ME!

Have you watched this movie? If you haven't, I'd suggest you watch it!
Lan and I went with no clue what the story is about, but we ended up laughing and loving this movie to pieces!
Well, I won't spoil the movie for you, so that you'll enjoy the curiosity of watching it... but just so you know, this movie is not just for kids! The majority of the audience when we watched it was a parent with kids... and at the start, we felt like we're kids as well, but, after the movie was finished, we found out we, adults, got something to learn from this movie. Not just lesson, we got to laugh pretty hard and fun! I laughed until I cried hehehe...

We chose to watch the 2D because it was cheaper and more enjoyable because we both feel uncomfortable for having to wear 2 pairs of glasses; our own glasses and the 3D glasses. Even so, I love the quality of the animation of this movie! So clear and cute!

So, I hope, if you decide to watch it, you will enjoy it as much as we do. ;)


Oh I forgot!

Remember that somewhere late in June I wrote that we were planning to get a new pair of wedding bands? Well, I completely forgot to say that those bands/rings were finally finished in mid-September! Yeah, it took them 2 MONTHS!

Anyway, we love how they look, much simpler than our original wedding bands. Instead of white, we chose the original golden colour, with one little princess-cut diamond each, whereas our original ones have the round diamond on each. Mine is slightly thinner band than Lan's and obviously the diamond is also smaller, but I love it. Here is how they look... *since I'm in the office, I just share the scrapbook pages I made with the photos*

For credit, please look HERE.

And with a bigger photo:

For credits, please look HERE.

Now that the ring fits Lan's finger perfectly, he wears it everyday as he promised me. =) Although, when the weather is hot, his fingers/hands will swell and he has to wear it on his pinky finger, but at least it fits. Does anyone ha…

It's only 10 weeks to...


Can you believe that?! I can't! Wow time is faster than just flying! I feel like 2010's new year day was just yesterday and now we are approaching Christmas already! The shops are selling Christmas trees, decorations and gifts already!

WOW... soon it's going to be 2011. I am excited! Lan and I have lots of plans and we really hope that most of those plans can come to reality. :) I am super excited that Lan is finishing off his PhD on 6th December 2010. So at least he can start looking for jobs and we are not limited for just being students.

I am nearing the end of my driving lessons. Hopefully next month I'd be confident enough to do my practical driving exam! I want to have my proper license and I start to enjoy driving and able to control the car better than before.

Oh well... I better go and do my work now. Take care!

What's in a name?

I have started to feel the real pain of having a long and unusual surname since I was 15 years old, when I went to Australia to study. And since then, I really have a bitter-sweet relationship with my surname. After more than 10 years hearing people pronouncing my surname weirdly, I kind of get used to it.

When I officially became Mrs. Zhang, we decided not to change my maiden name. Simply because there are just too much paperworks to go through and we did not really have the time, the money and the energy to do it. So, the reality is that I am Mrs. Zhang by reality and Ms. Nietiadi on the legal stuffs.

Do you know what's painful about that mouthful maiden name? It's when I need to tell people my surname, whoever they be, I'll have to spell it to them at least twice and *gah* that's one long surname. Or, even, when someone sent me an e-mail and they said they typed it right but it bounces back to them and they said there was something wrong with my e-mail. It turned ou…

Been blogging 6 years!!

After more than 6 years and 593 posts later, I am still here and blogging. I have to say I am not really a die-hard blogger. I don't post as regularly as I want to, but I am still loving my blog. It's like a living journal for me, though it's not as specific as what actually happened in my life, but it records the last 6 years pretty neatly...

There are times where I just love to browse my old posts and re-read them, remembering what actually happened those time. Through blogging, I've also met a few of dear friends. =)

Now that I am married, I don't feel as much as the need to share here as I used to, because I have a hubbie, whom I can share to almost instantly about anything and everything. Life's been wonderful than ever these 3 years. Yes, we fought, we cried, we hurt each other's hearts, but there were (and still are) lessons to learn. Above all those, however, we are happy. I truly love Lan, from the bottom of my heart, and truly believe he is the on…

Hello October!

Why... time flies and it's almost the end of the year soon! October and Autumn has arrived. The leaves turn brown and pretty, but the weather has become cooler. I've started this month with a sickness. I was beaten up by a very bad cold for at least 2 days now. It was so bad that I could hardly breathe and every part of my body aches...

Now, let me share a little bit about our weekend trip to London. It was fun in a way, because we hopped on a bus that took us around to see the London bridge, fun unique buildings, etc... as well as very meaningful, because we got to hear a lot of sermons from Daddy Philip (he is an evangelist). It was 3 days of spiritual feast for us. On top of that, it was even better because Erwin came from Brighton for a night stay. So, we got to see each other at least for a bit.

It is lovely to see your loved ones, always.

We've got only a few photos in London, because we were so busy, so I scrapped them in one page. Mostly they are photos take while …