#600 - Frustrating Friday

Don't you hate it when you find something bad makes your day feel soooo long? Even hate it more because it's a Friday? Yes? Well... that's how I feel right now.

For the last few weeks I have been implementing a program in Java for my PhD and I am almoooost finished. HOWEVER, it's when you ARE almost finished, you find all these annoying bugs and things that are stopping you to actually finish it! *GAH!* I feel so frustrated!

I wish Friday is a weekend too! LOL! That's my daydream, to declare that Friday is a weekend! I'm sure MANY people gonna love that! Hehehe...
Anyway, out of my frustration comes a blessing! I am so blessed to have Lan, who always willingly helps and supports me. He actually helped the situation and provided me with some alternatives to move forward. Praise The Lord for a very smart husband I have. :)

On the other hand, days have been much shorter lately and the winds much chiller. We are putting the clock backwards on Sunday (ends of British Summer Time), that's gonna be fun! Just hope we will remember so that we won't be too early going to church LOL!
I'm looking forward to November, it's my birthday month! Yay! And really... I can't wait to find out what Lan has got for me, simply because he already told me that he got me a gift since SEPTEMBER! How torturing is that?!

Oh well, that's all for now. Have a great weekend, peeps! God bless!


  1. sama.. pagi ini di kantor langsung ngadepin hal2 yang gak enak. bikin bete aja.
    tapi gak mau ruin my weekend ah... :D

    happy weekend ya!

  2. iya gw juga sebel....mood udah bagus pagi2..tiba2 dateng aja sesuatu hal yang bikin bete banget...
    wuaaah enaknya bakal dapet hadiah dari hubby nih hehehe :)

  3. Ugh! Siksaan terakhir di hari kerja terakhir.

    BTW, kalau Jumat jadi weekend, lama-lama nggak ada weekday. Hore! :-D

    Moga-moga bugs-nya terpecahkan ya, Sher!

  4. wow.. lan rajin amat sher, belinya udah dari sept.. lu gak korek2 dia tanya hadiahnya apaan hihi..

  5. bener tuh, mood killer bgt ya hal yg kaya gitu, zzzz....

  6. hahaha i hate java. :p fail m'lulu dulu pas kuliah. huehehe... ciayo Sher, tinggal dikit lagi garis finishnya.. yaaay..

    waaa kadonya udah disiapin dr september? taon ini bukan ttg twilight yah kadonya. :p

  7. Sabar ya non...untung deh ada suami ;)
    wedew yg mo ultah deg2an donk bakal nerima hadiahnya hehehehe...


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