Alton Towers

Storybook Land EntranceI would say yesterday was "a day of disasters and adventures". Believe it or not, there were so many things happened to make the day felt worse and worse!
It started with Lan, who forgot to bring his Y-P Rail Card, and had to pay the normal price to avoid being fined on the train. Then, our first train to Crewe was delayed for 15 minutes and we missed the second train and had to wait for another hour to our destination. *just great* It made me wonder... 'Will we get to the themepark at all today?!'
After an hour wait, finally we got on the train to the final destination. However... when we get there, we found out that the bus to go to Alton Towers will not arrive until an hour later. Arrrggghhh... some more waitingggggggggg!!! There was no toilet, no warm place and the wind was so cold and strong.
Lan & II felt that it was a complete disaster and the whole day was ruined. We were planning to get to the themepark in the morning, so we can make the most of it, but it turned out that it was already mid-day and we haven't reached the themepark at all. Everything went okay from the point we got on the bus and onwards.
The themepark was so HUGE that we tried to explore every bit of it as quick as possible to be able to see all of them. (And I found out that we missed two sections of the parks. Well, that's not too bad.)
We went on the first ride, where the thing spins around the circle. Too bad for Lan, that after that ride, his stomach went upset. He said, 'Maybe I am getting too old for this thing.' Hehehe... So there I was, going on each ride by myself. It was less fun without him, but I wanted to make the most of it.

Beautiful GardenAlton Towers is not all about rides. In there, there is an old tower and a HUGE beautiful garden. The tower is an authentic some-kind-of-medieval tower. We went in there and got the sense of going back to the old time. So hugeeee!!! We went round, round and round... I wonder how did the people, who lived there in the old times, manage to not get lost?
Unto the garden, 'beautiful, spacious and peaceful', those are words I used to explain my amazement! There is a waterfall, a pagoda, a lake and all kinds of plants. We could wander around there for the whole day and keep saying how pretty it is. I kept saying: "I wish I can have a garden like this." It is a perfect place to just sit, enjoy the sun and relax... Ahh... Perfecto!

Lan with upset stomachI had great fun in the park, despite of the disastrous morning. I felt bad for Lan whose stomach is upset even until we got on the train back to Liverpool. At least the coming back journey went smoothly, unlike the outward journey. Well, I said to Lan: "Next time, you organise everything, when we have any plans. I feel dumb and stupid enough already with this huge mistake." One thing that Lan said to me: "I will never again go to the themepark! Once is enough to experience an upset stomach!" Hahaha...

Ps. Thank you, Lan, for not being mad at me because of this disastrous plan and for putting up with me the whole day and letting me have fun, when you had stomach ache. Thank you, dear.


  1. aduh nie,kamu tuh..lah wong msh spring time,masih suka dingin apalagi kalau sorean pake jaketnya tipis gitu ^o):-(..

    tp parknya niceeeeeeeee jd pgn kesana,semoga suatu hari :-x

    mat istirhat yah,pasti capek plus sengkleh jalan seharian


  2. waduh, message PS-nya sweet amad tuh hehe. Tapi potonya bagus2 Sher, kayanya parknya asikkk

  3. Shier, tempatnya bagus..kalo sisca kesana..gantian kamu yg jadi tour guide ..ya.

    Perkiraan kamu September ya..? end of summer...mulai byk angin lhoh.

  4. udah gak feel dumb lagi kan

    holiday always ok lah .....

    away from real life :)

  5. duh sebel kalo berangin. dingin brrrr...untung disini jarang angin.

  6. Waaa ... cakep benar. Jadi pengen ke sana juga :))

    Btw, memang tidak salah kamu pilih si dia sebagai pasanganmu. Serasi mbok ...

  7. walo aga2 berantakan plan nya tapikan seneng sher jalan2 ma si dia dooh ditaman kaya gitu lagih , romantis bow :D

  8. ciehhhhh..
    pacaran mulu niy..
    cuit.. cuit..
    bikin mupeng euy :P

  9. duhh cian deh ...well at least you had fun at the park .....

    take care mwuahh

  10. Jadipengen kesana Sher.. Ehm. Suka deh liat fotonya.. Jadi pengen baruk nih.. hehe..

  11. Ko baruk? Batuk maksudnya, hehe.. salah nulis..

  12. weleh..weleh...paling sebel kalo jalan2 di park gitu dingin, angin, dll. gimana kalo pergi lagi pas lagi musim panas? mungkin jadi lebih seru..:) park nya bagus gitu koq

    wah..jadi bisa liat nih ya foto cowomu!

  13. woaaa, latihan buat honeymoon yaaa.sip..sip..

  14. sista sherly, koq kalo aku sekarang kasih komen disini nggak bisa pilh mode lain selain anonymous, napa tu? BTW, itu tamannya bagus ya...

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Kom op!! "A day of disasters and adventures" juga diperlukan dalam hidup ini, Nie.
    Kalo semuanya berlangsung lancar en wajar saja, di mana dong adventurenya? 'gak akan ada kenangan yg khusus buat diinget-inget deh.

    Life is adventures, toch? :)

  17. hihihiiii.... itu Lan kok sering bermasalah dengan perut ya ? kebayang gimana kalo lagi jalan-jalan perut ngga dukung pernah ngalamin soalnya :P

    mungkin karena jalan-jalan moment special pertama ama loe sher jadi agak keder walaupun udah di organise n diplaning dengan baik tetep ada yang lupa, harap maklum :D

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