Monday, August 17, 2009

Off to holidays

See you soon, friends! We are off to holidays now... I am super duper excited to go to Dubai! We've planned our journey and been praying that everything will go well and smoothly. We both can't wait to see my family too!
Holiday mode is ON! :)

Ps. hopefully, by the time this post is published, we are already on the coach on the way to Manchester Airport. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Digiland Designs is on SALE!

I am very honored that Farha (Fliffy) invited me to be in her Creative Team (CT) for her newly open Digiland Designs shop at Digital Scrap Ink! Of course, I would love to work for her and her beautiful templates!


So, anyway, to celebrate the opening of her shop, Fliffy is having a 35% off sale until 31st August of her shop! Isn't that a great bargain? So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop her beautiful templates HERE!!!

Here are some of my scrapbook pages using her templates:

Can't wait! Can't wait!! Holiday is coming!! 4 more days and it will be there!!! I am super duper excited!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He's back!

Oh! Let me tell you how glad I am that Lan is back!!! It was like high school romance! LOL! Butterflies in my stomach and smiles just keep hanging on my face! It was as if the flood-gate of joy being opened when I saw him again at the train station!

We talked and talked. He fascinated me with his stories of his Montreal's trip. He said one day he will definitely bring me there for a holiday. Sure, love, anywhere in the world as long as it's with you, I'd go! After the stories, we talked about our feelings... We feel exactly the same about not being with each other. Gosh... he's literally my life! :)

Anyhow, I am so glad and thankful to God that Lan's back safe and sound (although right now he's beyond tired!). I am so proud of him for the two presentations he did! I am sure he did very well on those two! I am swelling with proud to see that his work is published by one of the top -academic- publishers along with other famous and talented Computer Scientists! What a blessing! I don't envy him any more, I feel my pride for him! My husband becomes successful! Thank the Lord for that!

And while he was away... I made this one scrapbook page especially for him and about him and his passion of photography! Glad he likes it when I showed it off to him :D

Digiland Design's Out of The Box Template Pack
We've only just begun (The Fix July 2009) by Libby Weifenbach
Word art from Elegant WordArt by Bethany

Well... several more days to our holiday! Woo hoo! I can't wait! I am so so super excited!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Let's talk about Liverpool

Inspired by Arman's post about San Fransisco, the city he is fond of, I'll write about my journey here in Liverpool.
I arrived in Liverpool (and the United Kingdom) for the first time on 17 September 2002. Never in my life before I dared to dream that I'd be given the chance to live and experience UK! It was overwhelming!
It started when I was doing my high-school final exams... I could not make up my mind of which Australian Universities I'd like to apply to. And so, I had been praying all those time to God to show me where to go, which path am I to take. I still remember very clearly the moment when He decided to tell me where to go. It was on a weekday, both my brother was doing homework and I was studying for a Maths exam, each in our own room. We left the door open, since our room face each other, so we can clearly see what each other were doing and we had, now and then, conversation in between our business. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard this very clear audible voice saying "You are going to Liverpool!". Automatically, I murmured the same exact sentence several times. Until my mind actually 'clicked' and I knew what that was all about! I faced my brother, still sitting on my chair, and I was half-shouting half-asking, "I am going to Liverpool? I just heard that being said to me!" His reply surprised me, "To Liverpool off you go, then!" It was like a confirmation. From then, I started my little 'research' on UK universities.
It was decided for me, University of Liverpool is my next destination!

I will never say that the process was easy. My own Dad objected that decision. It was a lot of tearful and kneeling moments to begin with. The visa application was dreadful as well. However, when I actually hanged on to my faith, I found my strength. Nothing is impossible with GOD!

To cut the story short, I made it here. The first few weeks were hard. I knew no one; no relatives, no friends and nowhere! Haha! I got lost several times, got on the wrong bus TWICE and ended up somewhere so far from where I meant to go! That was the first time I had to cook for myself, do the laundry and the cleaning by myself. So out of my comfort zone. And I was lonely, I was so used to be with my brother when I was in Australia, but I was alone in Liverpool. Doing the groceries were nightmares! I felt like I was growing muscles carrying heavy stuffs, lots of walking...
But... through all those, I found myself closer to The Lord. I found the true meaning of the sentence "The Lord is my Father, my bestest Friend, my Strength, my Sustain, my Provider". He is my EVERYTHING! I've been through worse times better than the reaction I thought I'd had. I've seen miracles, the best miracle that I always experience times and times again is that He never forsakes me! That's greatest than any other miracles! I still remember, during the economy crisis, my Dad had difficulties with his business and there was a week where I had only £9.00! That was hardly enough to survive ONE day, but it lasted for a week! The Lord was so kind to me, through others, He fed me without me having to ask.

I went through life with HIM! It was the most amazing time... Without me realizing, He shaped my characters, my views of the world. He shaped me to who I am now and to Him, I am never be afraid to show my weakness, my tears and my hurt.
Then, in His own time, He showed me the purpose of His decision to lead me to Liverpool. It's Lan. He is the main purpose; my other half, my soul mate and the owner of my heart, the one I had been praying for so The Lord keeps him safe, bless him and prepare him, the way The Lord prepares me for him.

There are millions of memories here in Liverpool. And one day, if we ever decide to settle down somewhere else in the world, I'd love to return here and embrace those memories with smiles.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I was touched deeply when Lan sent me a text message yesterday, saying that he is missing me and home. Ah... our little home. It might not be posh, just a little sort-of flat with only a bedroom (which is also the living room and the study room), a kitchen and a bathroom full with its own flaws and far from the kind of place we both want to live in. However, we grew to love it over the 2-years we've been living in it. It's our little home, the home where at the end of the day, when we return, we can say 'at last... we're home.' It's the little cocoon, where we both feel most comfortable in, just the both of us. :)

Yes, I miss home too... because right now our home is incomplete, without Lan being in there, it feels hollow, as if it's missing something; an element that makes it our little warm home. I wonder whether anybody ever feels like that too?

I am thankful to God that I am learning to appreciate Lan's presence more through this temporary separation. That no matter how posh or magnificent is a house for us to live, it won't ever be a home for me if Lan's not there. He is my other half, the one that makes the house a home to me. And I know, the same goes for him too. For we are not two entities any more, we are a whole piece and can't live without each other... And it seems that he also took my creative mind away with him, coz somehow my mood of scrapping disappears all together!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Life without him

Happy Monday, everyone! I have been lonely in the weekend. It's just feel so awkward having the flat all by myself, strangely quiet to me! Good thing, Lan texts me every now and then, to let me know he arrived safely and tiredly. Yesterday, he had his first out of 2 presentations he is supposed to give. He texted me right after it finished. Oh Lord, please keep him safe and sound. I am really not used to being alone like this any more... I am wishing that time would just flies fast to Sunday, the day I will see him again...
Life is just too damn boring without him! Despite of the fights we have every now and then, gosh, I love him to bits! It's like falling in love again, except it's stronger than the first one... I am going insane of missing him, period.

Well, I tried many things to distract myself and occupy myself. First thing was to leave the kitchen and bathroom spotless. That took half of my day yesterday, quicker than I thought, until I felt the aching on my fingers' skin. Those cleaning solutions are really not friendly for my sensitive skin!
Then I attempted on the laundry. Ugh! I hate laundry, simply because the washing machine is not attached anywhere near my room. I have to go to the 'common' launderette... I finished with that this morning; 2 loads of laundry and our laundry bin is now empty.
Good thing the new book, breaking dawn, that I was waiting upon arrived this morning. I can start reading right away, happy that time passes ever so quickly when I sink myself in my imagination while reading. I just hope that book will keep me busy for a week, which I doubt since I am such a ridiculously fast reader!

Argh! I miss him! Terribly!

Ps. I am actually amused that some people think that Lan is Indonesian hehehe... Well, he is not. Purely Chinese, he is! He was born in Ji Lin and grew up in Beijing. His parents are originally from Beijing, they were in Ji Lin because of the revolution...

Now, onto the distraction...
Today, Rena has released a new kit, called 'Fruity Summer Time', as the name says, it's fruity and it's fun! It's packed full with 80 elements and 12 papers! Full of fun! Here is the preview of the kit:

You can buy the kit from two shops: Scrap-dreams and digi-shoppe.

And, if you have put up reading down to this end, then I shall reward you with a freebie! Yes, I made you that last LO of mine to a freebie QP! You can download it by clicking the preview below or the link underneath it. Enjoy! :)

Download HERE