Digiland Designs is on SALE!

I am very honored that Farha (Fliffy) invited me to be in her Creative Team (CT) for her newly open Digiland Designs shop at Digital Scrap Ink! Of course, I would love to work for her and her beautiful templates!


So, anyway, to celebrate the opening of her shop, Fliffy is having a 35% off sale until 31st August of her shop! Isn't that a great bargain? So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop her beautiful templates HERE!!!

Here are some of my scrapbook pages using her templates:

Can't wait! Can't wait!! Holiday is coming!! 4 more days and it will be there!!! I am super duper excited!


  1. 4 hari lagi pulang indo ya?
    wah asiknya...

  2. Halo salam kenal ya, saya Imeth dari Semarang. Mau tanya itu apa ya? maaf soale saya gaptek banget.
    apa photo frame online atau apa ya? pls info ya, thanks

  3. Hi Sher.. What's that scrapbook? Looks fancy enough. So you designed all those?

  4. Thanks for the post hun !!!
    goodluck on the trip back to Indonesia :)
    love packing bags but inpack is painful !! haha worth to see love ones there, kan :)

  5. kawan2 sher boleh dapatkan template foto itu di kedai saya :) visit http://www.digilanddesigns.blogspot.com sale nya sekarang hingga ogos 31 sehingga 35% !!

    yay ~

  6. Ohh tau holiday ke Dubai .. gmn ga excited g mau ikut donk ..
    Happy Holiday , ditunggu poto2 nya .

  7. eh pic kamu yg paling bawah mirip desi ratnasari :D

  8. nice design Sher, have a nice holiday!

  9. I am happy for you. goodluck ya. Sher..maaf banget ya. after all, kyknya websitenya aku pending dulu. krn kyknya mau pakai jalur craftshow dulu, lebih making more money ketimbang jual online. especially wkt2 resesi sekarang, org2 pd males shopping OL. itu menurut temen2 aku.
    If someday I decide to have one, I will think of you at the 1st place for sure. I love your design n you are easy person to work with.
    I apologize....


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