Life without him

Happy Monday, everyone! I have been lonely in the weekend. It's just feel so awkward having the flat all by myself, strangely quiet to me! Good thing, Lan texts me every now and then, to let me know he arrived safely and tiredly. Yesterday, he had his first out of 2 presentations he is supposed to give. He texted me right after it finished. Oh Lord, please keep him safe and sound. I am really not used to being alone like this any more... I am wishing that time would just flies fast to Sunday, the day I will see him again...
Life is just too damn boring without him! Despite of the fights we have every now and then, gosh, I love him to bits! It's like falling in love again, except it's stronger than the first one... I am going insane of missing him, period.

Well, I tried many things to distract myself and occupy myself. First thing was to leave the kitchen and bathroom spotless. That took half of my day yesterday, quicker than I thought, until I felt the aching on my fingers' skin. Those cleaning solutions are really not friendly for my sensitive skin!
Then I attempted on the laundry. Ugh! I hate laundry, simply because the washing machine is not attached anywhere near my room. I have to go to the 'common' launderette... I finished with that this morning; 2 loads of laundry and our laundry bin is now empty.
Good thing the new book, breaking dawn, that I was waiting upon arrived this morning. I can start reading right away, happy that time passes ever so quickly when I sink myself in my imagination while reading. I just hope that book will keep me busy for a week, which I doubt since I am such a ridiculously fast reader!

Argh! I miss him! Terribly!

Ps. I am actually amused that some people think that Lan is Indonesian hehehe... Well, he is not. Purely Chinese, he is! He was born in Ji Lin and grew up in Beijing. His parents are originally from Beijing, they were in Ji Lin because of the revolution...

Now, onto the distraction...
Today, Rena has released a new kit, called 'Fruity Summer Time', as the name says, it's fruity and it's fun! It's packed full with 80 elements and 12 papers! Full of fun! Here is the preview of the kit:

You can buy the kit from two shops: Scrap-dreams and digi-shoppe.

And, if you have put up reading down to this end, then I shall reward you with a freebie! Yes, I made you that last LO of mine to a freebie QP! You can download it by clicking the preview below or the link underneath it. Enjoy! :)

Download HERE


  1. Sher, ke sini sampai hari Sabtu...
    Main sama MJ, biar nggak perlu di flat sendirian... :-p

  2. iya gak enak ya kalo ditinggal sendirian... pasti sepi dan kangen...

  3. karna gua udah pernah ditinggal 2 bulan, jadi yah.. ditinggal seminggu mah..piece of cake sher *sombong* wkwkwkwk :P
    oo..ternyata lan orang beijing toh ^^

  4. sabar Nie , bentar lagi jg kumpul lagi , kalo aku udah tau Lan dari Beijing krn dah baca crt nya dari dulu kala wkwkwkkkkk

  5. positif juga, kok, sher,..
    your love getting stronger kan?

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  9. Thank you!!!!


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