Monday, June 30, 2008

Our weekend

Can't believe weekend went so fast, it's Monday again. *arghhh work again!* It was quite an up and down for us. Friday we got a news that lead to a huge disappointment. Something that we were happy about, before, suddenly turned upside down! Lan was so shock when he heard it, well, I could understand why he is so... since he sacrificed a lot and spent a lot on this matter.
Anyway, I would not say what it is here. It breaks my heart to remember it again :(

On Saturday, we were like robots with numb feelings, recovering from disappointment is so not easy! We gave the grocery shopping a miss, because we bought quite a pile of food already in the previous weekend. We heard some bad news as well from Papa Mama (Lan's parents). It's like a weekend full of bad news...
I cooked some soto ayam just to cheer myself up (using the bamboo instant ingredients :p). Thank God, Lan actually enjoyed it.
We slept in the afternoon, planning for 30 minutes nap and then go out to the cinema. In fact, we overslept for several hours! Hahaha... I guess we were very exhausted from all those bad news.

Sunday morning, around 9, we woke up to get ready for church. Just on our way out of our flat, there was a Polish lady standing outside the gate, seemed lost.
It turned out to be she reserved a room in our accommodation for a week starting Sunday for a 5-days course in our University, but somehow the accommodation's manager did NOT tell her that our reception is alwys closed on Sunday *what a lazy reception system!* So, she did not know what to do and where to get the key from...
She flew from Poland at 5 am in the morning and there she was not knowing where she is going to stay... Poor lady. Anyway, Lan called the duty student (those students, whom are said to be contacted if the reception is closed) and found that the duty time is now over! *WHAT?!* The duty system is only working during the Undergraduate student's academic time (which is late September to early June). God, they are so lazy! Luckily enough, after some arguments, one of them agreed to meet the lady.

After we sorted things out, telling her that man (the duty student) will come and meet her, she insisted for us to go for to church and not wait for her. Well... we were late already hahaha... Still we went there... only to find that the service was NOT held in the usual place for this Sunday! Oh my Lord! Hahaha...
It is our first time to go to that church and it was moved for this time hahahaha... Lan said, maybe The Lord gave us a sign by letting us to help that Polish lady. Hehe... maybe! Well, never mind, there is still next week :)

So, instead of going to church, we went to the cinema to watch KUNGFU PANDA! We absolutely love it!!! It was so so funny and refreshing! We had Chinese buffet for lunch and then went window shopping.
Oh! And we booked a table in a restaurant for our Wednesday's celebration! ;)

Well... after all those bad news, The Lord gave us such a fabolous Sunday! Thank you, Lord!

By the way, thanks for the advice about my neck. I am OK now, only a bit painful now and then, but feeling a lot better! :)
All of my life...
In every season...
I have the reason to sing!
I have the reason to worship!

- Hillsong, Desert Song

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neck problem & Häagen-Dazs

Sudah dua hari leher dan pundakku rasanya pegel. Ntah ada apa dengan otot leherku ini, apa iya aku salah posisi tidur? Sampe serasa tengeng begini! Dipake noleh ke kiri rasanya aduhai sakitnya! Ugh...
Jadinya dua hari ini aku seperti robot, tidurpun rasanya ga nyenyak. Mau jemur bantal, mataharinya malu-malu kucing! Ya sudah, akhirnya pake lampu meja aja deh manasin bantal hahahah!
Kemarin si Lan bela-belain ikutan ga ngantor, mijitin pundak istrinya plus dengan sabarnya nyuapin Häagen-Dazs rasa Bailey wekekeke... Serasa Surga deh, suami tercinta plus es krim favorit! Sweet!
Gara-gara si leher juga, meeting dengan supervisor besok harus ditunda seminggu, kan ga lucu tuh hadir di meeting dengan tangan kosong, blum ngerjain apa-apa. *hiks*
Tapi sekalipun lagi menderita begini, I am getting excited lho!!! One week to our first anniversary. Cihuy! Sudah ada plan yang dinanti-nanti untuk terjadi :)

Oh ya, kemarin dapet SMS dari my BFF, Yulie, dia jadi saksi mata kerusuhan di depan Atma Jaya! *ya iya... dia mahasiswi di Atma* Dia bilang dia kejebak di kampus, ga bisa pulang, terus lihat mobil plat merah dibakar dan juga ledakannya. Duh... aku jadi khawatir and ketakutan banget deh kalo-kalo terjadi apa-apa ke dia...
Waktu baca beritanya di Kompas, pelakunya ada yang umur belasan tahun!! Weleh, ngerti apa toh soal BBM tuh anak-anak?! Dipikir bikin demo sampe bakar-bakar dan ngerusak kayak gitu bisa tambah bikin baik apa? Adanya juga bikin buruk!
Bikin masyarakat sendiri takut, bikin citra Indonesia di seluruh dunia tambah buruk, yang ada negara malah terpuruk! Bego ah! Lagian, kan udah kenal Internet, mbok ya baca berita, yang naek harga BBM BUKAN cuma di Indonesia! Kasian deh pemerintah, serba salah... utang menumpuk gara-gara subsidi, rakyat nuding-nuding. Sekarang subsidi dilepas utk ngurangin utang, rakyat mencak-mencak. Ruwet!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Finally! After forcing myself out of my laziness, I managed to make a new design for my blog hihihi... This one is specially to celebrate our upcoming first anniversary.

I played a bit with coding, trying the blogger XML template, but I found myself to be too restricted by it, so... I changed it back to HTML template. And voila... this is it.

Maybe a bit over-simplified. Well, I will blame myself for that! *can't be bothered lately!* Overall, I like it so much :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life o life...

I'm here again hehehe... still bored and fed up somehow, but anyway... I want to complain about UK's weather... Oh my... it is not really summer here. One day it is very hot, one day it is pouring rain, one day it is 'undecidable'! Today, it was gloomy one hour ago, now it is sunny, I just wonder how do I decide on what to wear? Something not too hot and yet not too cold, maybe I should just bring my whole wardrobe to the office hahaha...

Approaching the later part of this month (June), I am getting excited! Our anniversary is approaching (together with my BFF's birthday!). It is our FIRST anniversary, very soon *yay!*... I cannot believe one year has gone pass since the day we got married :)

To make it more exciting, we are preparing secret present for each other hehehe... I really cannot wait :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fed Up

Been so fed up lately... with our PhD works and routines!
Holidayyyyyyyy... we want holiday!!!
Wait wait... where to? Whose money?
Argh... too much to think of! We are just hoping to 'escape' a little bit to somewhere to freshen our mind!
We just wish... wishful thinking... but also... too many things to think of!

We are just... EXHAUSTED!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Crazy but true?

Lan heard this on the radio when he was queuing at the barber shop today for a haircut:
A woman wants MANY things from ONE man...
A man wants ONE thing from MANY women.

What do you think?