Our weekend

Can't believe weekend went so fast, it's Monday again. *arghhh work again!* It was quite an up and down for us. Friday we got a news that lead to a huge disappointment. Something that we were happy about, before, suddenly turned upside down! Lan was so shock when he heard it, well, I could understand why he is so... since he sacrificed a lot and spent a lot on this matter.
Anyway, I would not say what it is here. It breaks my heart to remember it again :(

On Saturday, we were like robots with numb feelings, recovering from disappointment is so not easy! We gave the grocery shopping a miss, because we bought quite a pile of food already in the previous weekend. We heard some bad news as well from Papa Mama (Lan's parents). It's like a weekend full of bad news...
I cooked some soto ayam just to cheer myself up (using the bamboo instant ingredients :p). Thank God, Lan actually enjoyed it.
We slept in the afternoon, planning for 30 minutes nap and then go out to the cinema. In fact, we overslept for several hours! Hahaha... I guess we were very exhausted from all those bad news.

Sunday morning, around 9, we woke up to get ready for church. Just on our way out of our flat, there was a Polish lady standing outside the gate, seemed lost.
It turned out to be she reserved a room in our accommodation for a week starting Sunday for a 5-days course in our University, but somehow the accommodation's manager did NOT tell her that our reception is alwys closed on Sunday *what a lazy reception system!* So, she did not know what to do and where to get the key from...
She flew from Poland at 5 am in the morning and there she was not knowing where she is going to stay... Poor lady. Anyway, Lan called the duty student (those students, whom are said to be contacted if the reception is closed) and found that the duty time is now over! *WHAT?!* The duty system is only working during the Undergraduate student's academic time (which is late September to early June). God, they are so lazy! Luckily enough, after some arguments, one of them agreed to meet the lady.

After we sorted things out, telling her that man (the duty student) will come and meet her, she insisted for us to go for to church and not wait for her. Well... we were late already hahaha... Still we went there... only to find that the service was NOT held in the usual place for this Sunday! Oh my Lord! Hahaha...
It is our first time to go to that church and it was moved for this time hahahaha... Lan said, maybe The Lord gave us a sign by letting us to help that Polish lady. Hehe... maybe! Well, never mind, there is still next week :)

So, instead of going to church, we went to the cinema to watch KUNGFU PANDA! We absolutely love it!!! It was so so funny and refreshing! We had Chinese buffet for lunch and then went window shopping.
Oh! And we booked a table in a restaurant for our Wednesday's celebration! ;)

Well... after all those bad news, The Lord gave us such a fabolous Sunday! Thank you, Lord!

By the way, thanks for the advice about my neck. I am OK now, only a bit painful now and then, but feeling a lot better! :)
All of my life...
In every season...
I have the reason to sing!
I have the reason to worship!

- Hillsong, Desert Song


  1. untung ada kalian ya, kalo enggak kasian bgt itu polish lady, bingung2 sendiri di luar pager.

    kungfu panda, lucu ya pilemnya?

  2. syukur deh udah baikan Sher .. :)

    Kungfu Panda ?? jd pengen nonton juga nih

  3. Nie...
    biasalah habis gelap terbitlah terang ..
    bajaj pasti berlalu . he222
    but you've got fabolous sunday kan ... cheer up deh ! he22

    Digicam yg aku pake Canon Ixus 65 .
    mayan koq tapi aku masih pengen tuker jadi Ixus 860 .
    kdg untuk hasil yg krg sipp aku hrs olah poto pake Photoshop juga .

  4. Nie ..
    dulu aku pake NIKON juga bgs koq .
    tapi aku ga mau pake DSLR berat pakenya , kan aku cuman demen jepret2 asalan aja , he22
    mana shoutbox mu ? aku jadi susah mau instant comment ... terpaksa nyelonong disini deh , maap yah

  5. kudu rajin2 belajar bhs Inggris ni :-(

  6. aku dah nonton kungfu panda..sendirian pula..hehehe :) lucu neh, cuman pendek aja durasinya..ga sampe 2 jam kayaknya.. :)
    moga lekas smebuh yak.. :)

  7. God always prepare a refreshment in the midst of our chaotic time...enjoy it as much as we can...hehehehehehe...

  8. maybe the Lord gave you the sign to watch kungfu panda... hahahaha...

  9. kungfu panda... cama ama yg nulis.... hiks...hiks...

  10. sis.. bad day mank slalu ada.. entah kenapa :) tapi yang penting kita harus cheerz up .. jangan sedih2 teruuss.. :D heheheh...

    btw dah nonton kungfu panda? lucu banget itu movienya.. huaaa... apalagi waktu adegan sumpit2an ituh.. huehehhe.. bener dehh lucu.. btw lagi.. harus nonton incredible hulk tuuh.. itu juga topzz :D

  11. ya ampun shier..

    itu bener2 hard-weekend ya..

    tapi tenang aja, rainbow comes always after the rain..hehe..

    God is good, all the time..

  12. hahaha, benar tuh, Kayanya Tuhan meminta untuk menolong that Polish Lagy, hehehe.... :)

    Kung Fu Panda? Blom ntn neh...

  13. tenang...besok udah weekend lagi kok hihihi

    syukur dah kalo lehernya udah gak sakit. nyebelin banget kalo leher salah urat


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