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Dinner with friends

Friday, last week, we invited Lan's friend and his wife (Prince & Mia) to come have dinner at our home. Previously, I have always hesitated to invite anybody to our home, simply because we do not have a private living room and our kitchen is so small that 2 people in it will make it look so cramped... However, their kindness while I was away is very meaningful to me. They invited Lan for dinner and even sent some food to Lan several times while I was absent!
Hence, in return, we decided to invite them to our home. I volunteered to cook, where Lan was so kind to help me with everything. The menu was:
1. Yellow Fried Chicken
2. Butter Chilli Prawns
3. Sop Sayur Asin (yg mana lupa difoto!)
4. Dessert: Swiss Roll Cake.
Thank God all the food turned out to be good. Especially, the Swiss Roll Cake! Lan specifically asked me to make this one for him, I was nervous whether I can roll the cake successfully or not. Voila! It turned out well, although there was still room for improvement. Hehe…

Enhancing our marriage

As soon as I returned home, I asked Lan kindly to read along with me a book titled "Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman. It started when Daddy Timotius Arifin gave a sermon about Love and he mentioned this book, I searched for it but found no luck in Indonesia. They were all sold out! However, thanks a million to Lita & Santo for such a precious gift for us. It is a great book! We are blessed that we are given the opportunity to discover truths from this book to make our marriage better; to understand each other deeper.
The book talks about, as you know from the title, 5 Love Languages. Many of us, including both of us, often 'talk' of our own love language to our spouse, whereas our spouse's language might not be the same one as ours. Hence, this book helps Lan and I to learn about our love languages and how we can speak each other's love language(s) appropriately. This way, we keep each other's LOVE TANK full! :)

The first one is Words of Affirma…

I am home!

Not just any home, but my husband's and my home... I am so glad to be back together with him again. It was a series of long flights and 'stomach filled with butterflies' feeling, but it was so worthed it!

I had great times with my parents and siblings in Bali. My eczema eventually was gone after careful medication and additional treatment. Praise God! However, I missed Lan terribly... I cannot deny that!
My life, my feelings are so much different after I have Lan in my life. Of course, in a good way! I felt I am not complete when we are apart. Thank God for such a wonderful husband I have!

When we were finally together again, after two months, we hugged tightly. I was so speechless. Millions of emotions were bursting out of me. I was in joy.
I pray that never again, I will be apart from him. Next time, if I must, I will take him along with me...

And, now is blogwalking time! :D

Dear hun...

I am coming back...
Two weeks from now...
I'll hug you more than I've hugged you before,
I'll kiss you like I never kissed before,
And I'll love you more than ever each day.

See you very soon!
I am so looking forward to share with you the days I spent without you. And even more excited to share all the future days with you!
Never again, I hope and pray, I be far from you.

Love you, darling!


Your LSR

Ps. Happy birthday, my dearest little sister! You're eight now, such a big and beautiful girl!