Dinner with friends

Friday, last week, we invited Lan's friend and his wife (Prince & Mia) to come have dinner at our home. Previously, I have always hesitated to invite anybody to our home, simply because we do not have a private living room and our kitchen is so small that 2 people in it will make it look so cramped... However, their kindness while I was away is very meaningful to me. They invited Lan for dinner and even sent some food to Lan several times while I was absent!
Hence, in return, we decided to invite them to our home. I volunteered to cook, where Lan was so kind to help me with everything. The menu was:
1. Yellow Fried Chicken
2. Butter Chilli Prawns
3. Sop Sayur Asin (yg mana lupa difoto!)
4. Dessert: Swiss Roll Cake.
Thank God all the food turned out to be good. Especially, the Swiss Roll Cake! Lan specifically asked me to make this one for him, I was nervous whether I can roll the cake successfully or not. Voila! It turned out well, although there was still room for improvement. Hehe...
We are very happy that they liked what we offered them. I personally enjoyed the fellowship with them. Mia and I had interesting conversation about our young marriages. Yeah... we are very similar, although Lan & I got married awhile before them.

Moving on... While I was looking through the photos from our camera's memory card, I found some photos that were taken before I went home. So, since I am home and trying to recover from my coughing and painful shoulder, I started to scrap some more.
And... I love how it turned out!

Those are photos when Lan & I had dinner in 2 different restaurant; The Pizza Express and Harbour City Chinese Restaurant. If I zoomed out the photos, I still can see eczema around my face... it's a painful experience that I pray and hope will never replay in my life.
Anyways, more photos I posted in my FB.


  1. huaaa jadi laper neh tengah malam gini, hahaha

  2. eh sher..kamu kok mukanya jd mirip banget yak ama suami :D

    semuanya kamu yg masak ? waaaaaww apalagi si swiss roll cake ! mantap banget penampakannya

    PS : eh nyaho itu zilko digempur ama makanan dari kiri kanan wkakakkakakakak

  3. :) :) :) :)
    ga sia2 bw mixer :)
    ga usa muter2in gagange mixer purbakala


  4. Nie
    hi22 ngiri ga diundang , ha22
    bungkus aja deh yellow chicken nya

  5. Desainnya kreatif buanget.. demen liatnya. Trus makanannya, mmm... :D

  6. Waaa...! Kamu potong rambut, toh!
    Cocok, Sher! Mukamu jadi tampak lebih segar.

    Makanannya menggiurkan...

  7. Hahahahaha.. ngakak baca koment Mia, kamu sempet2nya bawa mixer toh, pantesan keberatan bagasimu :))
    Inggris 'ga ada mixer ya :p hihihihi.. kabooooorrrr...

  8. senang memang ya punya teman... btw, butter chilli prawn gimana masaknya Sher...ama swiss roll cakenya...hehe (dian ibung)

  9. wah.... keren... foto2nya... :D
    makanannya juga enak deh kayaknya...

  10. nie, gmn kabarnya? sudah baikan kulitnya? aku pengen coba swiss roll nya..huhuhu..terlihat sangat menggiurkan!! i love swiss roll, gmn kalo kita barter swiss roll dengan kue gambang? hahahahahahahahahaha.. GBU sis..

  11. Hmmm. looks so tasty and yummy...:)


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